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Cranna, James

James Cranna

James Cranna was born in Portland, Oregon on August, 6, 1943 to a sheet metal mechanic and a housewife, he has three siblings.

Cranna has been funny since he was a child but began his career writing for Flip Wilson and Paul Lynde and throughout his career voiced over 50 award-winning commercials.

After 26 years of teaching improv at Jim Cranna's Improv Workshop Mr. Cranna retired.  Cranna lives in San Rafael, CA, and has three children.

Happily Even After~2004 - Museum Supervisor
Ralph Ellison: An American Journey~2002 -
Bartleby~2001 - voice
Smile Like Yours, A~1997 (as Jim Cranna) - Guy on Plane
Golden Gate~1994 - Court Bailiff
Mrs. Doubtfire~1993 - Ron
Made in America~1993 - Person at Car Lot
Tucker: The Man and His Dream~1988 - Man in Audience
Living on Tokyo Time~1987 (as Jim Cranna) - Jimbo
Twice Upon a Time~1983 (voice) - Rod Rescueman/Scuzzbopper/Frivoli Foreman
Shoot the Moon~1982 - Harold
Die Laughing~1980 - Newscaster
Time After Time~1979 - Man
Who'll Stop the Rain~1978 - Gerald
Sunshine Boys, The~1975 - Mr. Schaeffer/TV Director
American Graffiti~1973 - Liquor Store Thief (see Actor Connections - Film)
Steelyard Blues~1973 - Short Order Cook
THX 1138~1971 - Announcer (see Actor Connections - Film)

Cry in the Wild: The Taking of Peggy Ann~1991 (as Jim Cranna) - Lt. Mitarnowski
Midnight Caller~1989 - Howard (as James S. Cranna) in Blues for Mr. Charlie
Eye on the Sparrow~1987 - Pastor
Ewoks~1986-1987 - voice of Teebo
The Ewok Adventure~1984 - voice of Widdle (Ewok)
Karen~1975 - Red in A Day in the Life (#1.11) 4/17/75
Green Acres~1968 - Mitch (as Jim Cranna) in  The Blue Feather

Ford "flare side pickup"
California Cooler

Trailer Town~2005 - (The Marsh, San Francisco, CA)

Director Theater
And All Through The House~1985 (Fort Mason Center, San Francisco)
Not My Fault~1983/4 - (Asian American Theater Company, Zephyr Theatre, San Francisco)

Video Games
Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time~1999 - voices of Peasants/Redcoat Leader
Carmen Sandiego Word Detective~1997  - voices
Byzantine: The Betrayal~1997 (voice) (as Jim Cranna)
King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride~1994 (voice) - The Troll Cook/Arch-Duke Fifi le YipYap/The Mockingbird/Badger of the Jury/The Shrunken Head

Founder of National Theatre of the Deranged

Was a cast member of The Committee

Offered improvisation classes (the longest running) in San Francisco's Cowell Theater at Fort Mason Center

Performed at Comedy Day in San Francisco

Contributed musically on an album in 1983 called, 'Child's Play' by Country Joe McDonald track: 'Not In A Chinese Restaurant'

(Note: says he played a Miwok puppet...did they mean did the voice for an Ewok?)

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