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Cimino, Rick

Rick Cimino

Rick Cimino died in 1990.

Ewoks: The Battle For Endor~1985 - Ewoks/Marauders
Ewoks~1985 - voices of Logray the Medicine Man/Chief Chirpa (II) (1986-1987)
The Dukes~1983 - Additional  voices (7 episodes)
The Streets of San Francisco~1972 -  Sonny Lane in The First Day of Forever (Cimino on the right)

KCRA Sacramento - The Rick and Jerry Show (afternoon)
KSFO 560 AM San Francisco - DJ (evening drive)
KNEW Radio 91 San Francisco -

Audio Books
Treasure Island~2001 - Long John Silver
Story of Yosemite, The~2000 - voice of John Muir
Huckleberry Finn~1977 - Pap, the King and Silas Phelps
Merry Adventures of Robin Hood~1974 - Little John
The Incredible Time Machine by H.G. Wells~1973
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde~1973 -
Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The~1972 - (see Actor Connections - Audio Books)
Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, The~1972 - (see Actor Connections - Audio Books)
Bride Comes to Yellow Sky, The~1972 - (see Actor Connections - Audio Books)
Three Great Tales~1972 - (see Actor Connections - Audio Books)
A Christmas Carol~1972 - reader
Wizard of Oz~197? - (see Actor Connections - Audio Books)
Hound of the Baskervilles~19?? - reader
Tales by Edgar Allen Poe~19?? - reader (The Gold Bug -- The Cask of Amontillado -- The Fall of the House of Usher)

Christmas Carol~1973 -

Video Games
Ballblazer~1984 - voice of Arboster Kipling (LucasArts game)
Rescue on Fractalus~1984 - voice of Commander (LucasArts game)

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