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Buza, George

George Buza

George Buza was born in Cleveland, Ohio, US. But, became a Canadian citizen in 1998.  When Buza was a child he was fascinated with the thriller movies and his grandfather took him to see plenty of them.

Buza stands 6'4" tall and is an avid motorcyclist and a weightlifter (lifts every day).  Additionally he likes rock hounding and stamp collecting ("People might snicker about my stamp collecting, but I've been doing it since I was five," he says.  "I'm at the point where I exhibit internationally.  My grandfather is Hungarian and he used to design stamps.  I find it very relaxing.")

Buza is married to accountant Hope Buza and he has a stepson, Derek, who is a rock musician.

A Christmas Horror Story~2015 - Santa
The Christmas Switch~2014 - Burly Man
A Little Bit Zombie~2012 - Capt'n Cletus
The Way of the West~2011 - Kleus
You Might as Well Live~2009 - Bartender
Camille~2008 - Motel Manager
Production Office~2008 - Big John
Diary of the Dead~2007 - Tattooed Biker
Still Small Voices~2007 - Wife Beater Terrance Reed
Cold Creek Manor~2003
Knockaround Guys, The~2002 - Man at Gunshop
Duct Tape Forever~2002 - Motel Manager
Men with Brooms~2002 - Stuckmore
Knockaround Guys~2001 - Earl at the Gun Shop
X-Men~2000 - Trucker
Arrangement, The~1999 - Willie Morton
Shoemaker~1996 - Jerry
Open Season~1996 - Orly Travis
Michelle Apts., The~1995 - Burt
Pocahontas: The Legend~1995 - Jules
Henry & Verlin~1994 - Butch
Snake Eater II: The Drug Buster~1991 - Rico
Edsville~1990 - Hood
Stella~1990 - George
Brain, The~1988 - Verna
Sticky Fingers~1988 - Policeman
Meatballs III~1987 - Mean Gene
Busted Up~1986 - Captain Hook
Last Season, The~1986 - Patterson
Martin's Day~1984 - Prison Guard 1
Highpoint~1984 - Alex
Guerre du feu, La ~1981 - The Kzamm Tribe
Amateur, The~1981 - Terrorist #4
Fast Company~1979 - Meatball
High-Ballin'~1978 - Warehouseman
Just Jesse~1976 -

The Strain~2014 - Buck Norris in Creatures of the Night
Scaredy Squirrel~2013 - voice artist in Double Decker Danger/Actually It Is Rocket Science
Zac & Penny~2012 - voice of Ben
The Firm~2012 - Randy Mack in Chapter Twelve
The Case for Christmas~2011 - Kris Kringle
Almost Heroes~2011 - Biker in Terry and Peter vs Wendell
Skins~2011 - Fat in Chris
The Line~2009 - Steamboat (9 episodes)
Fear Itself~2009 - Crane Dougdale in Something with Bite
Super Why!~2008 - voice artist in The Rolling Rice Cakes
Nature of the Beast~2007 - Rudy
Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming~2007 - Albino Man
Grossology~2006-2007 - Sloppy Joe in:
    All Together Now
    Yack Attack
    The Perfect Stink
The Best Years~@007 - Pawn Shop Owner in It Should Happen to You
Iggy Arbuckle~2007 - Harley Hog in Iggy vs the Volcano/A Dip in the Pole
A Christmas Wedding~2006 - Big Daddy
George Canyon's Christmas~@006 - Horse Trailer Driver
Time Warp Trio~2005 - Team Captain in Hey Kid, Want to Buyh a Bridge?
Beyblade~2001-2005 - voices of Grandpa Granger/Grandpa/BEGA Security B (53 episodes)
Tilt~2005 - Card Player in
    The Aftermanth
    The Game
Mutant X~2004 - The Man in:
    A Normal Life
    Art of Attraction
Last Chapter: The War Continues, The~2003 (mini)  - The Brain
Dernier chapitre: La Suite, Le~2002 (mini)
Beyblade~2002 - Grandpa
Roughing It~2002  - Jim
Puppets Who Kill~2002 -  Bubba in Cuddles Goes to Jail
Odyssey 5~2002 - Matthew Pollard in Astronaut Dreams
What Makes a Family~2001 - Reverend
Beyblade~2001 - Grandpa
Catch A Falling Star~2000 - guest
Relic Hunter~2002 - Biker in Fire in the Sky
First Wave~1998 - Zachary in  Speaking in Tongue
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show~1997 - Jake McKenna
Adventures of Sinbad, The~1996 - Doubar
Due South~1996 - Pete in Starman
Spider-Man~1995 -
    Beast/Dr. Henry McCoy  in Neogenic Nightmare: Part 5: Mutants' Revenge
    Beast/Dr. Henry 'Hank' McCoy of the X-Men  in Neogenic Nightmare, The: Part 4: Mutant Agenda
Forever Knight~1995 - Erick Sawchuck in  Sons of Belial
Sodbusters~1994 - Jake
Due South~1994 - George Welker in  Manhunt
Mighty Jungle, The~1994 -  Cousin Dan in  Cousin 'O' Mine
Tales from the Cryptkeeper~1993 -  Caveman
Forever Knight~1992 -  Dr. Dave in  Dark Knight
X-Men~1992   - Beast (Dr. Henry 'Hank' McCoy) (see Actor Connections - TV)
Teamster Boss: The Jackie Presser Story~1992  - 5th Teamster
Red Green Show, The~1991  - Dwight Cardiff
Deadly Surveillance~1991
Red Green Show, The~1991 -  Franco in  Angel (# 9.5)
Raider of the South Seas~1990  - The Raider
Descending Angel~1990  - Stellian
Maniac Mansion~1990  - Turner Edison
Kissing Place, The~1990 - Vic
Friday the 13th~1990 -  Biker #2 in  Midnight Riders
Barbar~1989 - voice artist (13 episodes)
Twilight Zone, The~1989 - Gus in Crazy as a Soup Sandwich
Glory! Glory!~1989 - Vincent
Starting From Scratch~1989 - guest (#1.17)
Booker~1989 - Bill McKenna in Booker
Friday the 13th~1988 - Hulk Maniac in  And Now the News
Bluffing It~1987 - Bob Reilly
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color: Liberators, The~1987 - Store Owner
Friday the 13th~1987 - O'Conner's neighbor in The Root of All Evil
Diamonds~1987 - Eddie Scarboro in Kiss and Tell
Alfred Hitchcock Presents~1987 - Cal in World's Oldest Motive
Street Legal~1987 -  Dr. Candall in  Star Struck
Adderly~1986 -  Phil Gruel in Nina Who?
Murder Sees the Light~1986
Les aventuriers du Nouveau-Monde~1986 - Gaston
The Campbells~1986 - Trapper in Autumn and Smoke Parts 1 & 2
Philip Marlowe, Private Eye~1986 - Shinvair in Guns at Cyrano's
Night Heat~1986 -
    Kamisky in The Legendary Eddie Shore
    Willie in Pay Day
Screwball Academy(Loose Ends)~1986  - Odd
Canadian Conspiracy~1985 -
Droids~1985 - voice of Boba Fett (two appearances)
Ewoks~1985 - Chief Chirpa (I) (1985-1986)/ Nah Kee/Lumat
Seeing Things~1982 -  Kurtz in  Eyes Too Big for His Stomach
Today's Special~1980's - Jake the Bug Killer in Wild West
SCTV Network~1982 - Bartender in Indecent Exposure
Faerie Tale Theatre~1982 - Townsman in Rumpelstiltskin
Tales of the Klondike~1981 - Smoke in The Race for Number One
Bizarre~1980 - various roles
Read All About It!~1979 - Barry ink Voices in the Park
Kung Fu~1975 - (uncredited) Gregg in The Brothers Caine

CBC's Peggy Delaney - Detective Carlos Szabo in Once Upon A Time and other episodes
New Found Land~1997 -
Satchelmouth~1996 -
Macbeth~ - MacDuff

The Last Meeting of the Knights of the White Magnolia~1981-1982 - ( )
The Black Bonspiel of Wullie MacCrimmon~1980 (1984?) - Clock ( )
Pushkin~1980 - Lieutenant-Col Danzas ( )
Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang~1979 - The Hooded Fang (Young People's Theatre,  )
Merry Wives~1971-1972 - (National Collegiate Players, Berea Summer Theatre, Berea, OH)
Zastrozzi~1977 - Bernardo (Toronto Free Theatre, Toronto, CAN) (see Actor Connections - Theatre)
Wild Oats~1991 - John Dory (Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Stratford Ontario, CAN)
Waiting For Godot~1977 - ( )

Video Games
X-Men: Mutant Academy 2~2001 - Dr. Henry "Hank" McCoy/Beast
Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes~2000 - Colossus
X-Men: Mutant Academy~2000 - Beast/Dr. Henry 'Hank' McCoy
Power Stone~1999 - Kraken
X-Men: Children of the Atom~1994 - Colossus/Omega Red/Juggernaut

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Gemini Awards:
Nom 2001 Best Ensemble Performance - Comedy Program or Series for The Red Green Show
Nom 1992 Best Performance in a Comedy Program or Series (Individual or Ensemble) for Maniac Mansion

Volunteered at the Hungarian Heritage Museum in Cleveland, OH.

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