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Brooks, Kimberly

Kimberly Brooks

Kimberly Brooks started her acting career when she was only nine.

Brooks attended Villa Julie College in Stevenson, Maryland where she earned a degree in Television and Communications.  She has studied with the Baltimore Actors Theatre, the Arena Players, Chip Fields Repertory, Marla Gibbs Crossroads Academy and Ebony Players II.

Kimberly has a daughter Dara Reneè.

Huff~2004 - Paul Dellenhouse
Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman~2003 (V) - voice of Kathleen 'Kathy' Duquesne
Scooby-Doo and the Legend of the Vampire~2003 (V) - voice of  Luna (see Actor Connections - Film)
Wild Thornberrys Movie, The~2002- Tally (Cheetah Cub)
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius~2001 - voice of Zachery/Reporter/Angie/Super Model 2
Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost~1999 (V) - voice of Luna
Poetic Justice~1993- Kim
Getting to Know Me~1979 - LaVonne

Chalk Zone~2002 - Cleopatra in Chalk Queen/Cleo's Secret/Snap's Wishy Washout/Chunky 2004
Static Shock~2001-2004 -
    Puff in Kidnapped
    Madelyn Spaulding in She-Back
    Puff in Consequences
    Puff in Showtime
    Puff in A League of Their Own Pt 1
    Madelyn Spaulding in Attack of the living brain Puppets
    Puff in Bent out of Shape
Ozzy & Drix~2003 - Christine Kolochuck in An Out of Body Experience
What's New, Scooby-Doo?~2003- Elliot Blinder (voice) in  Big Appetite in Little Tokyo
¡Mucha Lucha!~2002  (voice) - Buena Girl/Snow Pea/Cindy Slam in Woulda Coulda Hasbeena/The Anger of Cindy Slam
What's New, Scooby-Doo?~2002-
    Phyllidia/Backup Singer #2 (voice) in Riva Ras Regas
    Elliot Binder/Janet Lawrence (voice) in Space Ape at the Cape
Bernie Mac Show, The~2001 -
Guardian, The~2001 -
As Told By Ginger~2001 - Chantel in The Right Stuff
Huntress, The~2000 -
Parkers, The~1999
Judging Amy~1999 -
Hughleys, The~1998 -
Powerpuff Girls, The~2000  (voice) - Joey in Speed Demon/Mojo Jonesin'
Dexter's Laboratory~1996-2001  (voice) - MeeMee/LeeLee
Chicago Sons~1997 -
Jamie Foxx Show, The~1996 -
Bachelor's Baby, The~1996  - Hospital Receptionist
Wayans Bros., The~1996 - Simone in  Gots to Have a J.O.B.
Murphy Brown~1996 - P.A. in  Aftermath
Martin~1994 - Angie in  Momma's Baby, Maybe Martin
NYPD Blue~1994 - Tashana in  Black Men Can Jump
Diagnosis: Murder~1993 -
Living Single~1993 - Kimberly in  Living Kringle
Sinbad Show, The~1994 - Micki in Girls Unda-Hoodz
Roc~1993 - in Joey the Bartender
Married... with Children~1993 - Salesgirl in  Movie Show
Martin~1993 - Woman #1 in  The Break Up: Part 2
Almost There!~1990-1991  - Niecy #2
Bad Seed, The~1985 -
Soul Train - Guest on The Spinners/ Bobby Womack/ Hal Jackson's Talented Teen~1981

Love Makes No Sense~ -
Beauty Shop~ -
Tellin' It Like It Tiz~ -

Video Games
Everquest II~2004 -
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic~2003 - voice artist
Maximo: Ghost to Glory~2002 (voice: English version) - Lenore/Mamba Marie/Sephonie
Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds~2001 - voice of Naboo Scout Captain, Y-Wing Pilot
Dark Reign 2~2000 - voice of Sindi
Barbie Riding Club~1998 - voice of Christie
Dark Reign Expansion: Rise of the Shadowhand~1998 - voice of Computer
Dark Reign: The Future of War~1997 - voice of Computer

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