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Cleverdon, Scott

Scott Cleverdon

Scott Cleverdon was born on July 31, 1969 in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.  

Cleverdon left Edinburgh at nineteen to attend the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.  Shortly after RSAMD he moved to London and pursued his acting career further.  In 1993 he met his soon to be wife, Assumpta Serna on the set of the TV show Sharpe.  Scott and Assumpta moved to Los Angeles, in 1996 they were separated. 

Seth's Gold~2015 (short) - voice of Bill Williamson
Todos se van~2015 - Dan
Ruptura Original: Last Stop Eden~2014 (short) - Narrator
Underground~2010 - Sandoval
El asesino a sueldo~2009 - Phillip
The Americano~2008 (V short) -
Tortilla Heaven~2005 - Jesus
Goya's Ghosts~2006 - French General
The Amazing Grace~2006 - Oliver
Soldier of God~2005 - Geoffrey
Soccer Dog: European Cup~2004 - Alex Foote
Dejavu~2003 (short) -
The Prophecy 3: The Ascent~2000 - Pyriel
Kill the Man~1999 - Revolutionary #3
Speed 2: Cruise Control~1997 - Surfer Dude
McHale's Navy~1997 - David
Kiss & Tell~1997 - Scott DeBirdy
Germans~1996 - Willi Sonnenbruch

Film Producer (short films)
Love Crisis~2013
Servicio al cliente~2012
Saving Grace~2012
Y así no levanto cabeza (Chopsticks)~2011
Alberto, Rodrigo y Mario~2011
Guardando las apariencias~2011
London Calling~2011
Infinite Memory~2010
Ese instante~2010
Caso sexual~2010
El Gesto~2010
La alcaldesa~2010
La noche del 15~2010
La policia~2010
Ser sabio~2010
El paraiso~2010
Punto de información~2009

Borgia~2011-2014 - Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba in:
     Ash Wednesday
     The Time of Sweet Desires
     The Serpent Rises
     God's Monster
Dear Green Place~2007 - Vigo in Bandstand
El comisario~2007 - Dragan in El ángel exterminador
Wedding Belles~2007 - Kevin
55 Degrees North~2005 - Cory North in 2.6
Murphy's Law~2005 - Daniel McGeechan in Disorganised Crime
Aquí no hay quien viva~2004 - Ian in Chaos Theory
Once and Again~2001 - Ian in  Chaos Theory
Rebus: The Hanging Garden~2000  - Pretty Boy Summers
Prophecy 3: The Ascent, The~2000 (V) - Pyriel
Royal Standard~1999  - Loki
Batman Beyond: The Movie~1999 - voice of Jack Walker/The Jack
Batman Beyond~1999 - voice of Jack in  Dead Man's Hand
Acapulco H.E.A.T.~1998 - Jacques Duran in Code Name: Easy Green
The New Batman Adventures~1998 - voice of Thomas Blake in Cult of the Cat
Making of 'Speed 2: Cruise Control', The~1997  - Surfer Dude
Secret Service Guy~1997  - Victor Fresco
Beverly Hills, 90210~1997 - Neil Phillips in  Phantom of CU
Spider-Man~1996 - voices of:
     Carnage/Cletus Kassady in:
          Sins of the Fathers: Part 11: Carnage
          Sins of the Fathers: Part 10: The Return of Venom
     Michael Pingree in:
          Sins of the Fathers: Part 2, Make a Wish: Part 1
Sentinel, The~1996 - Connor in  True Crime
Gargoyles~1996 - voices of:
     Young Jason Canmore in  Hunter's Moon: Part 3
     Rory Dugan in  The Hound of Ulster
Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles~1996 - voice of John Castaway
Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles~1996 - voice of Thug 2 in Angels in the Night
Gargoyles~1996 - Jon Canmore (voice) in  Hunter's Moon
Baywatch Nights~1995 - in Pursuit
Spider-Man~1994 - voice of Carnage (Cletus Kassady)/Additional Voices
Sharpe's Company~1994 - Price
Sharpe~1994 -  Price  in Sharpe's Company
Taggart~1993 - Jeremy Napier in  Fatal Inheritance
Soldier Soldier~1992 - 2nd Lt Nesbitt in  Something Old, Something New
Poirot~1993 - President in The Case of the Missing Will
No Job for a Lady~1992 - Craig in A Bed for the Night
PokeMadness 3000 - Carnage

Audio Books
As It Is In Heaven~1999 - Reader

Video Games (voice)
Star Wars: Episode I - Jedi Power Battles~2000 - Padawan/Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace~1999 (voice) - Obi-Wan Kenobi/Nute Gunray
Batman & Robin~1998 - Cryomen

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