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Cushing, Peter

Peter Cushing

Peter Cushing (né Peter Wilton Cushing) was born on May 26, 1913, in Kenley, Surrey England to George Edward Cushing and Nellie Marie Cushing.  His father was a Quantity Surveyor and his family had quite a few connections with the theater.  His grandfather traveled with Sir Henry Irving on tours of the US and Canada, his aunt worked with actress Gertie Miller and his step-uncle Wilton Herriot was a well-known actor (played a principal in 'Charley's Aunt').   Cushing also had an older brother named David.

In Kenley, Cushing was educated at Shoreham Grammar School and Purley County Secondary School where he enjoyed painting, rugger (rugby), and amateur theatricals.

His first encounter with the stage was at eleven.  He and his brother, David, ran a puppet show for friends and family.  His uncle advised they not charge admission, afraid they would lose their audience.  After the performance, though, Cushing's brother stood at the door with an upturned hat and charged 3 pence to leave the room. Cushing's first job was with the Purley Urban District Council as Surveyor's Assistant, '...little more than a glorified office boy' he said.   It was during this time that he'd won a scholarship to Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London.

At 21 he applied for a position with the Worthing Repertory Company (from an ad in 'The Stage') He did not receive a reply to his initial application or the fifteen subsequent letters to the manager. One morning he did receive an answer with an invitation to see the manager, Bill Fraser.  Cushing quit his job and left for Worthing.  When he met Mr. Fraser he was told to stop being a nuisance.  Cushing explained tearfully that he could not return as he'd given up his job.  Bill Fraser's sympathies stirred, Cushing went on as a 'debtor' that very night in Priestley's play Cornelius.  Cushing worked at Worthing for several months as the Assistant Stage manager, he says it was the best training he could have had for a dramatic career.  He wasn't paid much but did not live too badly.  He was allowed to eat all the food a local well-known grocery provided for the eating scenes (for credit in the program).  For this reason, Cushing became very fond of Coward and Lonsdale plays for in nearly every one there was 'a pork pie at least'

He then moved to Southampton where he played small parts and later worked with various companies all over England gradually working his way up to juvenile leads. This was not just a small part here and there, as a member of the William Brookfield Players at the Theatre Royal in Rochdale and Harry Hanson's Court Players in Nottingham, he, and other actors would sometimes play up to 45 parts in just as many weeks and up to eighteen hours a day!

He had, like many other British actors, a strong desire to go to 'the Coast' so after nearly 4 years in English repertory, he left for the US with 60 pounds (about $140) in 1938.  He spent his first week in New York City trying to make contacts, then went straight to Hollywood, he found work after only two weeks, in James Whale's film The Man in the Iron Mask Cushing was employed as a double for Louis Hayward (who played the lead both bad and good brother)  He received $75 per week for 4 months.  He got a bit part on the film, he had to gallop up on a horse and call, 'The Captain wishes to see you, sir' 

He landed a role as the second lead in Vigil in the Night with Carol Lombard.  Just after that, the war was declared between England and Germany.  Cushing was declared unfit for military duty but became homesick and wanted to return home, but that proved difficult to find passage on a ship during war-time.  So, he went to NY to work in Broadway plays and traveled to Canada.  While saving for home he worked as a night porter at the YMCA, a parking lot attendant and as an usher in Montreal.

He finally returned home in 1940.  He appeared in Noel Cowards'
Private Lives in 1940 where he met and later married actress Helen Beck.  During World War II he made his contribution to the war effort by joining the Entertainment National Services Association.  

Cushing and Helen bought a seafront home in Whitstable in 1959 after visiting in the 40s and loving the town and its people.  He turned the attic into a studio where he produced watercolors, detailed theatrical set models, scarves and jewelry for his wife. In 1948 his first British film appearance was in Hamlet.  Not too long after this, he started to receive many offers from Hollywood, bringing him back to the US.  He would go on to make a long string of horror films, known as the Hammer films, spanning over 30 years. 

In 1971 his wife Helen died.  While continuing to work, those who knew him best said, he would never fully recover from her death.  He is most known though to Star Wars fans as Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin.

Cushing died of cancer on August 11, 1994, in Canterbury, Kent, England.

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Private Lives~1942-3 - Elyot Chase (ENSA tour, GB, UK)
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MacBeth~1941 - Banquo (Summer Stock, US)
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Human Conflict~1990 - narrator
Aliens in the Mind~1977 - Hugh Baxter 1/2/77 - 2/6/77 (6 part series)
Tender Dracula~1974?
Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires~1974?

Live Performances
John Player~1973 - Lecture (National Film Theatre, London, UK)

No White Peaks~1991 (a spoken poem about the Gulf War that was set to music, as a rap, and released as a single)

Audio Books
Peter Cushing: An Autobiography~1999 - narrator
Past Forgetting: Memories of the Hammer Years~1994 - narrator

Books for the Blind
Many titles as yet unknown

In All Sincerity...Peter Cushing~ by Christopher Gullo
Peter Cushing: An Autobiography and Past Forgetting~1999
Past Forgetting: Memories of the Hammer Years~1994 (audio cassette)

Video Games 
Star Wars: Battlefront~2004 - Grand Moff Tarkin (archive voice)

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
National TV Award:
Rec'd 1954 - Daily Mail 'Outstanding Actor of the Year'
Rec'd 1953 - Daily Mail 'Outstanding Actor of the Year'
Guild of TV Producers and Directors:
Rec'd 1955 'Best Performance Award (as Winston Smith in '1984')
Pipe Smoker of the Year: 
Rec'd 1968 (as Sherlock Holmes on BBC TV series)
Licorne d'Or Award: 
Rec'd 1971 Best Male Actor 2nd French Convention of Fantasy Cinema (as Arthur Grimsdyke in 'Tales from the Crypt')
Rec'd 1971 Most Popular Actor in France  ( for his roles in Fantasy Entertainment and service to the cinema)
International Festival of Science Fiction and Terror:
Rec'd 1976 Best Actor at Sitges, Spain ( for Dr. Lawrence in The Ghoul)
Rec'd 1983 Best Actor (shared with Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, John Carradine for their roles in 'House of the Long Shadows')
International Fantasy Film Award:
Rec'd 1984 fantasporto festival (for his contributions to the fantastic film genre)
Laemle Award:
Rec'd 1999 Monster Rally Convention at Virginia, US (for his lifelong contribution to films - posthumous)
Most Excellent Order of the British Empire:
Rec'd 1989 OBE  (by Queen Elizabeth II)

Hand-created wooden theatre models

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