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Brooks, Joel

Joel Brooks

 Joel Brooks was born on December 17, 1949 in The Bronx, New York, New York, US.
Joel always wanted to be an actor, from the first time he could recall being in front of the television he knew he wanted to be in that world.
Joel attended Hunter College High School in New York City, then went on to be a graduate student in theatre at the University of Minnesota.

He returned to New York and did all manner of plays, including Shakespeare and many off-Broadway productions.
In 1980 Brooks moved to Los Angeles and was quickly cast in Ryan's Hope (soap opera)

Bound by Lies~2005 - 
The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green~2005 - Hat Sister
Now You Know~2002 -  Frienda Victim
Gatekeeper, The~2002 -  Vance Johnson
Swallows~2000 -  Pietro
Blue Flame~1993 -  Morgan
Indecent Proposal~1993 -  Realtor
Skin Deep~1989 -  Jake Fedderman
Protocol~1984 -  Ben
Smithereens~1982 -  Xerox Boss
Honky Tonk Man~1982 -
Stir Crazy~1980 -  Attorney Len Garber
If I Ever See You Again~1978 -

Young & Hungry~2015 - Rabbi Shapiro in Young & Younger Brother Part Two
The Young and the Restless~2014-2015 - Judge Ramsey in 1.10462/63/69/97/98
Entitled~2014 - Harry Harrison
NCIS~2014 - Ronnie Mustard in rock and a Hard Place
Venice the Series~2013-2014 - (12 episodes)
Major Crimes~2013 - Gary Bridges in Year-End Blowout
Shake It Up!~2013-2014 - Mr. Polk in:
    Brain It Up
    Egg It Up
    Show It Up
    Wild It Up
Bent~2012 - Gerald Neibar in Title Date
The Mentalist~2010-2011 -
    Dimitri's Lawyer in Where in the World is Carmine O'Brien
    Lawyer in Red Herring
Law & Order: LA~2011 - Manny in Reseda
$#*! My Dad Says~2011 - Freddy in Who's Your Daddy?
Days of Our Lives~2010 - Defense Attorney in 1.11404/405
Rizzoli & Islaes~2010 - Roger ini She Works Hard for the Money
Trauma~2009 - Kurt Davies in Masquerade
Trust Me~2009 - in Norming
Raising the Bar~2008 - Murray in Bagels and Locks
The Big Bang Theory~2008 - Professor Goldfarb in The Jerusalem Duality
Cane~2007 - John Fielding in All Bets Are Off
State of Mind~2007 - Dr. Nour in O Rose, Thou Art Sick
The War at Home~2006-2007 - Dr. Joel Lieber in:
    It's Not Easy Being Green
    Drive Me Crazy
    Looney Tunes
Reba~2006 - Doctor in Reba's Heart
Phil of the Future~2005-2006 - Joel Messerschmidt in:
    Happy Nird-Day
    and Battina Messerschmidt in Maybe-Sitting
    Phil Without a Future
    The Giggle
CSI: NY~2005 - Felix Parker in Zoo York
The Closer~2005 - Assemblyman Bridges in Batter Up
Without A Trace~2004 - Fred Cohen in Trails
Half & Half~2004 - Dr. Bruckner in:
    The Big Labor of Love Episode
    The Big Double Date with My Mate Episode
Run of the House~2003 -
    Bernard in  Chris Gets a Job
    Mr. Franklin in  'Twas the Night Before Homecoming
    Bernard in The Unnatural
Everybody Loves Raymond~2003 - Mr. Hodell in The Shower
Division, The~2003 - in Rush to Judgment
Door to Door~2002  -  Alan
Six Feet Under~2001-2002 - Robbie (7 episodes)
Crossing Jordan~2003 - Bank Manager in Pandora's Trunk: Part 1
Everybody Loves Raymond~2003 - Mr. Hodell in The Shower
The Division~2003 - Patrick in Rush to Judgment
Door to Door~2003 - Alan
Role of a Lifetime~2001 - Irv Katz
Six Feet Under~2001-2002 - Robbie (7 episodes)
Facts of Life Reunion, The~2001 - Raymond Garrett
Dark Realm~2001 - in Organizer 2000
Spring Break Lawyer~2001 - Judge
Diagnosis Murder~2001 -  Roger's Doctor in  No Good Deed
Lot, The~2001 -  Rachel's Attorney in  Property of Sylver Screen
Strong Medicine~2001 - in Child Care
It's Like, You Know...~1999 -  Clark in:
    Hollywood Shuffle
    Arthur 2: On the Rocks
Oh Baby~1999 - Baker in The Colonel
The Parent 'Hood~1999 - Mr. Worthington in To Kiss or Not to Kiss
Beverly Hills, 90210~1999 - Dr. Van Fertle in I Wanna Reach Right Out and Grab Ya
Dharma & Greg~1999 - Arthur in Dharma Drags Edward Out of Retirement
Ally McBeal~1999 - Dr. Hubbell in Love Unlimited
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch~1998 - Emperor Larry in And the Sabrina Goes to...
Wayans Bros., The~1998 - Archibald Frost in  Recipe for Success
Style and Substance~1998 - Jerry Lindemann in  Do Not Go Squealing Into That Good Night
Babylon 5: The River of Souls~1998 - Jacob Mayhew
Mr. Headmistress~1998 - Mr. Ferguson
Toothless~1997 - Mr. Norris
Brooklyn South~1997 - Aaron Geller in Why Can't Even a Couple of Us Get Along?
Murphy Brown~1996 - George in  A Comedy of Eros
Living Single~1996 -  Del Stuart in  The Engagement: Part 2
Duckman~1996 (voice) in  A Room with a Bellevue
Man Who Captured Eichmann, The~1996  -  Meir
Homeboys in Outer Space~1996 - Major Domo in Trading Faces or All the King's Homeys
Murphy Brown~1996 - George in A Comedy of Eros
Living Single~1996 - Del Stuart in The Engagement: Part 2
Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man~1996 - A Room with a Bellevue
Here Come the Munsters~1995 - Larry Walker
Murder, She Wrote~1995 - Ted Duffy in Unwilling Witness
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman~1995 - Donald Rafferty in  Chip Off the Old Clark
New York Daze~1995 - Gallery Owner in Donny's Exhibit
The Mommies~1995 - Bernard DuBois in Four Mommies and a Funeral
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters~1994 - voice of Barker/Elderly Monster in Cures of the Krumm/Krumm Goes Hollywood
Diagnosis Murder~1995 - Harrison Powell in Play for Keeps
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman~1994 - Judd McCoy in  Money Trouble
Dream On~1994 -  Dr. Zudikoff in A Face Worse Than Death
Jack's Place~1993 - Santoro the Great in:
    Something Wonderful This Way Comes
    Watch Me Pull a Dream Out of My Hat
Dudley~1993 - Harold Krowten (5 episodes)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine~1993 - Falow in Move Along Home
L.A. Law~1988-1992 -
    Don Butcher in Silence of the Lambskins
    Kiefer Mitchel in Dummy Dearest
Civil Wars~1992 - Ira Belkin in Chute First, Ask Questions Later
Are You Lonesome Tonight?~1992
The (New) $25,000 Pyramid~1985-1991 - Himself (26 episodes)
Good Grief~1990 - Warren Pepper (13 episodes)
We'll Take Manhattan~1990 - Rigaletti in Pilot
Close Encounters~1990
Dinner at Eight~1989 - Max Kane
Hunter~1989 - Chad Jorgenson in Investment in Death
Duet~1989 - Robert in Too Many Cooks
Morning Glory~1989 - Paul Stengal
Dick Clark's $10,000 Pyramid~1988 - Himself with Lucie Arnaz
My Sister Sam~1986-1988 - J.D. Lucas (44 episodes)
Super Password~1985-1988 (15 episodes)
Going to the Chapel~1988 - Rod Armitage
American Film Institute Comedy Special~1987 - Franklin in Gwendolyn
Celebrity Double Talk~1986 - Himself (5 episodes)
Stranded~1986 - Phil
Help Wanted: Kids~1986 - Lee
Riptide~1986 - Jerome Sedgewick in Smiles We Left Behind: Parts 1 & 2
Rowdies~1986 - Psychiatrist in Pilot
Twilight Zone, The~1986 -  Jack Holland in Cold Reading
Hail to the Chief~1985 - Secret Service Agent Randy in Pilot
The Dukes of Hazzard~1984 - The Director in The Dukes in Hollywood
Shadow Chasers~1985 - Laddie Johnson in Phantom of the Galleria
Night Court~1984 - Roger Blair in Billie and the Cat
Benson~1980-1984 -
    Mr. Krank in The Inheritance
    Walter Harwell in Bugging the Governor
Facts of Life, The~1984 - Raymond Garrett in  Joint Custody
Alice~1983 - Vinnie Jr. in The Over-the-Hill Girls
Teachers Only~1983 - Spud Le Boone (13 episodes)
After George~1983 - Cal Sloan
Diff'rent Strokes~1983 - Director in  Mr. T and mr. t
Facts of Life, The~1983 - Raymond Garrett in  Brave New World: Part 1
We Got It Made~1983 - District Attorney in Mickey the Shoplifter
It Takes Two~1982-1983 - Dr. Rogers in:
    Swan Song
    Promises in the Dark
The Powers of Matthew Star~1983 - Burnside in The Racer's Edge
It's a Living~1982 -  Mr. Tout in  Horsing Around
Open All Night~1982 - Ross in Sitting Ducks
Taxi~1982 - Nick in Tony's Lady
Private Benjamin~1982 - Lt. Billy Dean in I wonder Who's Blackballing Her Now?
Kiss Me, Petruchio~1981 - Grumio
Eight Is Enough~1981 - Bennett in  Starting Over
Dallas~1981 - Larry in The Mark of Cain
Soap~1981 - Morty Stevens in 4.12
Mating Season, The~1980 - Paul Wagner
M*A*S*H~1980 - Corpsman Ignazio De Simone in Cementing Relationships
When the Whistle Blows~1980 - Max in Macho Man
Three's Company~1979-1980 - Dr. Prescott in The Root of All Evil
Benson~1980 - Harwell in Bugging the Governor
Three's Company~1979-1980 - Dr. Prescott in:
    The Root of All Evil
    Jack the Ripper
Ryan's Hope~1979 - Joe Novak's Driver in:

Enter Laughing - The Musical~2015 - (The Wallis Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA)
Joel Brooks (right) with Robert Picardo in Enter Laughing. Photo from 
The Last Night of Ballyhoo~2009 - (Jewish Repertory Theatre of Nevada)
Li'l Abner~2008 - Senator Jack S. Phogbound (Freud Playhouse at UCLA, LA, CA)
An Evening with Tina Howe~1997 - (Lincoln Center Theatre, New York, NY)
Works by Tina Howe~1997 -  (Whittier College, Whittier, California)
Requiem for a Heavyweight~1996 - Maish Resnick (Cooper Square Workshop at Kraine Theater, New York, NY)
What the Butler Saw~1992 - (La Jolla Playhouse, La Jolla, California, US)
I Can Get it For You Wholesale~1991 - Maurice Pulvermancher/Eddie (American Jewish Theatre, NY, US)
Victims (Blood from a Stone)~1987 - Joel
Breaking and Entering~1979 - (Playwrights Horizons, New York, NY)
The Halloween Bandit~1979 - (Jewish Repertory Theatre, New York, NY)
All's Well That End's Well~1978 - Interpreter/Lord/Soldier (Delacorte Theatre, New York, NY, US)
Museum~1978 - Will Willard/Steve Williams (Joseph Papp Public Theatre/LuEsther Hall, New York, US)
Taming of the Shrew~1978 - Grumio (Delacorte Theatre, New York, NY, US)
Joel Brooks (right) with Meryl Streep rehearsing for Taming of the Shrew. Photo by A. Vincent Scarano
Cracks~1977 - (Playwrights Horizons, New York, NY)
The Spelling Bee~1976 - (Playwrights Horizons, New York, NY)
Flux~ - (New York Shakespeare Festival, New York, NY)
New Jerusalem~ - (New York Shakespeare Festival, New York, NY)
Aaron Weiss~ -
The Beard~1973-1974 - Billy the Kid (Firehouse Theatre, San Francisco, CA)
Auto-Destruct~1972-1973 - Rose, of Mexico/John Honcho
Fog and Mismanagement~ -
Oedipus Rex~ -
The Prague Spring~ -
The Rivals~ -
Sweet Apple Cider~ -
The Merry Wives of Windsor~ - (The MET Theatre, )
Sex~ - (The MET Theatre, )
?~1979 - Siggy (?)

Star Wars - A New Hope Radio Drama~1981 - Heater

Moderated the New Mundo 2000 symposium

Auditions LA - Teacher

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