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Chilvers, Nick

Nick Chilvers

Nick Chilvers

History's Mysteries: The Old Lady from Nazca~ - Narrator
The Shock of the New~2001 - Narrator of The Future That Was (BBC/Time Life)
Olympian Triumphs: A Journey of Great Achievements~1996 - Narrator
Total Collapse: Can Buildings Survive Earthquakes?~1996 - Narrator
Meltdown~1996 (V) - Narrator (Discovery Channel disaster series)
Knights and Armor~1994 - Narrator (For the History Channel)
Into the Labyrinth~1981  - Sailor in Lazlo (# 3.1) 7/28/82
Enemy at the Door~1978 - Schneider in Escape (#26) 3/29/80 (see Actor Connections - TV)

Bravo 20 (paperback book promo)
Dalice la luna (perfume)

Some Mother's Son~1987 - performer

Video Games
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords~2004 - Additional voices

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