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Conrad, Roy

Roy Conrad

Roy Conrad was born on November 11, 1940 in the US and died on January 19, 2002 in Roseville, CA of lung cancer.

For those who knew him they say that he was a very gentle man so different from some of the voice characters he portrayed.

Make Something Up~2001 - Newscaster
Titan A.E.~2000 - voice of Second Human
Diamonds~1999 - Pit Boss
Patch Adams~1998 - E.R. Doctor
Black Out~1996 - Harry
Fan, The~1996 - Shopkeeper
Casino~1995 - Board Investigator #2
Village of the Damned~1995 - Oliver
Jump Cut~1993 (V) - Jack Brooks
Wizard, The~1989 - Bus Clerk
Pink Cadillac~1989 - Barker
High Mountain Rangers~1987 -

Murder One~1997 - Prison Official in Chapter Fourteen, Year Two
Midnight Heat~1996 - Harry
Trail of Tears~1995  - Jim Harris
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman~1994 - Dr. Sanderson in The Washington Affair: Parts 1 & 2
MacShayne: Winner Takes All~1994 - Higgs
Last of His Tribe, The~1992 - Reporter #2

Video Games (voice)
Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter~1996 - Rebel Officer #2
Full Throttle~1995 (voice) - Ben Throttle (Polecats)/Cavefish Brother #12 (see the Star Wars references in the Games references)

Daryl F. Gates' Police Quest: SWAT~1995 - Lucy Long's husband
Star Wars: Rebel Assault II - the Hidden Empire~1995  - Capt. Merrick "Ace" Simms (X-Wing, Blue Leader)

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