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Conboy, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Conboy

Elizabeth Conboy took a two year acting course ('95 - '97) at City Lit (Central London) then continued her training at Webber Douglas School of Dramatic Art in London.

The Bill~2004 - Wendy Gordon in 261
M.I.T.: Murder Investigation Team~2003 - Sandra Ramsey in Reading, Writing and Gangbanging
Holby City~2002 - Louise Bright in Pills and Frills
Take Three Girls~2000 -
A Likeness In Stone~2000 - Receptionist

SunSilk (hair products)
Financial Times
Just Seventeen Magazine
PSA - Anti Drugs/Ecstasy

The Relapse...or Virtue in Danger~2001 - (The Olivier Theatre, London, UK) (see Actor Connections - Theatre)
Albert Speer~2000 - (Lyttelton Theatre, London, UK)
Sadhana X~1999 - Zoe (Finborough Theatre, London, UK)

Audio Books
Chocolat~2006 - narrator

The Afternoon Play~1998 - 2006
    Sappho's Orchard
    London Particulars
        Out on the Drag (#3) 1999
        A Cuckoo in the Nest (#2) 1999
    Goodbye Moses
The Lady Detectives - Mr. Bovey's Unexpected Will~2005
The Saturday Play~1999 - 2005
    Becoming the Rose
    Dead Man's Music
    The Blue Flower
    The Body in the Library
Peril at End House~2000 - Programme 2
Jagged Prayer~2000 - Virtual Saints
Sketches By Boz~1999
    Love and Oysters
Devonia~1999 - Day Trip (#2)
Blue Skies~1999 - May 29, 1999
Julie Enfield Investigates Murder West One~1999
    SoHo Espresso
    The Art of the Matter
    A Cure for Death
Postscript~1999 - The Century of Science
Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands~1999 (3 eps)
Larkrise and Beyond~1999 - Harvest (#3)
Women in Love~1999 - Lonely Hearts
SuperMarket Kisses~1999 - 07 April 1999
Coming Alive~1999 - Runaway (#3)
The Late Story~1998 - Nightingale
XFM presenter

Video Games (voice)
Eye Toy: Operation Spy~2005 - English voice of Alicia Rosen
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords~2004 - voice characterizations

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Carleton Hobbs Bursary Awards:
Rec'd 1998

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