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Bridges, Rony

Rony Bridges

Rony Bridges was born in Scotland around 1945.

Bridges attended the University of Glasgow (Scotland) where he graduated with a degree in Advertising and Marketing in 1966.

Bridges passed away on July 14, 2019.

To honor him, please help by donating to the charity closest to his heart, Star Child Charity, which was founded by his significant other, singer and songwriter Michaela Foster Marsh. As always, if you cannot donate, please share! :D 
Thank you! 

Mr. Jones~2019 -
Finky~2019 -
The Wife~2017 - Guest at Nobel Prize Ceremony
Tulip Fever~2017 - Dutch Butcher on Street (left)
Kingdom: Fall of Illandrieal~2017 (pre-production) - Illandrieal Council Member
Tommy’s Honour~2016 -
(Working title: Bollywood Film KJD)~2016 -
Spectre~2015 -
Switch (Deep Shit)~2015 - Merlin
Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens~2015 - uncredited First Order Admiral (Note: The bottom screengrab is the one that I made for Rony because he didn't have access to getting a good shot.)

The Future Capital: Little Part of You~2015 (V short) - Cowboy

The Eagle~2011 -
Call to Arms: Oracle~2011 - Jock
The Decoy Bride~2009 - Roan - The Fisherman (photo is from the trailer)
Valhalla Rising~2009 - Magnus - Christian Viking
Out on the Wing~2006 (short) - Bunny
Sweet Stained~2004 (short) - Boss
Jemima: Photographic Trophy~2004 (short) - Photographer
Dear Frankie~2003 - Post Office Clerk
Young Adam~2001 - Black Street Pub Man
Strictly Sinatra~2001 -

Film Double
Churchill~2017 - double for Richard Durden

Film Other
We See the World Differently

?RBS tv com~2019 -
Still Game~2019 - Traffic Warden in Local Hero 9.1
Shetland~2016 - Elderly Traveler in
In Plain Sight~2016 - (Muncie trial scene)
Outlander~2016 -
     Clan Chieftan - Battle of Culloden

     Man at 1740s Le Havre Docks
Fried~2015 - ? in

Lovesick (Scrotal Recall)~2014 - Bar Man
River City~2014 -
Garrow's Law~2009 -
     Jury Foreman
     Jury Member
Taggart~2000 - ? in Football Crazy
Blackout~2000 - Priest
Rebus~2000-2001 - uncredited:
     Mortal Causes
     Pub Patron in Dead Souls
     The Hanging Garden
     Black and Blue
Sword of Honour~2001 - uncredited Party Guest

Music Video
Florence + the Machine~2015 - Father in Queen of Peace and Lost and Long.
Police Dog Hogan (band)~2012 - Fraserburgh Train (song)

YT Industries - Decoy (mountain bikes)~2019 - Angus in "The Hunt"

Theatre Playwright
Six and a Tanner~2011 (a clip starring David Hayman)

Rogues Gallery~2013 - by Rony Bridges

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