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Brissette, Tiffany

Tiffany Brissette

Tiffany Brissette (Tiffany Michelle Brissette) was born on December 26, 1974 in Paradise, CA, US.  She started acting/performing at the tender age of 2 in beauty and talent competitions, winning awards and titles on both the local and state levels.

Tiffany received her bachelor's degree in psychology from a prestigious college in California and has become heavily involved with children and young adults as a counselor in San Diego, California. Save for one appearance on a morning show in 2009, she has not returned to acting since 2001.

Why Christmas Trees Aren't Perfect~1990 (V) - Herself
Heart Like a Wheel~1983 - Little Shirley

Muddling Through~1994 - Herself
700 Club~1991 - Herself
Equal Justice~1990 -
Parker Lewis Can't Lose~1991 - Annie Ricker in Heather the Class
Teen Win, Lose or Draw~1989 - Herself in:
Fun House~1988 - guest on Teen Star Week
Beanpole~1990 - Alice Gillette
Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin, The~1987 (voice) - Safety Tips Officer
Star's Table~1986 - Herself in 1.28
Small Wonder~1985 - Vicki (V.I.C.I.) the Robot
Puttin' on the Hits~1985 - guest judge
New Love, American Style~1986 in Love and the Doll
Webster~1984-1985 in
    Strike Up the Band
    The Uh-Oh Feeling
    Too Much Class
Circus of the Stars~Between 1985-1990 - herself/performer
Ewok Adventure, The~1984 (voice) Cindel Towani
Marco Polo~1982 (mini) (voice)
Woman Called Golda, A~1982 (voice)
Kids Are People Too~1978-82 - co-host

Babes in Toyland
South Pacific
Frog Prince

Care Bears
Florida Orange Juice
Jell-O Puddin' Pops
Florida Gold orange juice
Duncan Hines
Beatrice Foods
Kidco Toys
Hearing Institute
California Museum of Science and Industry
Lawrence Center of Science and Technology

Guest artist on WECB AM, Emerson College radio, Boston.
Ads for McDonald's and the California Dental Association

Music (album)
Gingerbrook Fair - singer

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Young Artist Awards:
Nom 1990 Best Young Actress in an Off-Primetime Family Series for Small Wonder
Nom 1989 Best Young Actress in a Family Syndicated Show for Small Wonder
Nom 1987 Exceptional Performance by a Young Actress, Starring in a Television, Comedy or Drama Series for Small Wonder
Nom 1986 Best Young Actress Starring in a New Television Series for Small Wonder

On March 2, 1997, Tiffany participated in the Los Angeles Marathon. She placed 921st among 5,312 females, and 101st in her age class of 545, finishing in 4:33:06. She placed 5,110th in an overall field of 15,899 entrants.

Participated in a recording to benefit Ethiopia.

A science fair winner in grammar school

Tiffany has been a missionary and youth counselor and vocalist at the Solana Beach Presbyterian Church in San Diego

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