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Chapman, John

John Chapman

John Chapman was born on May 12, 1955 in London, England, UK.

Chapman acted for 20 years before running his own successful Interiors Company based in Newbury, Berkshire, but still makes time for his true passion in life...acting (stage or screen) and is actively involved with the "Box Theatre Company", a highly professional group which are constantly seeking innovative and creative new formats of Drama.

Elstree 1976~2015 - Himself
Ticketer~2013 (short) - Joe
Scrapper~2013 - Pistol Shooting Man
Z-Lister~2012 - Himself
Star Wars~1977 (uncredited) - Gil 'Drifter' Varay (Red 12)

Walking with Shadows~ 2006 - Paul Moon (Thanks to Tom!)

TV Producer
Walking with Shadows~ 2006 (Thanks to Tom!) 

Music Videos
Christopher Lee's "She'll Fall for Me"~1995 - Chauffer (Limo Driver - right) (see Actor Connections - Music Videos)

A Doll's House~2002 - Sakfører Krogstad (Box Theatre Company, UK)
Mr. Hyde~ - Madeleine (Plaines Plough, UK)

Music Videos
She'll Fall For Me~2002 - Christopher Lee's Bodyguard (Anchor Bay's Scars of Dracula)

Jonnie Rocket Series (author)

Creator of Jonnie Rocket

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