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Chambers, JamieBen

Jamie Ben Chambers

Jamie Ben Chambers was born on October 3, 1987 in London, England, UK.  Chambers began acting in 2010 working in a series of PSAs about anti-drug/addiction/abuse, he is also trained in martial arts.

Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur~2017 - Knight
The Brothers Grimsby~2016 - Assassin
Project Evolution~2015 - Dr. Matthew Mortimer
Star Wars: The Force Awakens~2015 - uncredited Heavy Gunner Trooper
Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation~2015 - uncredited Soldier
Beyond Redemption~2015 (short) - Jake
Night Surf~2015 (short) - Needles
Criminal~2014 - CIA Laundry Team
Witness at Cannon Street~2014 (short) - Constable Freddy Croucher
Estate~2014 (short) - Ricky Travis
Kingsman: The Secret Service~2014 - uncredited Arctic Guard
Fury~2014 - uncredited Pvt James
Two Very Long Days~2014 - Wayne Anderson
Cinderella~2013 - Royal Guard
The Fry Up~2013 (short) - Knight B
Prototype~2013 (short) - Soldier
Infected~2013 - NYC Zombie
Cockneys vs Zombies~2012 - Chains - Millwall Zombie
Turtle Eggs~? (short) - Lee Faife

Film Stunt Coordinator
Beyond Redemption~2015 (short)
Estate~2014 (short)
Witness at Cannon Street~2014 (short)

Dark Angel~2016 - Robert Evans in #1.2
Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands~2016 - Wulfing in #1.12/1.13
CIA Declassified~2014 - Agent Mike Spann in Fortress of War
Ignorance Ain't Bliss~2011 - Connor

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