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Chafer, Derek

Derek Chafer

Derek Chafer was born in June of 1935 to Robert Chafer and Kathleen M. Chafer (née Everson) in Rotherham, Yorkshire, England, UK. Chafer's mother died when he was about 6 years old.

Chafer was married to Barbara J. Cakebread in 1956.

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back~1980 - Stormtrooper
Star Wars~1977 - Stormtrooper
The Stone Tape~1972 - Man in the very back with light suit.
The Frozen Dead~1966 - ? (on right)

No Problem!~1983 - Policeman in Noah, Noah
The Gentle Touch~1982 - Doorman in Dany
Rings on Their Fingers~1980 - Jumble Donor in If You Can't Beat Them
The Old Curiosity Shop~1980 - Policeman in 1.9
Enemy at the Door~1980 - Saboteur in Committee Man
Return of the Saint~1978 - Policeman in The Poppy Chain
Doctor Who~1965-1976 - Guard/Exxilon/Cyberman/Prisoner/UNIT Soldier/Lynch Mob Member/Greek Soldier/Saxon Warrior (21 episodes)
Dixon of Dock Green~1974 - Ganger in The Unwanted
Upstairs, Downstairs~1974 - Tram Conductor in A Perfect Stranger
Thriller~1975 - Policeman in Fear is Spreading (The Crazy Kill)
Derek Chafer (middle standing) as Policeman in Thriller - Fear is Spreading)
War & Peace~1972 - Lavrushka in Skirmish at Schongraben
The Moonstone~1972 - Sergeant in 1.1
The Persuaders!~1971-1972 -
    Man in Hotel in Nuisance Value1
    A Death in the Family

    Policeman in The Long Goodbye
Derek Chafer (as Policeman) in The Persuaders!
Jason King~1971 -
    Skycap or Airline Official in A Red Red Rose For Ever
Derek Chafer (in blue as Skycap) over Peter Wyngarde's right shoulder in Jason King: A Red Red Rose For Ever.
Derek Chafer (grey suit seated on right) in Jason King: Nadine.
    A Page Before Dying
Derek Chafer (in lederhosen) in Jason King: A Page Before Dying. 
The Passenger~1971 - Tractor Driver in 1.2
Menace~1970 - CID Man in Killing Time
Department S~1970 - Policeman (rear right) in Soup of the Day (near the end of the episode)

Doomwatch~1970 - Man in:
    The Red Sky
    Re-Entry Forbidden
    Project Sahara
Z Cars~1969-1970 -
    (uncredited) PC in Strictly Cash: Part 2
    Airport Policeman in A Right Cock-'N'Bull Story: Part 1
Out of the Unknown~1969 - Man in 1+1=1.5
The Doctors~1969 - Man Patient in 1.1
Softly, Softly~1969 - Sergeant Thoms in Pressure
The Baron~1966 -
    Patron at Scirocco Club (far left rear) in The Legions of Ammak
    Policeman in The Killing


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Derek Chafer was born in 1935 in Rotherham, Yorkshire.

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Thank you!
Was slow at getting to the more vital information. :D