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Colley, Kenneth

Kenneth Colley

Kenneth Colley was born on December 7, 1937, in Manchester, England, UK.
Colley had attended art school before he served in the Army. He was stationed at one of Britain's main bases in Cyprus during the Suez Crisis (Second Arab/Israeli War) in the late 50s.
After Colley's Army service he became an assistant stage manager for a weekly repertory theatre company in Bromley, Kent for three months but left the position to start The Living Theatre Company in about 1960 in Leicester with pooled savings from a group of actors, which included himself. The Living Theatre Company lasted until 1963 (eighteen months) after which the building was demolished.
By 1964 Colley was getting steady work in TV and film as well as stage productions...the rest is as listed.

He shares a home in Kent with his wife Mary Dunne (m: 1962).

Mum~2017 (short) - Graham
The Great Escape~2017 (short) - Angus
The Man Who Wished~2016 - The Old Man
Star Wars: Force of Evil~2015 (short) - Jaxan Tosh
Scar Tissue~2013 - Weaver
The Avenging Spirit~2011 (short) - Mr. Grey
Freedom Day~2010 (short) - Skipper
Greetings~2007 - Ken
Alligator~2007 - Glen
House of Donn~2006 - Dad

Holding On~1999
Hold Back the Night~1999 - Uncle Bob
Shadow Run~1998 - Larcombe

Brassed Off~1996 (as Ken Colley) - Greasley (see Actor Connections - Film)
El Último viaje de Robert Rylands (Robert Ryland's Last Journey)~1996 - Archdale
La Vie de bohème~1992 - Balayeur de rues (Street Sweeper)
The Last Island~1990 - Nick
I Hired a Contract Killer~1990 - The Killer
The Rainbow~1989 - Mr. Brunt
A Summer Story~1988 - Jim
Macheath~1987 - (15 minute film)
The Whistle Blower~1986 - Bill Pickett
Return to Waterloo~1985 - The Traveller
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi~1983 - Admiral Firmus Piett
Giro City~1982 - Martin

Firefox~1982 - Col. Kontarsky
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back~1980 - Admiral Firmus Piett
Life of Brian~1979 - Jesus of Nazareth (suggestion of Colley was from Michael Palin)
Jabberwocky~1977 - First Fanatic
Lisztomania~1975 - Frederic Chopin (see Actor Connections - Film)
Flame~1975 - Tony Devlin
Mahler~1974 - Siegfried Krenek (see Actor Connections - Film)
Juggernaut~1974 - Detective Brown
Triple Echo~1973 - Provo Corporal
Hitler: The Last Ten Days~1973 - Boldt (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Devils~1971 - Legrand (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Music Lovers~1970 - Modeste Tchaikovsky (see Actor Connections - Film)
Performance~1970 (as Ken Colley) - Tony Farrell
The Blood Beast Terror~1968 - James (name of a character being played in a small stage production that vaguely mirrors Frankenstein) (see Actor Connections - Film)

How I Won the War~1967 - 2nd Replacement
The Jokers~1966 - De Winter (chauffeur)
Seventy Deadly Pills~1964 -

Film Director

Film Producer

Film Writer

Holby City~2005-2016
     Dudley Drake in Indefensible
     Vaughn Chewer in My No. 1 Fan
     Don Lawson in Rat Race
Peaky Blinders~2013 - Vicente Changretta in 3.2 and 3.3
Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out~2012 - (voice only) Admiral Piett (right)
Vera~2011 - Ronald Devreux in Young Gods

Misfits~2009 - Old Rudy in 5.4
The Queen~2009 - Prince Phillip in The Enemy Within

Casualty 1909~2009 - Dr. Frederick Smith in 1.1, 1.2, 1.4
Comedy Connections~2008 (doc) - Himself (interviewee) as Robber in Ripping Yarns (archive footage)
Holby Blue~2008 - John Senior in 2.5, 2.6, 2.11, 2.12
A Nearly Silent Film~2006 - Signwriter
New Tricks~2006 - Frank Benson in Dockers
Foyle's War~2006 - Brian Jones in Bad Blood
Like Father Like Son~2005 - Rawsthorne
EastEnders~2003 - Brian in:
    June 19, 2003 6/19/2003
    June 17, 2003 6/17/2003
    June 16, 2003 6/16/2003
The Royal~2003 - Bernard Hussey in Crash
Relic Hunter~2002 - Professor Lamenza in Faux Fox
Doctors~2002 - Frank Tyler in Rat Man
Midsomer Murders~2001 - Lloyd Kirby in The Electric Vendetta
Casualty~2000 - Clifford Watkins in A Turn of the Scrooge
The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries~1999 - Archie Burlington in The Rising of the Moon
Always and Everyone~1999 - Joseph in The Death Shift
The Last Train~1999 - Mark in 1.5

The Bill~1995-1999 -
     Mr. Baker in Slinging Mud
     Acting Supt. Shannon in Boiling Point
     Patrick Houghton in Who Cares?
Dangerfield~1998 - Bill Hunter in The Lost Boy
Peak Practice~1997 - Stan Jordan in 5.9 Running to Hide
Wycliffe~1996 - Sam Peploe in Number of the Beast

Solomon and Sheba~1995 - Nathan (left)

Moving Story~1994-1995 - Ken Uttley in:
     Canterbury Tales
     Trivial Pursuits
     Something Blue
     Bear Necessities
     Norman Blood
     The African Queen
     None Shall Sleep
     Charlotte, Emma, Bamber & Anne
     Father's Day
     Last Stand at Laurel Way
     A Piece of Cake
     Moving Story
Capital Lives~1994 - ? in Fall
Between the Lines~1993 - Chief Supt. Tattersall in Manoeuvre 11
Unnatural Causes~1993 - Insp. Gerry Reckless

The Secret Life of Arnold Bax~1992 - John Ireland
Casualty~1991 - Paddy Reed in Humpty Dumpty
Inspector Morse~1991 - Detective Chief Inspector Patrick Dawson in Second Time Around
Prisoner of Honor~1991 - Capt. Dreyfus (see Actor Connections - TV)
Minder~1991 - Ron in Him Indoors
Poirot~1990 - Matthew Davenheim/Billy Kellett in The Disappearance of Mr. Davenheim

Screen Two~1990 - Sergej in The Kremlin, Farewell
Napoleon's Last Battle: Timewatch~1990 - Napoleon Bonaparte
The Plot to Kill Hitler~1990 - Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel
The Play on One~1989 - Inspector Tennyson in A Master of the Marionettes
The Modern World: Ten Great Writers~1988 (mini) - Chief Inspector Heat in Joseph Conrad's 'The Secret Agent'

War and Remembrance~1988 (mini) - SS Col. Paul Blobel in Part V (below) and Part VII (see Actor Connections - TV)
Casanova~1987 - Le Duc

The Kenney Everett Television Show~1986 - Himself in 4.3
Return to Treasure Island~1985 (mini) - Ben Gunn  (10 episodes) (see Actor Connections - TV)
Mussolini: The Untold Story~1985 (mini) - King Vittorio Emmanuele

Function Room~1985 - ? in Wingers
Wallenberg: A Hero's Story~1985 - Colonel Adolph Eichmann

The Scarlet and the Black~1983 - Capt. Hirsch

I Remember Nelson~1982 (mini) - Vice-Adm. Horatio Viscount Nelson (see Actor Connections - TV) in:
Peter and Paul~1981 - Theodotus
Aspects of a Hero~1980 -
The Danedyke Mystery~1979 - The Major in 1.1-1.6
Measure for Measure~1979  - Duke Vincentio (Duke of Vienna)
Pennies from Heaven~1978 (mini)  - Accordion man (6 episodes) (see Actor Connections - TV)
Les Miserables~1978 - Police Prefect
Hazell~1978 - Henry - The Porter in Hazell Goes to the Dogs

Play for Today~1977-1978 -
     Frank Benyon in One Bummer Newsday
     Bruce Tetley in Come the Revolution
Ripping Yarns~1977 - Arthur - Robber in The Testing of Eric Olthwaite (see Actor Connections - TV)

Dickens of London (Masterpiece Theatre)~1977 - Robert Seymour in Fame 8/28/77
Target~1977 - Jessal in Blow Out
Three Days in Szczecin~1976 - Edmund Baluka
BBC Play of the Month~1966-1976 -
     ? in Chester Mystery Cycle
     Yolinichev in Defection! The Case of Colonel Petrov
Crown Court~1972-1976 -
     James Armstrong in Those in Peril: Part 1
     Victor Snead in Confine to Solitary: Part 1
     Stanley Meredith in Conspiracy: Regina v Luckhurst and Sawyer: Part 2
The Sweeney~1975 - Noah Riley in Trap
Churchill's People~1975 - Ancient Beau in The Fine Art of Bubble-Blowing
The Love School~1975 - Edward Burne-Jones in:
     The Artisan
     Beata Beatrix
     Remember Me
Special Branch~1974 - Oliver in Date of Birth
The Nine Tailors~1974 (mini) - Potty Peake in 1.3
A Fall of Eagles~1974 (mini) - Gapon in:
     The Appointment
     Dearest Nicky
Z Cars~19 - 1974
     Lennie Bowles in Family
     Rosser in The Long Spoon
     Fenton in Family Reunion
The Protectors~1973 - Devlin in Dragon Chase
Arthur of the Britons~1973 - Erig in Rowena

Black and Blue~1973 - Schultz in High Kampf
Jack the Ripper~1973 - PC George Molson 216-T Division in Part 5: Suspects
The Visitors~1972 - Agent in: 1.3, 1.4
Albert!~1972 - Jimmy in Ghost Story
New Scotland Yard~1972 - Peter Elliot in The Come Back
A Family At War~1972 - Sergeant Jago in Two Fathers
The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes~1971 -
     Farrish in The Case of the Mirror in Portugal
     Farrish in The Affair of the Avalanche Bicycle & Tyre Co. Ltd.
Thirty-Minute Theatre~1967-1970 -
     Charles I in Revolutions: Cromwell
     Adolf Hitler in These Men Are Dangerous: Hitler
     Dr. Emil Justin in Cause of Death
     Paddy in Haven't You People Got Homes?
Omnibus~1970 - Hitler in Dance of the Seven Veils
The Wednesday Play~1965-1969 -
     Jock in Happy
     Bethold Florenberg in Coincidence
     Nick in Three Clear Sundays
The Expert~1968-1969 -
     Munt in Eddie
     Foreman in Fire Without Smoke
Judge Dee~1969 - Kun Shan in The Curse of the Lacquer Screen
Look and Read~1968 - Mr. Moon in Len and the River Mob: Parts 1, 3-5, 7-10
     Part 10:
     Part 9:
     Part 8:
     Part 7:
     Part 5:
     Part 4: The Big Job
     Part 3: The Missing Crate
     Part 1: A Job in the Docks
City '68~1968 - Corbett in Who Pays?
The Informer~1967 - Slater in Where There's Muck, There's Money
The White Rabbit~1967 - Sasha in The Beginning
Hobson's Choice~1967 - Will Mossop in:
     How to Do Right by Your Father and Still Make a Profit
     How to Wed on a Shoe-String and Keep Your Father Out of Court
     How to Rule a Father and Hook a Husband
Macbeth~1966 - Macbeth's Servant
Softly, Softly~1966 - Robins in Sleeping Dogs
The Government Inspector~1966 - Postmaster in Parts 1-3
ABC Armchair Theatre~1966 - ? in The Three Barreled Shot Gun
The Baron~1966 - Dinny Brand (left) in The Legions of Ammak
Emergency-Ward 10~1964-1966 -
     Arthur Pastor in 1.926/7
     Ed in 1.762/3
No Hiding Place~1965 - Sidney Runtle in A Moment of Freedom
R3: Ministry of Research Centre No. 3~1965 - George Barratt in Black Warning
Thorndyke (Hammond Thorndyke)~1964 - Ellis in The Puzzle Lock
Redcap~1964 - Private Bolt in It's What Comes After
ITV Play of the Week~1963-1964 -
     Colin in The Other Man
     Private Leetham in For King and Country #3: Tunnel Trench
It's Dark Outside~1964 - Hammond in More Ways of Killing a Cat
Coronation Street~1964 - Lionel in 1.328/9
The Plane Makers~1963 - Jack Moss in the Blunt Approach
Maupassant~1963 - ? in Consequences
Ghost Squad~1963 - Bank Teller in Hot Money
The Avengers~1963 - Darryl (strange young man) in Don't Look Behind You
A For Andromeda~1961 - Dead Body in Face of the Tiger

TV Director
A Nearly Silent Film~2006

TV Writer
A Nearly Silent Film~2006

Audio Book
An Actor's Life~2013 - Himself (can be purchased at Audio Arcadia)

Waiting for Godot~2014 - Estragon (Cockpit Theatre, London, England, UK)
Sandgate in People, Prose and Poems~2010 - First Narrator (Chichester Hall)
My Three Angels~2002 - (The Mill, Sonning, Berkshire, England, UK)
The Lie~2001 - Robert Poley (King's Head Theatre, London, England, UK)
Burning Issues~2000 - Mallowan (Hampstead Theatre, London, England, UK) (see Actor Connections - Theatre)
Gangster No. 1~1995 - (Almeida Theatre, London, England, UK)
Sex Please, We're Italian~1991 - Father Guielemo Bonelli (Young Vic Theatre, London, England, UK)
I Remember Nelson~1986 - Lord Horatio Nelson
Sea Change~1984 - Tom (Riverside Studios, London, England, UK)
Scenes From A Voyage to the Indies~1983 - Captain Josiah Bennett (Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham, England, UK)
Golden Leaf Strut~1981 - Howard (Bush Theatre, London, England, UK)
Much Ado About Nothing~1980 - Benedick (Royal Shakespeare Company Warehouse Theatre, London, England, UK)
The Caucasian Chalk Circle~1978 - Arkadi Tsheidse (the Storyteller) (Warehouse Theatre, London, England, UK)
Much Ado About Nothing~1978 - Benedick (tour)
Hanratty in Hell~1976 - Peter Alphon (Open Space Theatre, London, England, UK)
Cromwell~1973 - Cleet (Royal Court Theatre, London, England, UK)
The Stirring in Sheffield on a Saturday Night~1973 - Mr. Brown/1st Workman (Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, England, UK)
Edward II~1968 - Extra (Old Vic Theatre, London, England, UK)
Oedipus~1968 - Chorus (Old Vic Theatre, London, England, UK)
Little Malcolm and His Struggle Against the Eunuchs~1966 - Wick (Garrick Theatre, London, England, UK)
Look Back In Anger~ - (The Living Theatre, Leicester, England, UK)
Long Day's Journey Into Night~ - (The Living Theatre, Leicester, England, UK)
Zoo Story~ - (The Living Theatre, Leicester, England, UK)
Five and a Bit~196? - (The Living Theatre, Leicester, England, UK)
Beauty and the Beast~1961/2 - Hodge (A Wizard) (The Living Theatre, Leicester, England, UK)

Who Killed Hanratty
Julius Caesar
Taming of the Shrew~ - Biondello (The Living Theatre, Leicester, England, UK)
A Small Family Business
Mother Courage Wins the War - Cranky Scots Recluse

The Key to My Father's House~1992 (BBC Radio 4) - George

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Swindon Oscars:
Rec'd 2006 Swindon Oscar for his work in Star Wars

Helped to start The Living Theatre in Leicester - where he spent 15 months

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