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Buescher, Julianne

Julianne Buescher

Julianne Buescher was born in 1965.  She has a BFA in Acting from The Theater School in DePaul (graduating in 1989), Chicago Illinois.  She came across being a puppeteer by shear accident.  While walking around Santa Monica one evening she came across 4 persons in Henson Jackets with Kermit heads.  She stopped them to tell them how wonderful she thought Jim Henson was and what an impact he had on her life.  They told her to come by and say "hello" to him and gave her Kermit's calling card.  She didn't work up enough courage to do so...Henson died two weeks later.

Not too long after that she saw that Henson's son was looking for puppeteers, she went in for the interview and got a job with them...ended up being a puppeteer! (winning 2 Emmy's in the process)

She works to help raise funding for breast cancer since she has struggled with the disease.

Chicken Little~2005 - additional voices
Geppetto's Secret~2006 - Luna/Goldilocks
The Rugrats in Paris~2000 - baby/Japanese Tourist
The Weekenders~2000 - Frances / Marjoram / Bree
Resculpting Venus~1999 -  Kate
Mission Hill~1999 - various
The Katie Joplin Show~1999 - Re-born Virgin
Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brain~1998 - Clarence
Catdog~1998 - Katrina
Animal Kingdom~1998 - Narrator
The Mr. Potato Head Show~1998 - Potato Bug
Elmopalooza~1998 - various (singer, also)
Mulan~1998 - Young Bride / Singer  (see Actor Connections - Film)
George of the Jungle~1997 - Mama Ape
King of the Hill~1997 - various
Skin~1996 - Teresa Fisher
Geo Kids~1995 - Bobby Bushbaby
Puzzle Place~1994 - Jazzy
Riders in the Sky~1991 - Teacher's Pet / Mrs. Burp
New Baby in my House~ - Queen Quinella
Muppets in the Air~ - female characters
Muppets on Wheels~ - female characters
Muppets Classic Fairy Tales~ - Yolanda Rat

Film ADR
CatWoman~2004 - Halle Berry's voice match
Gigli~2003 - Jennifer Lopez's voice match
Finding Nemo~2003 (V) - Ellen Degeneres' voice match

Film Producer
Resculpting Venus~1999 (executive producer)

Film Puppeteer
Country Bears, The~2002 (puppeteer: Tennessee O'Neal)
George of the Jungle~1997 (puppeteer)

Film Trailers
Resculpting Venus
Lord of the Rings
Benny and Joon (Cinemax promo)

Muppets Wizard of Oz~2005 - Muppet performer (see Actor Connections - TV)
Zatch Bell!~2005 - (English version)
Freaky Links~2001 - Nurse in  Subject: The Stone Room
CatDog~2000  - Catrina  in  Cat Gone Bad 2
Weekenders, The~2000 -  Bebe Cahill  in  Charity Case 2
Mission Hill~1999 - additional voices
King of the Hill~1999  - additional voices in  Love Hurts and So Does Art 2
Cousin Skeeter~1998 - Nicole 1999
Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain~1998 - Clarence
Mr. Potato Head Show, The~1998 - Potato Bug
Katie Joplin~1999 - Caller #1, The Re-born Virgin  in  We're Not in Tennessee Anymore, Toto2
Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree~1995 - Beverly Mouse
Sesame Street~1991-1992 -  Sherry Netherland/other Muppets2
Dinosaurs~1992 -  Monica DeVertabrae in  Fran Live2
Howard Beach: Making a Case for Murder~1989 - Theresa Fisher
Chunks of Life~ - Sarah

TV Puppeteer
Muppets Wizard of Oz~2005 - Muppeteer
Angel~2004 - Flora in Smile Time

Digimon commercials
Kincaid School in Houston, TX
Giant Foods
Glenwood Mission Inn (Riverside, CA)
Kodak Funsaver Camera
Levi's 501 jeans
Nissin Cup O' Noodles
Office Depot commercial - Alice from Dilbert comic strip
Panda Express
PD Stiletto

Absent Friends~ - Evelyn
Baby with the Bathwater~ - Helen
Becoming Bronte~ - Brontë
Chicago~ - Velma Kelly
Crimes of the Heart~ - Babe
Daddy's Little Girl~ - Julie
Tight Quarters~1998 - Katrina (Tiffany Theatre, Los Angeles, CA)
Ladyhouse Blues~ - Eylie
The Last Freakshow~ - Jar Babies
The Mechanical Rabbit~2003 - Angie (Mar 22nd - Apr 26th, 2003 Sacred Fools Theater, Santa Monica, CA)
Old Times~ - Kate

Live Performances
Club Puppet~ - Kat/Colon Bungstein/Stixie Chix/N'Soc
Mass Hysteria~ - Ensemble
Second City - performer/ensemble
Senior Class~ - Ensemble
Sketch-A-Lish-US~ - Ensemble

Cold Shoulder~ - Kate
KPFK Los Angeles - "In a Minute" (editorials); Slice; Survive This - Host

Radio Producer
Cold Shoulder

Radio Writer
Cold Shoulder

Video Games
Star Wars: Lethal Alliance~2007 -  Rianna
Law & Order: Criminal Intent~2005 - Jenna Kirkwood/ Jennifer Lee/Carla Meyers/Stephanie Novitsky/Barbara Rodriguez/Rosa Sanchez/Rachael Warren
The Bard's Tale~2004 - additional voices
Law and Order: Justice is Served~2004 - Nicole Beaumont/Claire Thomas
EverQuest II~2004 - Generic Female Merchants:  Gnome/Human/Half Elf/Erudite/Dwarf/Halfling/Ratongo/Troll/Dark Elf
Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando~2003 - Vendor Girl/Loudspeaker/Help Desk Girl
Secret Weapons Over Normandy~2003 - Pauline
Star Wars: Episode I - The Gungan Frontier~1999 - Gungan: teenager/Orderly/Teacher/Wife/Baby
Star Wars X-Wing Alliance ~1999 - Aaron Azzameen
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace~1999 - Concerned Boy
Popeye's Adventure (CD Rom)~ - Alice the Goon (first in 70 years to do the roll)

Barbie's Generation Girls~ - Lara
Sassy Stables (Interactive Horse figures) - Roxy (Aussie Rockstar)

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Drama Logue Award:
Rec'd 1998 for her role as Inez in Tight Quarters
Emmy Award:
Rec'd for her work on Sesame Street
Rec'd for her work on Sesame Street
Founders Trophy:
Rec'd for her design of The City of Burbank Float in the Rose Parade
Freaky Film Festival:
Rec'd 2000 Jury Award Best Narrative for ResculptingVenus
Ovation Award:
Nom 1998 for her role as Inez in Tight Quarters

2005 - Featured artist at the Shikishi Festival in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA

Ongoing - Artist at the Pasadena Chalk Festival

2003 - Designed the City of Burbank entry for the 2003 Tournament of Roses parade

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