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Cresswell, Jenny

Jenny Cresswell


Jenny Cresswell (now Miller) was born in 1948 in England, UK.

She is married to Michael Miller, has a daughter, Annabelle, and is working as a primary school teacher at Nettlestone Primary School at Seaview, Isle of Wight, UK.

Empire of Dreams~2004 -
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade~1989 -
Star Wars~1977 - Han Solo's Companion, Jenny, in the Cantina (cut scene gif) and in the highlighted (left) area in a frame of the released film.

Space: 1999~1976 - Nurse Dorzak in The Exiles (see Actor Connections - TV)
     Female Darian in Mission Of The Darians
     Receptionist in The Metamorph Alpha
     Nurse in The Exiles
     Command Center Operative L. Picard in:
          Journey to Where
          The Rules of Luton
          The Mark of Archanon
          Catacombs of the Moon
          The Bringers of Wonder Parts 1 and 2
          The Immunity Syndrome
     Rescue Astronaut 1, Prescott, Alphan in The AB Chrysalis
     Medical Centre Patient in Seed of Destruction
     Alphan in:
          A Matter of Balance
          The Lambda Factor
          The Seance Spectre
          Devil's Planet
          The Dorcons (Maya transformation)
Note: The photograph below (from shows actress Nina Mitchen (?) but, her name badge shows Jenny Cresswell with the name L. Picard.
Sale of the Century~1969 - Hostess

1969 - Won the Miss Anglia competition

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