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Bradford, Andy

Andy Bradford

Andy Bradford was born on September 7, 1944 in Cambridge, England, UK.

Film Actor
L.A. Without a Map~1998 - Corpse
Blame It on the Bellboy~1992 - Italian Victim
Without a Clue~1988 - Dockworker
The Whistle Blower~1986 - Prison Officer
Sid and Nancy~1986 - Dick Bent
The Holcroft Covenant~1985 - Hartman
Never Say Never Again~1983 - (uncredited) Spectre Henchman
Krull~1983 - Darro
Octopussy~1983 - Agent 009
For Your Eyes Only~1981 - (uncredited) Guard at St. Cyril
Hawk the Slayer~1980 - (uncredited) Voltan Man
Flash Gordon~1980 - Hawkman
Arabian Adventure~1979 - Ajib: Mauve Gang
Star Wars~1977 - Lieutenant Tanbris
The Battle of Billy's Pond~1976 - Ssecond Policeman
Juggernaut~1974 - 3rd Officer Jim Hardy
Up the Front~1972 - Despatch Rider
Running Scared~1972 - Casey
Figures in a Landscape~1970 - Soldier
Alfred the Great~1969 - Edwin
The Family Way~1966 - Eddie
Othello~1965 -  Senators-Soldiers-Cypriots

Film Stunts (Arranger=A /Coordinator=C /Performer=P)
Flea~2014 (short) (C)
Tag~2014 (short) (C)
U Want Me 2 Kill Him?~2013 (C)
Get Lucky~2012 (C)
Blind Eye~2010 (short) (C)
Thorne: Scaredycat~2010 (C)
Nine~2009 (C)
The Eclipse~2009 (C)
Run, Fatboy, Run~2007 (C daily)
Basic Instinct 2~2006 (C)
Nanny McPhee~2005 (C)
The Jacket~2005 (C)
Vanity Fair~2004 (C)
Gladiatress~2004 (C)
Lucky Break~2001 (C)
Quills~2000 (C)
The Man Who Cried~2000 (C)
Hotel Splendide~2000 (C)
Hold Back the Night~1999 (C)
Waking Ned Devine~1998 (C)
Titanic Town~1998 (C)
Spice World~1997 (P)
Mrs. Brown~1997 (A)
Element of Doubt~1996 (C)
Beaumarchais the Scoundrel~1996 (stunt: English unit)
Some Kind of Life~1995 (C)
Restoration~1995 (stunts)
I.D.~1995 (A)
The Steal~1995 (stunts)
The Young Poisoner's Handbook~195 (C)
Spies, Inc. (stunts)
Chaplin~1992 (stunt advisor: UK)
Blue Ice~1992 (stunt double: Steven)
Patriot Games ~1992 (C:UK/stunts: UK)
Split Second~1992 (stunts)
Blame It on the Bellboy~1992 (C)
Riff-Raff~1991 (stunts)
American Friends~1992 (stunts)
Shipwrecked~1990 (stunts)
Nuns on the Run~1990 (stunts)
Nightbreed~1990 (stunts)
The Zero Option~1988 (uncredited stunts)
High Spirits~1988 (P)
Drowning by Numbers~1988 (stunts)
The Beast of War~1988 (stunts)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit~1988 (stunts)
Crusoe~1988 (stunts)
Whoops Apocalypse~1988 (stunts)
Consuming Passions~1988 (P)
The Princess Bride~1987 (stunts)
Pathfinder~1987 (stunts)
A Prayer for the Dying~1987 (stunt double: Mickey Rourke)
Shanghai Surprise~1986 (stunts)
Half Moon Street~1986 (stunt double)
Highlander~1986 (stunts)
King Solomon's Mines~1985 (senior stuntman)
Lifeforce~1985 (stunts)
Return to Oz~1985 (stunts)
Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend~1986 (stunts)
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom~1984 (stunts)
The Keep~1983 (stunts)
Never Say Never Again~1983 (additional stunts)
Krull~1983 (uncredited stunts and stunt double: Ken Marshall)
The Final Option~1982 (uncredited stunts)
For Your Eyes Only~1981 (uncredited stunts)
Star Wars~1977 (uncredited stunts)
The Eagle Has Landed~1976 (uncredited stunts)

Film Producer
Two Bottles~2002 (unit production manager)

TV Actor
The Story of Bean~1997 (doc) - (uncredited) Mr. Bean in mailbag
The Bill~1989-1997
    Clem Francis in Fashion Victims
    Steve East in Family Values
    Villain in The Tourist Trap
Harry~1996 - Bryce in 2.2
Dirty Old Town~1995 - Taxy Driver
Requiem Apache~1994 -Harry
The Lifeboat~1994 - Gregor in UN1407
Mr. Bean~1994 - in Mind the Baby
All Quiet on the Preston Front~1994 - Monster 1 in Kirsty's Biscuit
Screenplay~1993 - Punter with Knife in Safe
The Chief~1993 - Darren Tysall in 3.1
Coronation Street~1993 - Armed Robber in 1.3525
Inspector Morse~1990-1993 -
    Night Hawk in The Day of the Devil
    Trevor Radford in The Sins of the Fathers
The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes~1991 - First Thug in The Illustrious Client
Perfect Scoundrels~1990 - Vinny in The Day of Jubilo
Who Bombed Birmingham?~1990
Making News~1990 - Stuntman in Yes, We Have No Secrets
Screen Two~1990 - Geoffrey Hopjoy in Old Flames
Rules of Engagement~1989 -
    Tail in 1.3/1.4
    Watcher in 1.2
The Dog It Was That Died~1989 - Follower
Star Trap~1988 - PC Tom Burford
Rumpole of the Bailey~1988 - D. I. Blake in Rumpole and Portia
Rockliffe's Babies~1988 - Philip in Hearts and Flowers
Dempsey and Makepeace~1985-1986 -
    Ex-Paratrooper in The Burning Parts 1 & 2
    1st Gunman in The Squeeze
Boon~1986 - Van Driver in Grand Expectations
The Dark Side of the Sun~1983 - Thief in Into the Shadows
Smiley's People~1982 - Ferguson in 1.2-1.5
Dangerous Davies: The Last Detective~1981 - Squad Driver
BBC2 Playhouse~1980 - Arthur Ellis in Standing in for Henry
Hammer House of Horror~1980 - Steve in The Mark of Satan
ITV Playhouse~1980 - Doctor in One Chance in Four
Shoestring~1979 -
    Phil in An Uncertain Circle
    Photographer in Higher Ground
The Sandbaggers~1978 - Phil Fyffe in Is your Journey Really Necessary?
The Professionals~1978 - Fraser, CI5 Agent in Stake Out
Target~1977 - Student in Big Elephant
Emmerdale~1977 - Syd Harker in 1.71-1.75
Play for Today~1970-1977 -
    Second Reporter in Spend Spend Spend
    Larry Summers in A Story to Frighten the Children
    Rob in Robin Redbreast
Warship~1977 - Lieutenant Scarf in Fall from Grace
Crown Court~1973-1977 (6 episodes)
The New Avengers~1976 - Merton in Cat Amongst the Pigeons
Angels~1976 - Charlie Masters in Accident
Survivors~1976 - Sniper in A Friend in Need
The Main Chance~1975 - Terry Barrett in Survival
Dixon of Dock Green~1967-1975 - PC Turner/Ralph Harding (20 episodes)
Haunted: The Ferryman~1974 - George Partridge/The Ferryman
Marked Personal~1974 - Derek Prentice in 1.87 & 1.88
Great Mysteries~1974 - A Man in Compliments of the Season
Heil Caesar!~1973 - Captain in:
    Murder of a President
The Protectors~1973 - Motorcyclist in Baubles, Bangles and Beads
New Scotland Yard~1973 - Richard Holly in Pier
Six Days of Justice~1973 - P.C. Odell in Excuse Me, Madam
The Adventurer~1973 - Max in I'll Get There Sometime
The Pathfinders~1972 - F/O John 'Whitey' Black in Into the Fire
ITV Sunday Night Theatre~1971 - Des in The Chaps
Catweazle~1970 - Dick in The Power of Adamcos
Special Branch~1969 - Peter Harris in A New Face
Z Cars~1969 - Tim in Lost and Found Parts 1 & 2

TV Director
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea~1997 (second unit director)

TV Other
The Inspector Lynley Mysteries~2002 - (police consultant: Well Schooled in Murder)

TV Stunt Arranger/Coordinator
Uncle~2015 - (2 episodes)
Big School~2015 (1 episode)
Bad Education~2014 (1 episode)
Boomers~2014 (1 episode)
My Jihad~2014 (short series)
Outnumbered~2014 (1 episode)
Death in Paradise~2014 (2 episodes)
Still Open All Hours~2013 (1 episode)
Whitechapel~2012-2013 (10 episodes)
Luther~2010-2013 (5 episodes)
The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher: The Murder in Angel Lane~2013
Midsomer Murders~2012 (1 episode)
Line of Duty~2012 (1 episode)
Case Sensitive~2011-2012 (4 episodes)
The Mystery of Edwin Drood~2012 (2 episodes)
Great Expectations~2011 (3 episodes)
Without You~2011 (3 episodes)
Mount PLeasant~2011 (2 episodes)
Primeval~2011 (2 episodes)
Inspector Lewis~2007-2011 (4 episodes)
South Riding~2011 (2 episodes)
Downton Abbey~2010 (5 episodes)
Foyle's War~2007-2010 (4 episodes)
Agatha Christie's Marple~2006-2010 (4 episodes)
Marrid Single Other~2010 (4 episodes)
Being Human~2010 (4 episodes)
Hustle~2004-2010 (14 episodes)
Garrow's Law~2009 (1 episode)
Murderland~2009 (3 episodes)
Trinity~2009 (3 episodes)
The Fixer~2008-2009 (8 episodes)
Holby City~2005-2009 (4 episodes)
Ashes to Ashes~2008-2009 (13 episodes)
Apparitions~2008 (2 episodes)
Sharpe's Peril~2008
Silent Witness~1997-2008 (18 episodes)
Distant Shores~2005 (1 episode) ~2008 (2 episodes)
Poppy Shakespeare~2008
Bike Squad~2008
Cold Blood~2007-2008 (3 episodes)
The Whistleblowers~2007 (3 episodes)
Meadowlands~2007 (7 episodes)
Still Game~2007 (1 episode)
The Commander: The Fraudster~2007
The Commander: The Devil You Know~2007
The Good Samaritan~2007
Kingdom~2007 (1 episode)
Mobile~2007 (1 episode)
Cold Blood 2~2007
Trial & Retibution~2007 (8 episodes)
After Thomas~2006
Pulling~2006 (1 episode)
Donovan~2006 (1 episode)
See No Evil: The Moors Murders~2006
Dalziel and Pascoe~1997-2006 (8 episodes)
The Commander: Blacklight~2006
A Good Murder~2006
Secret Smile~2005
The Queen's Sister~2005
Bleak House~2005 (3 episodes)
Cold Blood~2005
The Inspector Lynley Mysteries~2002-2005
Wire in the Blood~2005 (2 episodes)
Big Dippers~2005
The Commander: Blackdog~2005
The Commander: Virus~2005
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking~2004
Hex~2004 (4 episodes)
A Thing Called Love~2004 (1 episode)
Dirty War~2004
Taggart~1990-2004 (6 episodes)
Murder City~2004 (1 episode)
Life Begins~2004-2005
Red Cap~2004 (1 episode)
The Royal~2003-2004 (7 episodes)
Monarch of the Glen~2001-2003 (15 episodes)
Prime Suspect 6: The Last Witness~2003
MI-5~2002-2003 (6 episodes)
Second Nature~2003
The Lanman~2003
The Safe House~2002
The Bill~1988-2002 (7 episodes)
Sparkhouse~2002 (3 episodes)
Born and Bred~2002
NCS Manhunt~2002
Come Together~2002
Back Home~2001
Murder Rooms: Mysteries of the Real Sherlock Holmes~2001 (2 episodes)
The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby~2001
NCS: manhunt~2001
The Sleeper~2000
Blind AMbition~2000
Down to Earth~2000
Rough Treatment~2000
The Last Musketeer~2000
The Wyvern Mystery~2000
Gormenghast~2000 (4 episodes)
Clocking Off~2000
The Last Train~1999 (5 episodes)
Peak Practice~1996-1999 (2 episodes)
Coronation Street~1998-1999 (2 episodes)
The Things You Do for Love: Against the Odds~1998
Childre of the New Forest~1998
Stanton Blues~1998 (2 episodes)
Maisie Raine~1998 (2 episodes)
Berkeley Square~1998 (mini) (1 episode)
Playing the Field~1998
Bumping the Odds~1997
Painted Lady~1997
Noah's Ark~1997
Stone, Scissors, Paper~1997
Drovers' Gold~1997 (mini)
Original Sin~1997 (2 episodes)
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea~1997
Jane Eyre~1997
Reckless~1997 (mini) (2 episodes)
Truth or Dare~1996
The Prince and the Pauper~1996 (mini) (1 episode)
The Crow Road~1996 (mini) (4 episodes)
Killing Me Softley~1995
Annie: A Royal Adventure!~1995
Mr. Bean~1995 (1 episode)
Dangerfield~1995 (2 episodes)
Prime Suspect: The Lost Child~1995
She's Out~1995 (2 episodes)
Elidor~1995 (1 episode)
Dirty Old Town~1995
Thief Takers~1995
The Wimbledon Poisoner~1994 (2 episodes)
Seaforth~1994 (2 episodes)
Cracker~1994 (1 episode)
Woof!~1994 (2 episodes/ stunt performer 1 episode: Mr. Wonderful)
Blood on the Dole~1994
Pie in the Sky~1994 (4 episodes)
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes~1994 (3 episodes)
Minder~1991-1994 (16 episodes)
All Quiet on the Preston Front~1994 (6 episodes)
Only Fools and Horses~1993 (1 episode)
Screenplay~1993 (1 episode)
Stay Lucky~1993 (2 episodes)
Agatha Christie: Poirot~1990-1993 (4 episodes)
The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes~1991-1993 (1 episode) (stunt performer 2 episodes; fight arranger 2 episodes)
Civvies~1992 (2 episodes)
Performance~1992 (1 episode)
Forever Green~1992 (1 episode)
The Chestnut Soldier~1991 (mini) (1 episode)
G.B.H.~1991 (mini) (2 episodes)
She-Wolf of London~1990-1991 (7 episodes)
Lorna Doone~1990 (also stunt performer)
Who Bombed Birmingham?~1990
Making News~1990 (1 episode)
Rules of Engagement~1989 (mini)
God's Frontiersmen~1988
Rumpole of the Bailey~1988 (1 episode)
The One Game~1988 (1 episode)
A Wreath of Roses~1987
A Hazard of Hearts~1987
Dramarama~1987 (1 episode)
By the Sword Divided~1985 (fight arranger 1 episode)
Juliet Bravo~1984 (stunt performer 1 episode)
Blakes 7~1978 (stunts)

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