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Clennon, David

David Clennon

David Clennon was born on May 10, 1943 in Waukegan, Illinois. US.

Clennon attended Notre Dame in the 60's and was active in protesting the Vietnam war.

Clennon is married to Peggy Adelman (1996 - present) and they have twin children, Daisy Virginia and Harry Francis. They live in Los Angeles, California.

Reversion~2015 - Ciespy
Welcome to the Men's Group~2015 - Fred
Vacation~2015 - Harry Co-Pilot
Amigo Undead~2015 - Old Man Schumer
Gone Girl~2014 - Rand Elliott
Mr. Jones~2013 - The Curator
J. Edgar~2011- Senator Friendly
Ghost Phone: Phone Call from the Dead~2011 - Hamilton
The Good Doctor~2011 - Dr. Harbison
Extraordinary Measures~2010 - Dr. Renzler
Convention~2008 - Senator Chuck McGee
Saving Sarah Cain~2007 - Homeless Man
Flags of Our Fathers~2006 - Senator
Constellation~2004  - Bear
Glory Days~2004  - Jack
Realizing 'The Right Stuff'~2003 (V) - Himself
Convention~2003 - Sen. Chuck McGee
AntiTrust~2001 (uncredited) - Barry Linder
Visit, The~2000 - Bill Brenner
Thing: Terror Takes Shape, The~1998 (V) (special thanks)
Playing by Heart~1998 - Martin
Mad City~1997 - Street Preacher
Grace of My Heart~1996 - Dr. 'Jonesy' Jones
Dos crímenes~1995 - Jim
Matinee~1993 - Jack
Light Sleeper~1992 - Robert
Man Trouble~1992 - Lewie Duart
Downtown~1990 - Jerome Sweet
Betrayed~1988 - Jack Carpenter
Couch Trip, The~1988 - Lawrence Baird
He's My Girl~1987 - Mason Morgan
Trouble with Dick, The~1987 - Lars
Legal Eagles~1986 - Blanchard
Sweet Dreams~1985 - Randy Hughes
Falling in Love~1984 - Brian Gilmore
Star 80~1983 - Geb
Right Stuff, The~1983 - Liaison Man
Hanna K.~1983 - Amnon
Thing, The~1982 - Palmer
Escape Artist, The~1982 - Newspaper Editor
Missing~1982 - Consul Phil Putnam
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains~1981 - Dave Robell
Hide in Plain Sight~1980 - Richard Fieldston
Being There~1979 - Thomas Franklin
Billy in the Lowlands~1979 - Social Worker
On the Yard~1978 - Psychiatrist
Go Tell the Spartans~1978 - Lt. Finley Wattsberg
Gray Lady Down~1978
Coming Home~1978 - Tim
Greatest, The~1977 - Captain
Bound for Glory~1976 - Carl (man in gas station)
Paper Chase, The~1973 - Toombs
Way We Were, The~1973 - uncredited
Story Theatre~1969 - (V)

Dr. Del~2016 - Mr. Stone
The Player~2015 - ? in Tell
Criminal Minds~2014 - Marvin Caul in Persuasion
Farmed and Dangerous~2014 - Bob Sears in Raising the Steaks
House of Cards~2014 - Ted Havemeyer in Chapter 15 & 24
The Mentalist~2012 - Judge Dellinger in Red Dawn
NCIS~2011 - Max Ellswood in The Penelope Papers
Weeds~2011 - Charles in:
     Qualitative Spatial Reasoning
     Fingers-Only Meat Banquet
     A Hole in Her Niqab
Ghost Whisperer~2009-2010 - Carl the Watcher (8 episodes)
The Philanthropist~2009 - ? in Myanmar
Prison Break~2008 - Senator Conrad Dallow in Deal or No Deal
Boston Legal~2004-2008 - Attorney Braxton Mason in:
     The Gods Must Be Crazy
     An Eye for an Eye
October Road~2007 - Randall Farmer in Deck the Howls
Grey's Anatomy~2007 - Jack Shandley in Haunt You Every Day
ER~2007 - Jared Morgan in The War Comes HOme
Numb3rs~2007 - Mel Oliver in Finders Keepers
Scrubs~2006 - Dr. Turner in My Coffee
Close to Home~2006 - Arthur Stanton in Legacy
Saved~2006 - Dr. Martin Cole (13 episodes)
Agency, The~2001  - Joshua Nankin
Once and Again~2000-2001 - Miles Drentell
Family Law~1999 - Andrew Weller in  The Nanny
Just Shoot Me~1999 - Martin Spancer in  Maya's Nude Photos
Mission Hill~1999 - The Boss in  Unemployment: Part 2
Staircase, The~1998  - Mr. Filger
From the Earth to the Moon~1998 (mini) - Dr. Lee Silver, Geologist
Star Trek: Voyager~1998 - Dr. Crell Moset in  Nothing Human
Maximum Bob~1998 - Nathan Cahill in  Good Dog Karl
NewsRadio~1997 - Judge in  Rose Bowl
Almost Perfect~1995 - Neal Luder
Cybill~1995 - Barry in As the World Turns to Crap
Original Sins~1995  - Jimbo
Nurses on the Line: The Crash of Flight 7~1993  - Dr. Rulon Beesley
And the Band Played On~1993  - Mr. Johnstone
Black Widow Murders: The Blanche Taylor Moore Story~1993 - Dwight Moore
Class of '96~1993 - Mr. Reed in  Pilot
Dream On~1992 - Peter Brewer in  For Peter's Sake
Image, The~1990  - Dr. Sigmond Grampton
Murder, She Wrote~1988 - Wilton Tibbles in  Benedict Arnold Slipped Here
thirtysomething~1989-1991 TV Series - Miles Drentell
Beauty and the Beast~1988 - Cullen in  Fever
Conspiracy: The Trial of the Chicago 8~1987  - Richard Schultz
Sledge Hammer!~1987 - Bell in  Sledge in Toyland
Blood & Orchids~1986  - Phillip Murray
Alfred Hitchcock Presents~1985 - Professor John Tate in  Revenge
Best Kept Secrets~1984  - Rev. Warner
Special Bulletin~1983  - Dr. Bruce Lyman
Day the Bubble Burst, The~1982
WKRP in Cincinnati~1981 - Norris Breeze in  The Consultant
Barney Miller~1981 - Weckler in  Homeless
Park Place~1981 TV Series - Jeff O'Neil
Reward~1980  - Rawlin
Gideon's Trumpet~1980  - James Fitzpatrick
Marriage Is Alive and Well~1980  - David
Barney Miller~1980 - Howard Speer in  The Architect
Barney Miller~1979 - Justice Department Counsel Chester Monahan in  Identity
Kojak~1977 - George Martin in  The Summer of '69: Part 1
Rafferty~1977 in  The Will to Live
Barney Miller~1977 - Stevens in  Asylum
Barney Miller~1977 - Bodhisattva in  Abduction
Panic in Echo Park~1977
Helter Skelter~1976  - Harry Jones
Seagull, The~1975  - Medvedenko
Crime Club~1975  - Peter Karpf
Migrants, The~1974  - Tom Trimpin

Ghost Town~2004 - reading (MET Theatre, Hollywood, CA)
Sportsman~2002 - reading from To Skin a Cat (Stages Theatre Center at Cafe des Artistes, Hollywood, CA, also read in New York)
American Iliad~2001 - JFK/Assembly Leader (Victory Theatre, Burbank, CA)
Autumn Garden, The~2001 -
Cherry Orchard, The~1977 - Trofimov, Petr Sergeyevich a student  (Vivian Beaumont Theatre, NY)
Medal of Honor Rag~1976 - Doctor (Lucille Lortel Theatre, NY)
The Seagull~1974 - (Williamstown Theatre Festival)
Juno and the Paycock~1974 - (Williamstown Theatre Festival)
As You Like It~1973 - Oliver (Delacorte Theatre, NY) (see Actor Connections - Theatre)
Welcome to Andromeda~1973 - The Boy (Cherry Lane Theatre, NY)
Variety Obit~1973 - Narrator (Cherry Lane Theatre, NY)
Mary Stuart~1972 - (Willliamstown Theatre, Williamstown, MA)
Resistible Rise of Arturo UI~1972 - (Williamstown Theatre, Williamstown, MA)
Once in a Lifetime~1972 - Meterstein (Williamstown Theatre, Williamstown, MA)  (see Actor Connections - Theatre)
Country Girl, The~1972 - Paul Unger (Williamstown Theatre, Williamstown, MA) (see Actor Connections - Theatre)
Unseen Hand, The~1970 - The Kid (Astor Place Theatre, NY)
Forensic and the Navigators~1970 - Emmet (Astor Place Theatre, NY)
Story Theatre~1969 - (Yale Repertory Theater, ) (see Actor Connections - Theatre)
Threepenny Opera, The~1965 - Macheath (University Theatre, Notre Dame, IN)
Caretaker, The~1965 - Mick  and construction crew (University Theatre, Notre Dame, IN)
King Lear~1964 - Lear (University Theatre, Notre Dame, IN)
My Fair Lady~1964 - Henry Higgins (University Theatre, Notre Dame, IN)
Tartuffe~1964 - Jean Baptiste Poquelin (and PR) (University Theatre, Notre Dame, IN)
Billy Budd~1963 - Bordman Wyatt (University Theatre, Notre Dame, IN)
Visit, The~1963 - Anton Schill (University Theatre, Notre Dame, IN)
Hamlet~1962 - Guildenstern (University Theatre, Notre Dame, IN)
Swing Voter~ - (Court Theatre, )

Audio Books
Best and the Brightest, The~2002 - reader

Audio Plays
Denial~1999 - (LA Theatre Works, Los Angeles, CA)

Star Wars: A New Hope Radio Drama~1983 - Motti
Heroine, The~1999 - reading from 10 Tales by Isak Dinesen

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Central Ohioh Film Critics Association:
Nom 2015 Best Ensemble for Gone Girl (shared)
Emmy Awards:
Rec'd 1993 Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for "For Pete's Sake" Dream On
Nom 1991 Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for Thirtysomething
Georgia Film Critics Association:
Nom 2015 Best Ensemble for Gone Girl (shared)
Golden Satellite Awards:
Rec'd 1999 Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television for From the Earth to the Moon
LA Weekly's Theatre Awards:
Nom 2002 Leading Male Performance for American Iliad
Satellite Awards:
Rec'd 1999 Best Actor in a Supporting role in a Miniseries or a Motion Picture Made for Television for From the Earth to the Moon
Viewers for Quality Television Awards:
Nom 1991 Q Award Specialty Player for Thirtysomething

Politically active and an activist

Participated in a demonstration against the war in Iraq in 2003 (Artists United to Win without War

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