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Callen, John

John Callen

John Callen was born on November 4, 1946 in South East London. Callen attended Blackheath Grammar School, in 1963 (he was 16) he and his family moved to New Zealand and he finished school there before heading into art school.  
Callen got his first job as a copyrighter for a radio station before heading into a decade-long position in journalism, but was acting in stage productions all the while. An advertising director took notice of Callen's voice and hired him to do voice overs. Before long he was offered a full-time contract at New Zealand's Downstage Theatre, working in TV, and then movies.

John Callen is married to TVNZ executive Judi Allen, they live in Auckland, New Zealand. They have a son named Isaac.

Fly~2008 (short) - Daedalus
Syrenia~2015 - Poppa Joseph Ford
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies~2014 - Óin
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug~2013 - Óin
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey~2012 - Óin
Love Birds~2011 - Professor Craddock
Auckland's Volcanic Hazards~2008 (V) - Narrator
Try Revolution~2006 - Narrator
Treasure Island Kids: The Mystery of Treasure Island~2006 - Conrad
Treasure Island Kids: The Battle of Treasure Island~2004 - Conrad
Treasure Island Kids: The Monster of Treasure Island~2004 - Conrad
Wind Born~2004 - Narrator
Finding Natalia~2002 - Narrator
Mountain Rescuers~2002 - Narrator
The Pirate Patrols~2001 - Narrator
The Feathers of Peace~2000 - Richard Freeman
Service with a Smile~2000 - Narrator
Killers I Have Known~200? - Narrator
Wild and Weird: Wild Life~1999 - Narrator
Wild and Weird: Wild Sex~1999 - Narrator
Mako: Swift, Smart, and Deadly~1998 - Narrator
A Wild Moose Chase~1998 - Narrator
Nature's Death Traps~1998 - Narrator
The Road To Jerusalem~1998 - Narrator
Deep Blue~1997 - Narrator
Wild Animals: Crocodiles and People in Papua New Guinea~1997 - Narrator
Stranded!~1997 - Narrator
Amazon High~1997 - Oba
Champions of the Wave~1995 - Narrator
The Neighborhood Network~1994 -
Arson~1994 - Narrator
The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior~1992 - Prime Minister David Lange
Irresistible Forces~1989 - Narrator
Opus at the Festival: The Soldier's Tale~1988 - The Devil
Send a Gorilla~1988 - Chris Dean (villainous DJ)
The Lake that Exploded~1988 - Narrator
Legacy~1987 -
Pictures~1981 - Casey
Wild South~1980 - Narrator
Challenge: Knocking on Heaven's Door~1975 - Narrator

Roche~1985 -
221B Baker Street
Xena -

Vivir de cine~2012 - Himself in 1.8
Big Morning Buzz Live with Nick Lachey~2012 - Himself in Cast of 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey'/Jess Tyler Ferguson/Carmen Electra
Bliss~2010 -
The Kiwi Who Saved Britain (A Personal War)~2009 - Narrator

Power Rangers Jungle Fury~2007 - Sonimax in:
    now the Final Fury
    To Earn Your Stripes
    One Last Second Chance
    Fear and the Phantoms
The Man Who Lost His Head~2007 -  Nigel Harrison
The Man Who Lost His Head~2007 - Nigel Harrison
Power Rangers Mystic Force~2006 - Mucor in Code Busters
Manapouri: The Toughest Tunnel~2002 - Narrator
Alpine Search and Rescue~2002 (doc) - Narrator
The Mighty Civet~2001 (doc) - Narrator
Wild South: White Shark~2000 - Narrator
Serpents of the Sea~1999 - Narrator
Wild South: Chile - Land of Extremes~1998 - Narrator
Wild South: Lost Whales~1997 - Narrator
Amazon High~1997 - Oba
The Lost Whales~1997 - Narrator
Wild South: Wind Born~1996 - Narrator
Sunday~1992 - Himself in 12 July 1992
Worzel Gummidge Down Under~1989 - Bailiff in Them Thar Hills
Turn of the Century~1987 - Narrator
Seekers~1986 - Bill Aspen in:
    Fellow Travellers
    Neighbourhood Justice
    Sins of the Fathers
    Nudged by Maggie
Inside Straight~1984 - Bill
Pioneer Women - Ettie Rout~1983 - Fred
Close to Home~1975-1983 - Probation Officer/Killer/Detective/Lawyer
The Governor - Private Landers in The Lame Seagull
Moynihan~1976 - Bill in You Can't Win 'Em All

TV Director
The Kiwi Who Saved Britain(A Personal War)~2009
Taonga: Treasures of Our Past~2006
Karaoke High~2006
Shortland Street~1998-2002, 2006
Jackson's Wharf~1999-2000 - (6 episodes)

TV Writer
The Kiwi Who Saved Britain(A Personal War)~2009 (co-writer)
Shortland Street ~1999-2004 - (6 episodes)
Jackson's Wharf~1999-2000 - (6 episodes)
The Tribe~2000 - (8 episodes)

The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit Concert~2015 - (Waldebuhne, Berlin, Germany)
Macbeth~2004 - Duncan/Porter/Doctor (The Large Group, Maidment Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand)
Judy~1988 - performer
The Share Club~1987 - (Downstage Theatre,  , New Zealand)
Scene from Roger Hall's play "The Share Club.". Dominion post (Newspaper) :Photographic negatives and prints of the Evening Post and Dominion newspapers. Ref: EP-Arts-Theatre-Downstage Theatre-Scenes from shows-01. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.
Master Class~1986 - performer (Circa Theatre, , New Zealand)
Charley's Aunt~1985 - Bart (Downstage Theatre, Hannah Playhouse, Wellington, New Zealand)
Hamlet~1982 - Pall Bearer (Downstage Theatre Company, Hannah Playhouse, Wellington, New Zealand)
Hamlet~1982 - Polonius  (Downstage Theatre, Wellington, New Zealand)
The Rivals~1982 - Sir Lucius O'Trigger (Downstage Theatre, Wellington, New Zealand)
Bent~1980 - Max (Downstage Theatre, Wellington, New Zealand)
The Gingerbread Man~1979 - Herr Von Cuckoo (Downstage Theatre, Wellington, New Zealand)
Heroes and Butterflies~1978 - (Downstage Theatre, Wellington, New Zealand)
The Merchant of Venice~1978 - Shylock (Downstage Theatre Company, Hannah Playhouse,Wellington, New Zealand)
Otherwise Engaged~1977 - performer (Downstage Theatre, Wellington, New Zealand)
East Lynne~1977 - Levison (Downstage Theatre, Wellington, New Zealand)
Three Sisters~1977 - Vershinin
The Balcony~1977 - (Downstage Theatre Company, Hannah Playhouse, Wellington, New Zealand)
Female Transport~1976 -
Othello~1976 - performer (Downstage Theatre Company, Hannah Playhouse, Wellington, New Zealand)
A Midusmmer Night's Dream~1975 - Oberon (Phree Theatre, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand)
Bingo~19?? - performer (Downstage Theatre, Wellington, New Zealand)
Hamlet~19?? - Claudius  (Downstage Theatre, Wellington, New Zealand)

Theater Director
Death and the Maiden~2015 (Newmarket Stage Company, Auckland, New Zealand)
Shirley Valentine~2014 (Newmarket Stage Company, Auckland, New Zealand)
Who Needs Sleep Anyway?~2008 (Skycity Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand)
Taking Off~2005
Speaking in Tongues~2004 (Howick Little Theatre, )
Oliver!~1989 (Wellington Operatic Society, State Opera House, Wellington, New Zealand)
West Side Story~1988 (Wellington Operatic Society, State Opera House, Wellington, New Zealand)
The Boyfriend~1986 (Wellington Operatic Society, Wellington Operatic Centre, Wellington, New Zealand)
Cloud Nine~1983 (Circa Theatre Productions, )
Bullshot Crummond~1981 - (Circa Theatre Productions, )
Yerma~1980 - (Downstage Youth Theatre Workshop, Hannah Playhouse, Wellington, New Zealand)
Inner Voices~1979 (Circa Theatre, )
The Stickiest Glue in the World!~1977 (Downstage Theatre, Wellington, New Zealand)
Butterflies are Free~1974 (Wellington Repertory Theatre, Wellington, New Zealand)
The Last of My Sold Gold Fountain Pens~
La Turista~1982 (Downstage Theatre, Wellington, New Zealand)

Theater Producer
The Hole~1974 (Ngaio Revue Club, )
Puss in Boots~1970s (Ngaio Revue Club, )

Theater Writer
Full Marx! 2~1984 (Downstage Theatre, State Opera House, Wellington, New Zealand)
Full Marx!~1982-1983 (Downstage Theatre, Wellington, New Zealand)
Robbin' Hood~1984 (a pantomime for children of all ages)
Blarney and Blight~1979 (devised by) (Downstage Theatre, Wellington, New Zealand)

Best Feet Forward~2014 -  (Radio New Zealand)
Cadenza~2014 - (Radio New Zealand Concert)
William Shakespeare 450~2014 - Reader (Radio New Zealand Concert)
Sonnet No. 70: Thus can my love excuse the slow offence~2014 - Reader (Radio New Zealand)
Sonnet No. 35: no more be grieved at that which thou hast done - Reader (Radio New Zealand)
Sonnet No. 6: Then let not Winter's ragged hand deface~2014 - Reader (Radio New Zealand)
Terror and Virtue (The Drama Hour for Sunday)~2013 - (Radio New Zealand)
Setting the Bard~2010 - Reader of Sonnets Nos. 6; 35; 51 and 70 (Radio New Zealand)
Sunday Morning with Kim Hill~1992 - performer
The Queen Street Riots: 60 Years On~1992 - voice of Jim Edwards
The Ghost of Hamlet's Father~1989 - performer
Terror and Virtue~1988 - performer
Cameo~1988 - performer
Radio Drama - The Principles of Rocketry~1988 - performer
The Girl in Black~1988 - performer
The Stranger~1988 - performer
Proper Care~1982 - performer
Polonaise~1982 - performer
Every Good Boy Deserves Favour~1980 - performer (Radio New Zealand)
Holes in the Air~1980 - performer

Radio Ads
Beat Bowel Cancer Aotearoa (charity/appeal)~2014 - voice

Fair Winds to the South Seas~199? - Pilot Major Francois Vissher

Video Games
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords~2004 (voice) - Additional Voices

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Online Film & Television Association:
Nom 2013 - Best Music, Original Song for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (shared)
Wellington Theatre Critics:
Rec'd 2009 Best Actor in a Short Film for Fly
Rec'd ???? Best Supporting Actor for ???
Critics' Choice ?  ? for Macbeth

Social Media

2014 - Became Artistic Director for the Newmarket Stage Company in

2014 - co-ordinator of CreationFest's Short Film Competition

Lecturer at the New Zealand Drama School; Toi Whakaari; Unitec's School of Performing and Screen Arts; and the University of Auckland.

Talking Books for the blind - Royal New Zealand foundation of the Blind

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