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Condren, Tim

Tim Condren

Tim Condren was born on October 22, 1926 in the UK. 

Tim Condren had always had an interest in the physical and made a good career being physical over the last 40 or so years. Condren worked with legends such as Roger Moore, Charles Bronson, Sean Connery, Richard Burton, Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman and Robert Mitchum to name but a few, and created stunt work for many popular movies including several Bond films, Star Wars, Superman I & II, Labyrinth, Willow and others. He also played a smattering of on-camera roles, one of which was one of the original Stormtroopers for Star Wars.

His very first stunt work in film was in the 1962 David Lean film Lawrence of Arabia (my favorite film) Sir Alec Guinness (Obi-Wan Kenobi) was also in this film.

Condren's work took him to the US, Australia and to other film locations around the world and also had him gainfully employed in the UK (his home) for all of his adult life.

Condren was experienced in archery and horses and incorporated those skills into his stunt work, generally both together. While in the US he made several westerns (I'm still working on finding which films these were), usually involving horse work, many times playing an Indian (Apache and Sioux, of course), all of which were filmed here in Southern California or in Arizona. He also participated in several rodeos as a trick rider/guest performer. I believe that he did the same in Australia too.
Many years ago Condren made appearances in circuses (he had a strong acrobatic background) and also made good of his fencing and sword-fighting skills by working the show at the Tower of London (The White Tower) as a Knight...these shows are still presented now and are held in August.

Condren spent many of these past years teaching at the London Stunt School with Alasdair Monteith and others preparing scores of young stunt hopefuls for film, TV and other productions. This was his last position before his death and I do believe that he was teaching up until he became ill.

Mr. Condren died from cancer on July 19, 2006 in a London hospital.

Film Actor
Lethal Impact~1991 - Johnny Roscoe
 Tim Condren as Johnny Roscoe in Lethal Impact
Gentry~1987 -  Doug
The Holcroft Covenant~1985 -  Rescuer
A View to a Kill~1985 (uncredited) -  Thug at Stacey´s House
Burning an Illusion~1981 - Kerb Crawler
The Man from S.E.X.~1979 - Giant
Star Wars~1977 (uncredited) -  Stormtrooper
L to R: Tim Condren (front), Frank Henson, Peter Diamond (lead center), Reg Harding, Arthur Howell (second right), and Bill Western (against wall).
Get Charlie Tully~9172 - uncredited Chaffeur
Moon Zero Two~1969 - uncredited Yellow Killer
The Plague of the Zombies~1966 (as Tim Condron) - A young blood
Morgan!~1966 - uncredited Man with Gun
Carry On Cowboy~1965 - uncredited Rider

Film Stunts
Death Wish 4: The Face of Death~1994  (see Actor Connections - Film)
In the Name of the Father~1993
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves~1991
Hardware~1990 (stunt arranger) (as Tim Condron)
Willow~1988 (see Actor Connections - Film)
Shaka Zulu~1987
Labyrinth~1986 (stunt double: Jareth) (see Actor Connections - Film)
Death Wish 3~1985
A View to a Kill~1985 (uncredited) (see Actor Connections - Film)
Sword of the Valiant: The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight~1982 (stunt coordinator) (see Actor Connections - Film)
For Your Eyes Only~1981 (additional stunts) (uncredited)
Superman II~1980 (uncredited) (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Long Good Friday~1980
Superman~1978 (uncredited) (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Wild Geese~1978 (uncredited)
The Spy Who Loved Me~1977 (uncredited) (see Actor Connections - Film)
Tim Condren and Roger Moore in The Spy Who Loved Me - photo by Bob Penn
Star Wars~1977 (stunts) (uncredited)
Alfred the Great~1969
Tim Condren (left) training actor Julian Chagrin for Alfred the Great
Tim Condren (right) training actor Julian Chagrin for Alfred the Great
Where Eagles Dare~1968 (uncredited)
Crossplot~1968 -

You Only Live Twice~1967 (uncredited) (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Viking Queen~1967 (uncredtied)
The Deadly Bees~1966
Carry On Cowboy~1965 (stunt rider)
Thunderball~1965 (uncredited)
Goldfinger~1964 (uncredited)
Lawrence of Arabia~1962 (see Actor Connections - Film)

Spender~1991 - Harry Jones in Dance Girl Dance
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes~1984 - Thorne in The Speckled Band
The Kenny Everett Television Show~1983 - Various roles in 26 December 1983
The Old Men at the Zoo~1983 - SPG Man in The Yera of the Yeti
The Woman in White~1982 - Gamekeeper in 1.4
Strangers~1981 - Hopkins in The Loneliness of the Long Distance Copper
Fallen Hero~1978 - Wall in 1.4
Treasure Island~1977 (mini) - O'Brian 1.1-1.4
The New Avengers~1976 - Boz in The Midas Touch

Space: 1999~1976 - Journey to Where
Death of an Informer~1975 - The Man with the Gun
Play for Today~1975 - Harbour Policeman in The Dandelion Clock
Monty Python's Flying Circus~1974 - Man on Fire (Smoldering Man) in Department Store/Buying an Ant

Steptoe and Son~1974 - in The Seven Steptoerai
Special Branch~1974 - Scrapyard Heavy in Jailbait
Arthur of the Britons~1973 -  Hoxel in The Prize
Colditz~1972 -  German Motorcyclist in Missing, Presumed Dead
Doctor Who~1965-1972 -
     Guerilla Soldier in Day of the Daleks
     uncredited Soldier in Web of Fear
     uncredited Saxon Warrior in Checkmate
The Expert~1971 - Coach Driver in Where Are You Going?
Codename~1970 -  Lormi in A Walk with the Lions
Adam Adamant Lives!~1967 - Second Judo Man in A Sinister Sort of Service
The Viking Queen~1967 - Soldier
Tim Condren (left) with fellow stuntman Steve Emerson
Out of the Unknown~1965 - Crewman #4 in Sucker Bait

TV Stunts
Bust~1988 - in Cleaning Up
Jack of Diamonds~1983 - in Going Dutch (fight arranger)
Kind of Loving~1982 - in February - August 1963
Wagner~1981 (mini)
Strangers~1981 - stunt double for Willie in Stand and Deliver
Shoestring~1979-1980 (stunt arranger)
     Another Man's
     Listen to Me
     Knock for Knock
Fallen Hero~1978 - (fight arranger) in 1.4
Treasure Island~1977 - (fight arranger)
Space: 1999~1976 - double for Nick Tate in Space Warp Note: Broke two teeth and his collarbone during a stunt on this episode. (also worked in other episodes)
Doctor Who~1965 - stuntman in The Meddling Monk (#2.17)
Morecambe & Wise~1962 (stunts)
 Tim Condren (left) as stunt double on Morcambe & Wise Show with Derek Ware
Theatre Stunts
Antony and Cleopatra~1987 (National Theatre, London, England, UK)
Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood~1973

Taught at London Stunt School - Choreographing & Filming Fights

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