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Burnett, Ted

Ted Burnett

Ted Burnett was born on November 8, 1926 in Poplar, London, UK.   

Ted Burnett was a talent at London's UGLY Models, which still exists today. 

Ted Burnett died on October 1, 2001 in Millwall (Isle of Dogs), London, England of a heart attack.

Britannia Hospital~1982 - Taxi Driver (see Actor Connections - Film)
Take It or Leave It~1981 (doc) - Vicar
Hitch in Time, A~1978 - Executioner
Let's Get Laid~1977 - Heavy
Star Wars~1977 - uncredited Wuher - Bartender at Chalmun's Cantina

Mister Corbett's Ghost~1987 - Landlord
The Incredible Mr. Tanner~1981 - Crane Driver in The Great Escape
Fox~1980 - Reg - Lorry Driver - in Pugilism Not Vandalism (see Actor Connections - TV)
George & Mildred~1979 -
    Rag and Bone Man in Fishy Business
    Truck Driver in All Work and No Pay
The Jim Davidson Show~1979 - in 1.3/1.4/1.6
Out~1978 - Alf in It Must Be the Suit
Will Shakespeare~1978 - 2nd Rough in Rebellion's Masterpiece
Doctor on the Go~1977 - Alf in A Turn for the Nurse

Larry Grayson~1975 -
    Man in Line-Up in 1.7
    Cafe Customer/Drunk in Police Station in 1.5
    Sailor in 1.4 (part 2) (see Actor Connections - TV)

    Various characters in 1.3
    Builder/Dating Agency Client in 1.2

PIF (Public Information Films)
Driver Fatique~1970's - Lorry driver

Music Video
Godley & Creme~1988 - "Cry" - Morphing Man

1978 - Ebony Magazine - Burnett (bottom right in first pic, top and bottom in middle pic) appeared with Alfie Curtis (bottom) and Geoffrey Moon (top middle) in an article about UGLY, a modeling agency in London, England which specializes in unusual faces.

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