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Clarke, Norton

Norton Clarke

Norton Clarke died in the 1980s.

Star Wars~1977 - Rebel in Briefing Room
The Pink Panther Strikes Again~1976 - Director of Broadcast at Dreyfuss' Castle: "OK"
Legend of the Werewolf~1975 - (May be an audience member at Pomponi's Exhibition) (stand-in: David Bailie) (see Actor Connections - Film)

The Magic Christian~1969 - Board Member
Dirty Dozen~1967 -
Mosquito Squadron~1969 -

Space: 1999~1974 - Guard in Force of Life (see Actor Connections - TV)

UFO~1971 - Frank - First Assistant Director in Mindbender
Monty Python's Flying Circus~1970 - Lineman in New Cooker Sketch (from Dinsdale!)
Doctor Who~1965-1970 -
     Technician in Inferno
     Greek Soldier in Death of a Spy (The Myth Makers)
     Greek Soldier in Horse of Destruction (The Myth Makers)
     Secretary in The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve - Part 2: Priest of Death (The Myth Makers)
     Technician in The Return (Doctor Who and the Silurians)
The Wednesday Play~1965 - Guard in The Trial and Torture of Sir John Rampayne (see Actor Connections - TV)

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