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Coppola, Roman

Roman Coppola

Roman Coppola was born in Paris, France in 1965.  He is the son of Francis Ford and Eleanor Coppola and belongs to 3 generations of family members in the entertainment realm.  He has a sister, Sofia, and a brother Gio that died in 1986.  He is related to Nicolas Cage, Jason and Robert Schwartzman, Talia Shire, Carmine Coppola, Marc Coppola, and Christopher Coppola.

Roman attended New York University Film School.

Lost on Location: Behind the Scenes of 'Lost in Translation~2004 (V) - Himself
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace~1999 - uncredited Cid Rushing - Senate Guard on Naboo
Torrance Rises~1999 - Roman Coppola
Gunfighter~1998 - Barfly
Apocalypse Now~1979 (Redux version only) - Francis de Marais
Godfather: Part II, The~1974 - uncredited Young Sonny
Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse~1991 - Himself

Film Producer/Production Manager
Gunfighter~1998 (executive in charge of production)
Spirit of '76, The~1990 (executive producer)
Clownhouse~1988 (executive producer)
Rumble Fish~1983 (associate producer)

Film Cinematographer
Free Tibet~1998

Film Director
Marie Antoinette~2006 (second unit director)
Lost in Translation~2003 (second unit director)
Virgin Suicides, The~1999 (second unit director)
Rainmaker, The~1997 (second unit director)
Jack~1996 (second unit director)
Dracula~1992 (second unit director)

Film Miscellaneous
Adaptation~2002 (thanks)
Torrance Rises~1999 (thanks)
Gardens of Stone~1987 (electronic cinema)
Outsiders, The~1983 (production aide)

Film Sound
Black Stallion Returns, The~1983

Film Visual Effects
Dracula~1992 (visual effects director)

Film Writer
The Darjeeling Limited~2007 (see Actor Connections - Film)
Spirit of '76, The~1990 (story)

Stop for a Minute~2001 - Himself

TV Commercials Director
Adidas: Adicolor: Red~2006
Burger King~2004 - Ugoff
Honda Element~2003 - Purpose
Gap~2002 - Down on Khaki Street

TV Miscellaneous
Godfather Family: A Look Inside, The~1991 (footage)

TV Producer
Godfather Family: A Look Inside, The~1991

Music Video Director
Phoenix~2003 - Everything is Everything
The Vines~2002 - Get Free
Phantom Planet~2002 - California
Moby: Play - The DVD~2001 (V)  - Henry
Fatboy Slim~1998 - Gangsta Trippin'
Matthew Sweet~ - Sick of Myself
Wycleff Jean~ - We Trying to Stay Alive
God Lives Underwater~ - From Your Mouth
Daft Punk~ - Revolution 909
Presidents of the United States of America~ - Lump
Manson~ - Taxloss
Green Day~ - Walking Contradiction
The Strokes~ 12:51; Last Nite~2001; Hard to Explain; Someday (all of their videos)

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
BAFTA Awards:
Nom 1994 Best Visual Effects for Dracula (shared)

Has a Music Promo directing class

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