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Bulloch, Jeremy

Jeremy Bulloch

 Lt. Sheckil  Captain Colton - Alderaanian Pilot for the Tantive IV  

Jeremy Bulloch was born on February 16, 1945 in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, 
England.  He was one of six children.  He knew at an early age that his desire to act and sing was strong, since he was five he's been on stage. At eleven Bulloch failed a school exam because most of his energy and focus went towards acting.  Bulloch attended the the Corona Academy Drama School and made his first professional appearance 
at twelve in a cereal commercial.

Bulloch had many appearances on children's TV but his break came when he got a major part in a musical film, Summer Holiday, with Cliff Richard.  Sometime in the early 60's he attended Brown University in the US.  Soon after he landed a role in a BBC soap opera called 
The Newcomers, it ran for 3 years, it was very popular, so much so that it made him a household name in 1969.  He then went on to play the lead role in Las Leandras (in Madrid, Spain).  This lead to two major films: The Virgin and The Gypsy 
and Mary Queen of Scots.

Bulloch made quite a few appearances in the 70's including the James Bond films as 'Smithers' (Q's assistant).  In 1977 he spent six months filming a BBC documentary called The Sadrina Project.  (in Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia)  
It was a documentary on the teaching of English to people in the Far East, mostly the Chinese.  Bulloch said, on a return 
trip to China, 15 years later (for a stage play) that he was immediately recognized by hundreds of people who said they had 
learned English from The Sadrina Project.

He was starring in a popular TV Series in 1978 called Agony.  During this series he was asked to play, Boba Fett, a small 
part in a sequel to Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back.  Then invited to reprise the role in Return of the Jedi.
Since the 80's he's played many roles on TV, done two world tours, done West End, and a regular on Robin of Sherwood.  His son Robbie also appeared on the same program.  Bulloch has three sons all grown and lives with his wife Maureen and 
Percy (their black cat), in London.

Jeremy Bulloch is the half brother of Robert Watts.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith~2005 - Captain Colton - Alderaanian Pilot on the Tantive IV
Comic Book: The Movie~2004 - Himself (see Actor Connections - Film)
Number One Longing, Number Two Regret~2004 - Fett
Advanced Warriors~2001 - Max
Myth Makers Vol. 50: Elisabeth Sladen~2000 (V)
Millennium's End:  The Fandom Menace~2000 - himself
Unauthorized Star Wars Story, The~1999 - himself/interviewee
Myth Makers, Boba Fett- Star Wars~  (V) - himself/interviewee
Swing Kids~1993 - Small Club Owner Jenny's
Octopussy~1983 - Smithers (see Actor Connections - Film)
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi~1983 - Boba Fett - Bounty Hunter
For Your Eyes Only~1981 (uncredited) - Smithers (see Actor Connections - Film)
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes ack~1980 - Boba Fett - Bounty Hunter/ Lieutenant Sheckil - Imperial Officer

Lady Vanishes, The~1979 - Party Guest
Littlest Horse Thieves, The~1977 - Ginger
Spy Who Loved Me, The~1977 - HMS Ranger Crewmember (see Actor Connections - Film)
Can You Keep It Up for a Week?~1974 - Gil
O Lucky Man!~1973 - Car Crash Victim/Patient in clinic/Sandwich-board Man
Mary, Queen of Scots~1971 - Andrew
Hoffman~1970 - Tom Mitchell
Virgin and the Gypsy, The~1970 - Leo
Leandras, Las~1969
Idol, The~1966 - Lewis (see Actor Connections - Film)
Summer Holiday~1963 - Edwin
Play It Cool~1962 - Joey
Spare the Rod~1961 - Angell
Devil's Agent, The~1961 - Johnny Droste (see Actor Connections - Film)

French Mistress, A~1960 - Baines

Doctors~ - 2006
Star Hyke~2006 - Dr. Yul Striker
Star Wars: Feel the Force~2005 - Himself
Nature's Guard~2004 - Longtail
Wizard World Chicago~2002 - Himself
First Frontier~1999  series - Abelard Unauthorized
Aristocrats~1999  mini series - Older George Napier
Light Lunch~1997 - Himself
Giving Tongue~1996  - Auctioneer
Dangerfield~1995 - Superintendent Jacklin in  Death In Custody
Sloggers~1994  series - Barry Higgs
Casualty~1989 -  Peter Cunningham in Taking Stock
Boon~1987 - Inspector Gower in  Fiddler Under The Roof
Jenny'sWar~1985 - Schroeder
Chocky~1984 - Landis
Robin of Sherwood~1984 - Edward of Wickham
Bill, The~1983 - Matthews
Agony~1979 - Rob Illingworth Rob Peter Denyer ?
Only When I Laugh~1981 - Gary in A Day In The Life Of
King Richard the Second~1978  - Henry Percy
Professionals, The~1978 - Denver in  Where The Jungle Ends
George and Mildred~1978 - Bill Albright in  Days of Beer and Rosie
Only a Scream Away~1974 - Tom Manners
Man About the House~1974 - Derek in Three Of A Kind
Doctor Who~1973 - Hal The Archer in  Time Warrior, The
Public Eye~1971 - David Holland in  John VII Verse 24
Newcomers, The~1965  series - Philip Cooper
Doctor Who~1965 - Tor (leader of a race of children) in The Space Museum
Checkered Flag~1960 - Mike Brown
Billy Bunter~??

Cereal (unknown brand UK) first professional job (he was 12)

Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show: Bounty Hunter, The~2004 - Himself

Dangerous Obsession~ - (London's West End)
Hamlet~ - Hamlet (UK Shakespeare Tour around the country)
Las Leandras~  - Lead role  (Madrid, Spain)
(unknown play)~1992 - (China)
Other - Special appearances, etc.
Advanced Warriors~2001 - (interactive movie experience)
QVC UK Star Wars Special~1997 - Guest as himself

Flying Solo: Tales of a Bounty Hunter~2004
Yes, Admiral~ - wrote the foreword

Audio Books
The BFG (UK)~ (a children's book) - reader
The Long Firm~2001 - reader

Social Media
Official Site:

Mr. Bulloch was President of The Genesis Matrix Club Magazine. (UK)

On how he got the part of Boba Fett: "There's no mystery to it -- I fit the suit."

Bulloch modeled Fett after Clint Eastwoods' characters.

He is trained as an Interior Designer and uses that skill to,' Pay the bills' (of course he also makes the convention circuit as well) and he is very fond of cricket (is President of a team.)

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