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Chan, Kee

Kee Chan

Kee Chan (born Edward Kee Wah Chan) was born in Singapore, China to a Doctor and a homemaker.  He was educated at St. Andrew's School in Potong Pasir (central Singapore), attended high school but dropped out to join the military.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith~2005 - Senator Malé-Dee

Deluxe Combo Platter~2004 - Stoney
Mission: Impossible II~2000 -  McCloy's Chemist
Change of Heart~1999 - Wong
Love in Ambush (Angkor)~1997 - Be
Signal One~1994 - Chang Kai Chee
Talk~1994 -  Witness
Custodian, The~1993 -  Chief executive
Frauds~1993 -  Detective Alan
Turtle Beach~1992 -  Behzad

Flatland~2002 -
Wildside~1997 - Harry Li (#2.21) 5/20/98
Moby Dick~1998 - (mini series) Pharsee Fedallah (see Actor Connections - TV)
Tales of the South Seas~1998
Water Rats~1996 - Detective Derek Li in Respect (# 1.23) 7/29/96
Singapore Sling~1993 - Chan

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