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Carrington, Debbie

Debbie Lee Carrington

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Debbie Lee Carrington was born on December 14, 1959 in San Jose, CA.  

She studied child psychology and got her degree in that subject in 1982 from the University of California Davis.

Carrington died on March 23, 2018.

Bitch Slap~2009 - Hot Pocket
Bedtime Stories~2008 - Booing Goblin
Sunstroke~2006 - Receptionist
Polar Express, The~2004 -  Elf #2
Seed of Chucky~2004 - Debbie
Big Time~2004 -  Gizzie Blunderbore
Scary Movie 3~2003 - Miniature Tabitha
Tiptoes~2003 -  Kitty Katz
Austin Powers in Goldmember~2002 (uncredited) -  School Girl Dancer
Independent, The~2000 -  Surfer Girl
She's All That~1999 -  Felicity
Mighty Joe Young~1998 -  Other Gorilla
Men in Black~1997 -  Alien Father
Born to Be Wild~1995  -  Gorilla Team
High Crusade, The~1994 -  Branithar
Amazing Stories: Book Five~1992 (V)  -  Alien (segment Fine Tuning)
Cattive ragazze~1992 - hostage (name?) 
Seedpeople~1992 -  Tumbler
Mom and Dad Save the World~1992  -  Bwaaa (Fishface)
Batman Returns~1992 -  Emperor Penguin
Club Fed~1990 -  Betty
Total Recall~1990 -  Thumbelina
Spaced Invaders~1990 -  Dr. Ziplock
Garbage Pail Kids Movie, The~1987 -  Valerie Vomit
Harry and the Hendersons~1987 -  Little Bigfoot
Making of Captain EO~1986 - Herself 
Captain Eo~1986 -  Idee (film was used for Disneyland's Captain EO attraction)
Howard the Duck~1986 -  Additional Ducks
Invaders from Mars~1986 -  Drone
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi~1983 -  Weechee Warrick - Ewok

Under the Rainbow~1981 - Hotel Guest

Film Stunts
Curse of Chucky~2013 (Chucky)
The Invasion~2007 - (Oliver)
Van Helsing~2004 (stunts)
Bless the Child~2000 (stunts)
Bride of Chucky~1998 (stunt double: Jennifer Tilly)
Titanic~1997 (stunts)
Spawn~1997 (stunts) (as Debbie Carrington)
Stars Fell on Henrietta, The~1995 (stunts)
Stuart Saves His Family~1995 (stunts)
Slaughter of the Innocents~1994 (stunts)
Dumb & Dumber~1994 (stunts)
New Nightmare~1994 (stunts) 
Good Son, The~1993 (swimming stunts) 

See Dad Run~2012 - Brenda in See Dad Lose Janie
The New Normal~2012 - Little Person Mom in Pilot
Jessie~2011 - Jingles in Christmas Story
Pair of Kings~2011 - Squonk Queen in Dinner for Squonks
Bones~2009 - Gidget Jones in The Dwarf in the Dirt
Men in Trees~2008 - Karen in Read Between the Minds
Special Unit~2006 - Sopie
Dexter~2006 - Patty in Truth Be Told
Nip/Tuck~2006 - Merrily in Reefer
Huff~2004 - Marla in Flashpants (2004)
Boston Legal~ - Patty in Loose Lips
Christmas Secret, The~2000  -  Gorah
District, The~2000 -  Alice in  Small Packages
Philly~2001 -  Stephanie Renato in  Tall Tales
ER~1994 -  Ginger Jones in  A Simple Twist of Fate
Lone Gunmen, The~2001 -  Sadie Muckle in  Madam, I'm Adam 
Buffy the Vampire Slayer~1997 -  Queller Demon in  Listening to Fear
Drew Carey Show, The~1995 -  Doreen in:
    Beer Ball
    Drew and the Racial Tension Play (Star Wars reference, see TV D-F under Drew Carey Show)
    Drew's Physical
    Y2K, You're Okay
Damian Cromwell's Postcards from America~1997 -  Airplane Passenger
Perversions of Science~1997 -  Alien #1 in  People's Choice
Baywatch~1989 -  Debbie in  Silent Night, Baywatch Night: Parts 1 & 2 
Seinfeld~1990 -  Tammy in  The Stand-In
Married... with Children~1987 -  Alien in  Married... with Aliens
In Living Color~1990 -  Tiny Avenger in  The Adventures of Handyman
Monsters~1988 -  Troll (as Debbie Carrington) in  Fools' Gold 
Making of 'Captain Eo', The~1986  -  Herself
Amazing Stories~1985 -  Alien (as Debbie Carrington) in  Fine Tuning
Ewok Adventure, The~1984 - Weechee Warrick

Volkswagen: The Dog Strikes Back (+Cantina) (Super Bowl)~2012 - Kabe (Thanks to Tom Spina!)

TV Stunts
Walker, Texas Ranger~1993 - (Cathy)
Hooperman~1987 (David Rappaport)
The Wizard~1986 (David Rappaport)
Ewoks: The Battle for Endor~1985 (stunts)
Ewok Adventure, The~1984 (stunts) (uncredited)

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