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Cardiff, Rodney

Rodney Cardiff

Rodney Cardiff

Cardiff is the son of award-winning cinematographer Jack Cardiff, and had three brothers: Mason, Peter, and John.

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi~1983 - Imperial (shuttle pilot? in black behind Michael Pennington's left shoulder)
Penny Gold~1973 - Young Doctor
Doctor in Distress~1963 - Student Doctor

The Bill~1988 - Traffic Cop in Conflict
One by One~1985 - Lead Rocker in You and Whose Army?
Macbeth~1983 - Murderer
ITV Playhouse~1981 - Man in Friends and Other Lovers
Omnibus~1981 - Guest of Honour in Landseer: A victorian Comedy
Sink kor Swim~1980 - Customer in In the Beginning
Fair Stood the Wind for France~1980 - Man in Bowler Hat in 1.3
Enemy at the Door~1980 - A.D.C. in The Raid
Blakes 7~1980 - Federation Commando in Volcano
Prince Regent~1979 - French Servant in Defeat and Victory
Microbes and Med~1974 - Syphilis Patient in The Invisible Enemy
Funny Ha-Ha~1974 - Removal Man in Me 'n' Meep
Doctor Who~1973 - Draconian Emperor Guard in Frontier in Space: Episode Five
Doomwatch~1971 - Man in The Islanders
The Monsters~1962 - Reporter in 1.4

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