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Byrne, Eddie

Eddie Byrne

Eddie Byrne was born on January 31, 1911, in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England, UK.

David Quinlan (historian) once said Eddie, "...seemed to be turning up in every third British film."  In the years between 1954 and 1959, Eddie had parts in 29 films, as well as being a steady player at Dublin's Abbey Theatre. In the mid-60s Byrne returned to his home in Ireland and occasionally made films, including Star Wars in 1977 which was his last film. 

Byrne died on August 21, 1981, in Dublin, Ireland of a stroke.  He was survived by his wife, Kitty Sullivan (who was an actress before she married Byrne in 1974), and four children, Francis, Susan, Michael, and actress Catherine Byrne.

Star Wars~1977 - General Vanden Willard (his voice is dubbed by Michael Bell) (Thanks to Tom!)
The Mackintosh Man~1973 - Fisherman
All Coppers Are...~1972 (see Actor Connections - Film)
I Can't... I Can't~1969 - Tom
Where's Jack?~1969 - Rev. Wagstaff
Sinful Davey~1969 - Yorkshire Bill
Gold Is Where You Find It~1968 - Tyg McMahon
Guns in the Heather~1968 - Bailey
The Vengeance of Fu Manchu~1967 (uncredited) - Ship's Captain
Island of Terror~1966 - Dr. Reginald Landers (see Actor Connections - Film)
Devils of Darkness~1965 - Dr. Robert Kelsey

The Break~1963 - Judd Tredegar
The Cracksman~1963 - Domino (#1 right w/cigar; #2 right with black hat)

The Punch and Judy Man~1963 - Ice Cream Assistant
The Running Man~1963 - Sam Crewdson
Locker Sixty-Nine~1962 - Simon York (The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre)
The Pot Carriers~1962 - Chief Officer Bailey
Mutiny on the Bounty~1962 - John Fryer (Sailing Master)
Johnny Nobody~1961 - Landlord O'Connor
The Mark~1961 - Acker
The Bulldog Breed~1960 - PO Filkins
Jackpot~1960 - Sam Hare
The Bridal Path~1959 - Mike Flanagan
Jack the Ripper~1959 - Inspt. O'Neill
The Shakedown~1959 - George--Barman
The Mummy~1959 - Inspector Mulrooney (left) (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Scapegoat~1959 - Barman
Floods of Fear~1959 - Sheriff
Face in the Night~1958 - Art
Rooney~1958 - Mickey Hart
Wonderful Things~1958 - Harry
Dunkirk~1958 - Commander (Tough's Yard) (see Actor Connections - Film)
These Dangerous Years~1957 - Danny
The Admirable Crichton~1957 - Captain
Seven Waves Away~1957 - Michael Faroni
The Man in the Sky~1957 - Ashmore
The Extra Day~1956 - Robin
It's Great to Be Young~1956 - Morris
Reach for the Sky~1956 - Flight Sgt. Mills
Stolen Assignment~1955 - Inspector Corcoran
Kid for Two Farthings, A~1955 - Sylvester
Three Cases of Murder~1955 - Snyder (The Picture segment)
Children Galore~1954 - Zacky Jones
One Way Out~1954 - Superintendent John Harcourt

The Sea Shall Not Have Them~1954 - Petty Officer Porter
The Divided Heart~1954 - 2nd Justice
Aunt Clara~1954 - Fosdick
Beautiful Stranger~1954 - Luigi
Happy Ever After (Tonight's the Night)~1954 - Lannigan
Albert R.N.~1953 - Cmdr. Brennan
Trouble in the Glen~1953 - Dinny Sullivan
The Square Ring~1953 - Lou Lewis (see Actor Connections - Film)
Time, Gentlemen, Please!~1952 - Dan Dance (right in tri-corner hat)

The Gentle Gunman~1952 - Flynn
Bikini Baby~1951 - Eddie Mooney
Lady Godiva Rides Again~1951 - Eddie Kay Kendall
Saints and Sinners~1949 - Morreys
Captain Boycott~1947 - Sean Kerin
Odd Man Out~1947 - Policeman (final scene)
Hungry Hill~1947 - Hennessey
I See A Dark Stranger~1946 - (uncredited) Irish Sailor Lookout

People in Glass Houses~1975 - Eddie Mahoney
The Adventures of Black Beauty~1974 - Grainger in The Horse Breaker
The Black Arrow~1973-1974 - Brock in:
    The Lady Prioress
    The Ambush
    Plot and Counterplot
    Sir Daniel at the Inn
    The Return of the Black Arrow
    The Stranger from France
Tales from the Lazy Acre~1972 -
    Dr. O in The Bitter Pill
    Mr. Butler in Stone Cold Sober
Journey to Murder~1972 - Policeman (The Killing Bottle)
King Lear~1972 - Earl of Gloucester
BBC Play of the Month~1972 - Father Arnall in Stephen D
The Sinners~1971 - Father Ring in The Holy Door
Department S~1969 - Bellman in  The Shift That Never Was
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color~1969 - Bailey in:
    The Secret of Boyne Castle: Parts 1, 2, and 3
Journey to the Unknown~1969 - Policeman in The Killing Bottle
Armchair Theatre~1967 - Father Ignatius in Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width
Thirty Minute Theatre~1969 - Priest in First Confession
The Saint~1965-1969 -
    Mr. Hapgood, Sr. in  The World Beater
    Tench in The Better Mousetrap
    Oscar Newly in The Chequered Flag
Journey to the Unknown~1969 - Policeman in The Killing Bottle
The Revenue Men~1967 - Straker in A Pretty Flat Kind of Existence
The Baron~1967 - Murphy in The Long Long Day
Orlando~1967 - Brady in:
    Pincer Movement
    A Bit of a Dance
    Masks Over Masks
King of the River~1966 - Sam Pelham in Keeping the Spirit Alive
Sergeant Cork~1966 - Colonel Slocumb in The Case of the Travelling Texan
Dr. Finlay's Casebook~1966 - Aldo Narduzzi in O Sole Mio
The Worker~1965 - Odds Clerk in A Punting We Will Go
The Dickie Henderson Show~1963 - in 6.7
No Hiding Place~1962-1963 -
    Sam MacMurdock in Two Dreams in a Fire
    Dan Hollins in The Front Man
Comedy Four~1963 - Paddy in Home from Home
The Human Jungle~1962-1963 -
    Black in Over and Out
    (dubbed voice) Barman (with the towel) in The Wall
    Lucky Joe Luckner in The Man Who Was Lucky
Zero One~1963 - Brodick in The Man Who Waited
ITV Play of the Week~1960-1962 -
    O'Malley in When the Kissing Had to Stop, Act 1: The Hammer
    Detective Inspector Barker in Rough Justice
    Don's Dad in All Summer Long (Note: Eddie Byrne of his part, "Dad is maddeningly ineffectual. Where he too could be helping Willie prevent the house falling into the river, he prefers to paint it." )
Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre~1962 - Simon York in Locker 69
The Four Just Men~1960 - Santolla in The Last Days of Nick Pompey
Saturday Playhouse~1960 - Eddie Maher in The Country Boy
ITV Television Playhouse~1959-1960 -
    Inspector Matthews in Incident
    Vek in Before the Sun Goes Down
Call Me Sam~1959 - Sam Callahan in 1.1
Armchair Theatre~1958-1959 -
    The Garden Party
    Murder in Slow Motion
    Paid in Full
    Peter Sheeran in A Man's Woman
    Frank Doran in Tragedy in a Temporary Town
Dial 999~1959 - The Assassin in Gun Rule
Glencannon~1959 - Davy White in Mutiny on the Inchcliffe Castle
The Flying Doctor~1959 - Harper in Time Bomb
The Adventures of Robin Hood~1957 -
    Lord Humphrey in A Change of Heart
    Rolf - High Priest in The Mystery of Ireland's Eye
Overseas Press Club - Exclusive!~1957 - Sergeant Lanahan in The Littlest Sergeant
Assignment Foreign Legion~1956-1957 -
    Sergeant Weller in The White Kepi
    Sergeant Quinn in The Anaya
Rheingold Theatre~1955-1956 -
    Jeremiah Cooney in Timmy the Shanks
    Michael Finney in The Leprechaun
    Eddie Mulhane in Room 506
The Count of Monte Cristo~1956 - Benedetto in Sicily
Theatre Royal~1955-1956 -
    The Voice in The Old Man of the Air
    Seaman in The Brown Man's Servant

Wild Oats~1978 - Clergyman Banks (Abbey Theatre, Dublin, Ireland)
Three Repertoire Leaflets~1976 (Olivier Theatre, London, England, UK):
    Tamburlaine the Great
    The Playboy of the Western World
    Il Campiello
    Counting the Ways
Playboy of the Western World~1975 - Jimmy Farrell (Old Vic and Olivier Theatre, London, UK; tour to Birmingham, UK)
The Sunshine Boys~1970s -
The Bishop's Bonfire~1960 - (Abbey Theater, Dublin, Ireland)
One Thousand Years a' Growin'~ - Narrator
Robinson Crusoe (Pantomime)~1951/52 - Captain Hook (a bad, bad pirate)
Double or Nothing (pantomime - quiz show)~1949-1952 (+?) - Presenter
Mother Goose (Pantomime)~1945 -

Farewell Companions~1955 - 3/23/56

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