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Crooms, Adeal

Adeal Crooms

Adeal L. Crooms (neé Lewis) was born on July 20, 1903 in Louisiana to Ellen and Will Lewis (sharecroppers), she had 11 brothers and sisters. Crooms started working when she was 13 years old, going to work in the morning before she got to school (which was three months out of the year if she was lucky) and went back to work after school in the evening. She earned a dollar a week. For
When Crooms was 16 she married her husband Mr. Hodges? -who died after a sickness in 1943- and they had five children: Gladys, Luther, Robert, Fred, and Fay. After her husband had passed, Mrs. Crooms had to leave her children with her brother in Louisiana and moved to California to find work, but it wasn't how she had hoped, and life was very hard.

She later married Nathaniel, who proceeded her in death in 1977.
One of her daughters was surprised to find that anyone knew who her mother was and said that she thought her mother would have been delighted to know there were people out there who were interested in her career. 

Adeal L. Crooms died on April 21, 2003 in Alameda, CA., she was three months shy of her 100th birthday.

Thanks to Mr. Grad for some of the bio information!

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