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Culver, Michael

Michael Culver

Michael Culver was born on June 16, 1938 in Hampstead, London, England, UK to Roland Culver (actor) and Daphne Rye (casting director).  He is the brother of actor Robin Culver.

As the son (and nephew) of actors Culver was destined to delve into acting himself.

Culver attended Gresham's School in Holt, North Norfolk, UK, then went on to study at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Culver was married to actress Lucinda Curtis from 1962-1986, they have two sons, Roderic (an actor), and Justin, and a daughter, Sue.  He is currently married to actress Amanda Ward

Servants' Quarters~2016 -
The Three Dumas~2007 (doc) - 3rd Marquess Davy De La Pailleterie
Transmission of Roger Bacon, The~1991 (doc) - Roger Bacon
Tradecraft~1991 (doc) - Narrator
Passage to India, A~1984 - McBryde
A Fine Romance~1981- Ben
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back~1980 -  Captain Lorth Needa

Short Ends~1976 (short) - 2nd Policeman
Conduct Unbecoming~1975 - Lt. Richard Fothergill
Fast Kill, The~1972 - Jeremy Dryden
Crossplot~1969 - Jim
Goodbye, Mr. Chips~1969 - Johnny Longbridge
The Body Stealers: Thin Air~1969 - Lieutenant Bailes
Thunderball~1965 - uncredited Vulcan bomber crew member
From Russia with Love~1963 - uncredited Man in a Punt

Doctors~2013 - Father Finbar Flynn in Telling
Drama Trails~2008 - Himself in 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl' to 'London's Burning'
Decoding Cadfael~2008 (doc)
Wallander~2008 - Hugo Sandin in Sidetracked
The Impressionists~2006 - Cézanne's father
Murder City~2006 - Michael Anderson in Just Seventeen
Good Girl, Bad Girl~2006 - Koslowski
Derailed~2005 - Lord Cullen
MI-5 (Spooks)~2004 - Hugo Weatherby in 3.1
New Tricks~2003 - Ian Lovett in The Chinese Job
Anybody's Nightmare~2001 - Lord Chief Justice Bingham
The Queen's Nose~1996-1999 - D. Gallows in:
     Harmony's Return
Colour of Justice, The~1999 - Sir William Macpherson
NeverWhere~1996 (mini) - Portico in Knightsbridge
Touching Evil~1997 - Pathologist in:
     Deadly Web: Part 2
     Killilng with Kindness: Part 1
Network First: Victoria and Albert~1997 - Disraeli in A Queen Alone
Screen Two~1996 - Sir Nicholas Lyell/Gore Booth in Half the Picture
Cadfael~1994 - Prior Robert (13 episodes) (pic: The Rose Rent #3.1 see Actor Connections - TV)
Growing Pains~1993 - in Back in Your Own Backyard
Inspector Morse~1993 - Maugham Willowbank in The Day of the Devil
Lovejoy~1992 -  Arnold Featherstone in Members Only
House of Eliott, The~1992 - Ralph Saroyan (7 episodes)
Screen One~1992 - Mr. Gervaise in Losing Track
The Piglet Files~1992 - Hugo Wittersham in Guerrilas in the Mist
For the Greater Good~1991 - Sir Christopher St. Place in:
The Darling Buds of May~1991 - Sir George Bluff-Gore in:
     When the Green Woods Laugh: Parts 1 & 2
     The Darling Buds of May: Part 2
Timewatch~1991 - Roger Bacon in The Transmission of Roger Bacon
Shrinks~1991 - Sir Hugo Dyer in 1.1
Zorro~1991 - Honorio Aragon in The Whistling Bandit (performer: "Ode to Joy")
Oceans of Wealth~1990 (doc) - Narrator 1-4
The Green Man~1990 - Dr. Underhill in 1.1-1.3
TECX~1990 - Mark Frobisher in A Soldier's Death
Countdown to War~1989 - Lord Halifax
Boon~1989 - Greg Simpson in Love Letters From a Dead Man
Saracen~1989 - Sir Anthony in Ratline
Justice Game, The~1989 - Brian Ash in: 1.3 & 1.4
Game, Set, & Match~1988 - Dicky Cruyer (13 episodes)
Affairs of the Hart~1988 (doc) - Narrator
Hannay~1988 - Major Edmund Philipson in Death with Due Notice
Surcouf: Diving to Disaster~1987 (doc) - Narrator
Casualty~1986 - James Jarvis in Blood Brothers
Return of Sherlock Holmes, The~1986 - Sir Reginald Musgrave in The Musgrave Ritual
Alamut Ambush, The~1986 - Nick Hannah
Cold War Killers~1986 - Nick Hannah
Deadly Recruits~1986 - Nick Hannah (see Actor Connections - TV)
Miss Marple~1985 - Edward Symmington in The Moving Finger
Chessgame~1983 - Nick Hannah (6 episodes)
Bounder, The~1983 - Reggie Thorne in Third Party
All for Love~1983 - John in Mrs. Silly
Live from Pebble Mill~1983 - Duke of Wellington in The Battle of Waterloo
Squadron~1982 - Group Captain James Christie (10 episodes)
Professionals, The~1982 - Lt. Col. Peter Lawson in Lawson's Last Stand
Foxy Lady~1982 - Nigel Cavendish in 1.3
Minder~1982 - Soames in Poetic Justice, Innit?
ITV Playhouse~1968-1982 -
     Murray in The Reunion
     Carstairs in Short Back and Sides
     Man in The Creeper
     Mr. Harrison in Rogue's Gallery: The Curious Adventures of Miss Jane Rawley
More British than the British~1981 (doc) - Narrator
Diamonds~1981 - David Kremer (8 episodes)
Fanny by Gaslight~1981 (mini) - Lord Manderstoke 1.1-1.4 (see Actor Connections - TV)
A Fine Romance~1981 - Ben in Unlucky in Love
Second Chance~1981 - Richard Seymour in:
     April II
Bunker, The~1981 - General Mohnke
Rain on the Roof~1980 - Malcolm
Hammer House of Horror~1980 - Mark in Charlie Boy
Shoestring~1980 - Stephen Brook in Room with a View
Dick Turpin~1980 - Colonel De Courcey in Blood Money
Turtle's Progress~1980 - Joseph 'Joey' Chalk in 2.1
Breakaway~1980 - Ernest Clifford in The Local Affair: Parts 1-6
Heartland~1980 - Tony Erskine in Working Arrangements
Call My Bluff~1979 - Himself in:
     6 March 1979
     27 February 1979
Sweeney, The~1978 -  Dave Leeford in Money, Money, Money
Limbo Connection, The~1978 - Dr. Walcott Brown
Crown Court~1978 - Dennis Broadley in Through the Bottom of a Glass Darkly: Part 1
Secret Army~1977-1978 - Major Erwin Brandt (22 episodes) (see Actor Connections - TV)
Armchair Thriller~1978 - Dr. Walcott Brown in The Limbo Connection Parts 1, 2, 4, 6
Van der Valk~1977 - James in Dead on Arrival
Philby, Burgess, and Maclean~1977 - Donald Maclean
New Avengers, The~1977 - Walters in Hostage
Warship~1976-1977 -
     Lt. Mannering RNR in Man in Reserve
     Commander Cleveland in The Buccaneer
Dame of Sark~1976 - Colonel Graham
Duchess of Duke Street, The~1976 - Major Fairjean in:
     A Matter of Honour
     A Nice Class of Premises
     Honor and Obey
Couples~1976 - Dennis Jenkins in 1.67-1.69
One Million Hours~1975 (doc) -
Softly Softly: Task Force~1975 - Paul Ashworth in Blind Alley
Nurse Will Make It Better~1975 - Simon Burns
Whodunnit!~1975 - Victor Simmons in Evidence of Death
Space: 1999~1975 - Pete Irving in The Guardian of Piri
The Main Chance~1975 - Roger Lockhart in We're the Bosses Now
Sutherland's Law~1975 - John Melrose in A Lady of Considerable Talent
Churchill's People~1975 - Earl Spencer in Mutiny
Within These Walls~1975 - Robin Vestey in Let the People See
Härte 10~1975 - Axel in:
Thriller~1975 - Simon Burns in Nurse Will Make It Better
Seven Faces of Woman~1974 - Robert Spens in Let's Marry Liz
The Adventures of Black Beauty~1972-1974 - Squire Armstrong (31 episodes)
New Scotland Yard~1973 - George Reed in Diamonds Are Never Forever
Special Branch~1973 - Polonaise - Health Inspector
Public Eye~1972 - Dr. Pembroke in Many a Slip
Emmerdale~1972 - Wallace in 1.4
ITV Sunday Night Theatre~1972 - Tony Richards in Ted
Villains~1972 - Peter Glazebrook in:
     Move In, Move On
No Exit~1972 - Symons in Queen's Messenger
The Brefrienders~1972 - Jerry (11 episodes)
Persuaders!, The~1972 - Kurt in Nuisance Value
Elizabeth R~1971 (mini) - John Tregannon in The Enterprise of England
The Ten Commandments~1971 - Richard in Husband and Friend
Persuasion~1971 (mini) - Captain Harville in 1.2, 1.3, 1.5
Guardians, The~1971 - Paul in I Want You to Understand Me
Doomwatch~1971 - Minister's PPS in No Room for Error
Tales of Unease~1970 - Johnson in Calculated Nightmare
The First Churchills~1969 - Charles Churchill (6 episodes)
ITV Playhouse~1968 - Mr. Harrison in The Curious Adventures of Miss Jane Rawley
The Avengers~1968 -
     Price in Get-A-Way
     Sir George Bluff-Gore in The
Man In A Suitcase~1967 - Danny in The Bridge
The Gamblers~1967 - Jeremy Compton in The Wrecker
ITV Play of the Week~1966-1967 -
     James in ITV Summer Playhouse #11: The Man Who Understood Women
     Timothy Condon-Watt in You'll Know Me by the Stars in My Eyes
This Man Craig~1967 - Tony Michaelson in There's Got to Be a Fire Somewhere
BBC Play of the Month~1966 - Holborn in The Devil's Eggshell
Court Martial~1966 - Lt. Campian in Let No Man Speak
The Spies~1966 - Muir in Go Ahead, I Only Live Here
R3~1965 - Lt. Lewis in:
     The Patch Card
     The Critical Moment
The Plane Makers~1963 - Wally in A Good Night's Work
Moonstrike~1963 - in Home by Four
Silent Evidence~1962 - Reporter in Driven to the Brink
Studio 4~1962 - in The Victorian Chaise Lounge
The Problem of Mary Winshaw~1962 - Harry Frobisher
Maigret~1962 - The White Hat
The Night of the Match~1961 - Nigel
You Can't Win~1961 - Detective Constable Haywick in To Await Collection

ISIS (Intelligence, Surveillance, Infiltration, and Subversion)~2016 - Secret Service Agent (Etcetera Theatre, Camden High Street, England, UK)
Two Plays for Gaza~2009 -  (stars his son, Roderic Culver)
Colour of Justice~1998 - (Lyttleton Theatre, ) (see Actor Connections - Theatre)
Nuremberg Transcripts~1996 - Minister of Armaments Albert Speer (Tricycle Theater, London, UK) 
Half the Picture~1994 - Sir William Macpherson (Tricycle Theatre, London, UK) (see Actor Connections - Theatre)
Michael Culver (right) as Sir William Macpherson in Half the Picture
Fashion~1989-1990 - (Haymarket then Tricycle Theatre)
Rosmersholm~1988 -
The Little Heroine~1988 - Hugo (Haymarket Theatre, Leicester, England, UK)
Blithe Spirit~ -
Terra Nova~1982 - Roald Amundsen
An Ideal Husband~1979 - Lord Goring (Theare Royal, Windsor, Berkshire, England, UK) (with his wife, Lucinda Curtis)
Macbeth~1978 - Young Macduff (Haymarket Theatre, Leicester, England, UK)
Time and the Conways~19?? - (Royal Exchange, Manchester, England, UK)
While the Sun Shines~1972 - The Earl of Harpenden
Anything for Baby~1969 - Mike Danbury (Wimbledon Theatre, Wimbledon, England, UK)
Howards End~1967 - Charles
Pride and Prejudice~1966 - Captain Wickham
The Cocktail Party~1966 - Peter Quilpe (Theatre Royal, Windsor, England, UK)
A Share in the Sun~1966 - Ellis Petersen (New Theatre, Oxford and Cambridge Theatre, England, UK)
Howards End~1965 - Charles (Nottingham Playhouse/Arts Theatre, Cambridge Festival, Cambridge, England, UK)
A Severed Head~1963 - Alexander (Criterion Theatre,  , England, UK)
The Master Builder~1962 - Ragnar Brovik
Judith~1962 - (Her Majesty's Theatre/ Haymarket/ Theatre Royal, Brighton, England, UK)
The Curious Savage~19?? -
In Search of Happiness~19?? -
Fools Rush In~19?? -
A Streetcar Named Desire~19?? -
Tomorrow's Child~19?? -
Great Expectations~19?? -
The Cat and the Canary~19?? -
The Critic and the Heart~19?? -
See How They Run~19?? -
Born Yesterday~19?? -
Death of a Salesman~19?? -
Five Finger Exercise~19?? -
Roar Like a Dove~19?? -
The Blind Madonna~19?? -
Eighty in the Shade~19?? -
Dear Brutus~19?? -
Any Other Business~19?? -
Lucky Strike~19?? -
Caught Napping~19?? -
Summer of the Sevententh Doll~19?? -
Gilt and Gingerbread~19?? -
I Have Been Here Before~19?? -
Murder on Arrival~19?? -
Sinbad the Sailor~19??
The Importance of Being Earnest~19?? -
Brothers in Law~19?? -
Present Laughter~19?? -
The Long and the Short and the Tall~19?? -
The Manor of Northstead~19?? -
Love in a Mist~19?? -
Not in the Book~19?? -
The Vanity Case~19?? -
Charley's Aunt~19?? -
Love from a Stranger~19?? -
The Durable Element~19?? -
Skaespeare At the Old Vic:
     Twelfth Night~1958/9 (Old Vic Theatre, London, England, UK)  Ensemble
     King Henry V~1958/9 (Old Vic Theatre, London, England, UK)
     Hamlet~1958/9 (Old Vic Theatre, London, England, UK)
     The Famous History of the Life of King Henry VIII (Old Vic Theatre, London, England, UK)
     The Tragedy of King Lear (Old Vic Theatre, London, England, UK)
     King Henry VI (Old Vic Theatre, London, England, UK)
The Sleeping Prince~1956 - second footman

Theatre Manager
The Sleeping Prince~1956 (Assistant Stage Manager)

The Burning Glass~1998 - (BBC Radio 4)
Rachmaninoff Presented by Melvyn Bragg~19?? - voice of Rachmaninoff
Fatherland~1997 - (BBC Radio 4)
Flight of the Swan~1982 - (BBC Radio 4)
Wilderness of Mirrors Unabridged~1989 - reader

Audio Books
A Wilderness of Mirrors~1989 - reader

Social Media
Michael Culver

Holds 1-dan/2-dan rank in the game of 'GO'

A peace activist

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