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Brown, Ralph

Ralph Brown

Ralph William John Jules Brown was born on June 18, 1957, in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, UK, to John F. W. and Heather R. (née Laming). He was only 15 when he played his first part in a play and he really enjoyed it. He didn't start to take acting seriously until he was 17 or 18, that is when he went to summer school in Edinburgh and met others who were 'going to be actors'.

Brown attended Lewes Priory School, Lewes, East Sussex and has a Law Degree from London School of Economics. Brown has admitted to himself on many occasions that practicing law has appealed to him, especially due to the high rejection rate in the acting profession.

Brown prefers film to any other acting medium and wishes to continue to act, write, and even direct.

Brown is married to actress Jenny (Jennifer) Jules (1992).

Gemini Man~2019 -
Elevator Gods~2018 - Medge Ultra
Final Score~2018 - Steed
Thechildren'swar~2016 (V short) - Reader
Jackie~2016 - Dave Powers
Hard Tide~2015 - Gaz
The Seventeenth Kind~2014 (short) - Herbert
Walking with the Enemy~2013 - Grudez
All Ting to All Men~2013 - McDeer
Jack the Giant Slayer~2013 - General Entin
Stoker~2013 - Sheriff
Tower Block~2012 - Neville
I, Anna~2012 - George Stone
Killing Bono~2011 - Leo
The Trigger~2011 (short) - Gamekeeper
Copelia~2010 (short) - Hathaway
Huge~2010 - Neil
Sus~2010 - D.S. Karn
The Kid~2010 - Gordon Peters
Mission London~2010- Detective Collway
Pirate Radio~2009 - Bog
Caught in the Acto~2008 - Joep Schut
The Contractor~2007 (short) - Jeremy Collins
Closure~2007 - Jamie
Flood~2007- Neil Stafford
Stoned~2005 - Gysin
Puritan~2005 - Mickey Conway
Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist~2005 - Sergeant Major
Exorcist: The Beginning~2004 - Sergeant Major
I'll Be There~2003 - Digger
The Final Curtain~2002 - Timothy (Channel Controller)
Mean Machine~2001 - Burton
Last Run~2001 - Simon
Road to Sundance~2000 - Himself
New Year's Day~2000 - Mr. Diamond
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace~1999 - Ric Olié
Ralph Brown (right) in The Phantom Menace
Up 'n' Under~1998 - Phil
Amistad~1997 - Lieutenant Gedney
Sick-o-pathics~1996 - The Boss
Don't Get Me Started~1994 - Larry Swift
Wayne's World 2~1993 - Del Preston
Undercover Blues~1993 - Leamington
The Crying Game~1992 - Dave
Alien³~1992 - Aaron

Pope Must Die, The~1991 - Doctor
Impromptu~1991 - Eugene Delacroix
Diamond Skulls (Dark Obsession)~1989 - Jack
Scandal~1989 - Paul Mann
Buster~1988 - Ronny Biggs
Withnail and I~1987 - Danny
The Hit~1984 - Man #2

Death in Paradise~2018 - Charlie Blake in Dark Memories
TURN: Washington's Spies~2015-2017 - General Henry Clinton (12 episodes)
Genius~2017 - Max Planck in Einstein: Chapters Three-Seven, and Nine
Reg~2016 - Bob Clay
Legends~2015 - Terrence Graves (10 episodes)
The Blacklist~2015 - Roger Hobbs in:
     Vanessa Cruz (No. 117)
     The Longevity Initiative (No. 97)
Agent Carter~2015 - Dr. Ivchenko in:
     A Sin to Err
     The Iron Ceiling
Bablyon~2014 - Grant Delgado in 1.1-1.6
The Assets~2014 - Wallace Austin (8 episodes)
The Mimic~2013-2014 -
     Neil's Dad in 2.3
     Denholm in 1.5
Elementary~2014 - Tim Sherrington in:
     The Grand Experiment
     Art in the Blood
Law & Order: UK~2014 - DS Darren Grady in I Predict a Riot
Pramface~2014 - Terry in A Proper Little Family
Him & Her~2010-2013 - Nigel (8 episodes)
New Tricks~2013 - Edward Monroe in Wild Justice
Dallas~2013 - Justice of the Peace in Love & Family
The Poison Tree~2012 - Max Capel in 1.1
Inspector George Gently~2012 - Melvyn Rattigan in Gently in the Cathedral
Jack Taylor: The Guards~2010 - Sutton
Nearly Famous~2007 - Dominic Soloman in 1.1-1.4, and 1.6
Meadowlands~2007 - Wintersgill in 1.1-1.8
Life on Mars~2007 - Frank Morgan 2.7, 2.8
Cold Blood~2007 - Bob Massum in Cold Blood 2
Modern Toss (Comedy Lab)~2006 - voice only
Cattle Drive~2006 - Truesdale in 1.1, 1.3, 1.4, and 1.6
Coronation Street~2005 - Barney in 1.6122, 1.6149, 1.6154
MI-5~2005 - Paul Seymour in 4.6
Nighty Night~2005 - Jacques in 2.1-2.6
Big Dippers~2005 - Dave
Lawless~2004 - Phil Howell
The Agency~2003 - Andrei Kachan - The Scientist in Mi Cena con Andrei
Julius Caesar~2002 - Xanthus
History of the Novel~2002 - reading James Kellman
NCS: Manhunt~2002 - Ray du Barriatte in:
     Out of Time: Parts 1, 2
     Tinderbox: Part 1
     Collision Course: Parts 1, 2
Art and Dec's Tribute to the Likely Lads~2002 - Gary
Alien Evolution~2001 - Himself/'Aaron'
The Grimleys~2001 - Frankie Fate in The Grimley Curse
Lenny Blue~2001 - Barry Hines
Waking the Dead~2001 - Mike Coleman in Burn Out Parts 1, 2
Lock, Stock...~2000 - Miami Vice (7 episodes)
Extremely Dangerous~1999 - Joe Connor in 1.1-1.4
Cleopatra~1999 - Guevarius in Parts 1, 2
Lexx~2000 - Duke in:
The Last Train (Cruel Earth)~1999 - Jonathan Geddes in 1.2 and 1.6
Peak Practice~1999 - Stephen Westwood in Passion
The Last Train~1999 (mini-series) - Jonathan Geddes
A Respectable Trade~1998 (mini-series) - Dr. Hadley in 1.1, 1.2
Ivanhoe~1997 - (mini-series) Prince John in Parts One - Six (see Actor Connections - TV)
Jonathan Creek~1997 - Roy Pilgrim in No Trace of Tracy
A Touch of Frost~1996 - Captain Carlisle in Unknown Soldiers
The Place of the Dead~1996 - Sgt. Bob Mann
Dalziel and Pascoe~1996 - Sam Connon in a Clubbable Woman
Karaoke~1996 (mini-series) - Peter Beasley
Devil's Advocate~1995 - Demagio
Requiem Apache~1994 - Mick
Between the Lines~ 1993 - DAC John Convey in Manoeuvre 11
The Ruth Rendell Mysteries~1992 - Peter Mullin in Talking to Strange Men
Van der Valk~1992 - Inspector Rep in Proof of Life
The Making of Alien³~1992 - Himself
Talking to Strange Men~1992 - Peter Mullin
4 Play~1991 - Archie Heckle in Say Hello to the Real Dr. Snide
Mistress of Suspense~1990 - ? in A Curious Suicide
Rules of Engagement~1989 - Mick Rendall in 1.2-1.6
Coppers~1988 - Keating
Screenplay~1988 - Inspector Drury in The Black and Blue Lamp
Christabel~1988 - Lange
London's Burning~1986 - Second Policeman
The Bill~1985-1986 - PC Peter 'Pete' Muswell (11 episodes)
Black Arrow~1985 - Yardley
West~1983 - Ralph
The Merry Wives of Windsor~1982 - John

New Year's Day~2000

New Year's Day~2000 (co-producer)

Dysfunkshonalz~2007 - Marc Faeces (Bush Theatre, London, England, UK)(left)
Macbeth~19?? - Macbeth (Liverpool Everyman, )
Earwig~1989-1990 - Ray Dobbs (The Pit Theatre, Barbican, Royal Shakespeare Company, London, England, UK)
Return to the Forbidden Planet~1984-85 - (Tricycle Theatre - now the Kiln Theatre, London, England, UK)
West~1983 - Ralph (Donmar Warehouse, London, England, UK)
A Clockwork Orange~1983 - Georgie (Man in the Moon Theatre, Chelsea, London, England, UK)

Theater Writing
High Times~2002 (screenplay)
New Year's Day~2000 Currently writing a novelized version for the Japanese (7/00)
Zone~1990 (National Youth Theatre, London)
No-Neck Monsters~1988 (Sanctuary D.C., Washington D.C.)
Sanctuary~1987-1988 (Salberg Studio Theatre, Salisbury Playhouse/Joint Stock Theatre Company, London, England, UK) Samuel Beckett Award

Audio Books
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (read-along)~1999 - Ric Olié - Pilot 

The Brighton Beach Boys (Beach Boys tribute band) - plays saxophone and keyboards

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