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Brown, Melleny

Melleny Brown

Melleny Brown

Inspector Gadget: Gadget's Greatest Gadgets~1999 (V) - Vespella (segment Prince of the Gypsies)
Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation~1986 - voice of Cheer Bear (see Actor Connections - Film)
Care Bears Movie, The~1985 - voice of Birthday Bear
Strawberry Shortcake Meets the Berrykins~1984 (voice) - Banana Twirl/Banana Berrykin
Unfinished Business~1984 - Larissa/Larry
Rock & Rule~1983 - Carnegie Hall Groupie (see Actor Connections - Film)
Strawberry Shortcake: A Housewarming Suprise~1983
Nelvanimation II~1982 (Video) - The Mole
Jack Rabbit Story, The (Easter Fever)~1980 - Scrawny Chicken

Droids~1986 - Darva in The Great Heep
Ewoks~1985-1986 - voice of Urgah - Lady Gorneesh (1985-1986)

Care Bears, The~1985 (voice) - Birthday Bear
Inspector Gadget~1982-1984 -
    Female Pickpocket in  School for Pickpockets
    Louise Lane in  So It Is Written
    Women in Bank in  Smelderado
    Bank Teller in  Doubled Agent
    Henrietta in  All That Glitters
    Ice Cream Shop Customer #3 in  Dry Spell
    Labella in  King Wrong
    Lana Lamour in  Movie Set
    Madame in  In Seine
    Madamé in  Health Spa
    Mother/Art Teacher in  Map Trap
    Ms. Blockentackle in  Gadget Goes West
    Nurse in  A Star Is Lost
    Orphanage Owner in  Funny Money
    Pegleg Peg/Female Billionaire in  Pirate Island
    School Teacher in  The Invasion
    Tabu in  Weather in Tibet
    Tour Guide/Stewardess in  The Emerald Duck
    Vespella in  Prince of the Gypsies
    Woman with Watch in  The Coo Coo Clock Caper
    Woman in  Presto Change-O
    Amazon Annie in  The Amazon
B.C.: A Special Christmas~1981 - Cute Chick

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