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Daniel, Robert Pike

 Robert Pike Daniel

Robert Pike Daniel (AKA Rob Daniel) was born in the Western Isles of Scotland, raised in South Africa.  Daniel studied acting at the Durban Academy of Speech & Drama in Glenwood, Durban, South Africa.
Daniel started acting at 5 years old, but made his professional stage debut at 10 years old.
By 1975, he would return to the UK where he studied writing/directing at the National Film & Television School in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England. While attending school he also worked as a journalist for newspapers, radio, and TV, including the BBC, and Radio TV Hong Kong, as well as doing voice work for London Broadcasting Company, and to act as the London correspondent for Radio Television Hong Kong, which all led to commercials, books on tape, and animation.
In 1987, Daniel was making music videos in London which led him to move to Nashville, TN to work for Country Music Television. 
After several years, Daniel moved to Los Angeles.
Daniel currently lives in Marina Del Rey, CA.

Cockroaches~2016 - Francis
A Wreck Without You~2016 - Detective Laing
Hail, Caesar!~2015 - Catholic Clergyman
Welcome to Happiness~2015 - Osmond
The Challenger~2015 - Vincent
P-51 Dragon Fighter~2014 - General Irwin Rommel
Sink Hole~2013 - Chief Caldwell
Black Cobra~2012 (V) - Jerry Vandenberg
Monday Morning~2012 - Senator Sweeney
Battle of Los Angeles~2011 (V) - Commander Wakes
Time Again~2011 - Jack
Like Crazy~2011 - Court Clerk
Dreams Awake~2011 - Shaemus
Troublemaker~2011 - Mr. Murray
Growth~2010 - Jake
3 Of Us~2009 - Raul
The Adventures of Umbweki~2009- Lector
Black Ops~2008 - Slab
Death Racers~2008 (V) - Governor Black
Street Racer~2008 (V) - Red
Freakshow~2007 (V) - Security Chief
666: The Child~2006 - Father Francis
The 9/11 Commission Report~2006 - Sandy
The Hard Corps~2006 (V) - Detective Cole
Will Unplugged~2005 - Donald
Half-Caste~2004 (V) -  Jan
Robert Pike Daniel (right) as Jan in Half-Caste
Last Gunshot, The~2001 (short) -  Mervyn
Dance with Me~1998 -  Emcee
Skeletons~1996 - Bagpipe Player

Film Music Department
The General's Daughter~1999 (uncredited bagpipe musician)

Toy Story That Time Forgot~2014 - voice characterizations
Kickin' It~2014 - Albert Einstein in Fight at the Museum (right in brown suit)
The Spoils of Babylon~2014 - Board Member #1 in:
     The Age of the Bastard
     The Rise of the Empire
     Kicking the Habit
     The Foundling
The 54th Annual Grammy Awards~2012 - Pope/Priest
Touch~2012 - Zeke in Noosphere Rising
Chuzhoe Litso (Russian)~2012 - Cooper - CIA Station Chief in #1.1-1.2 and 1.4-1.8
Sand Sharks~2012 - Angus McSorely
Time and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!~2009 - Office Worker in Tennis
Talkshow with Spike Feresten~2008 - Rupert Murdoch in Kara DioGuardi
Beast, The~2001 -  London Newscaster in The Price
American Tragedy~2000 -  Reporter #3
FreakyLinks~2000 - John White in Subject: Fearsum
Arrest & Trial~2000 - Detective in Macayla Rose
Mad Jack the Pirate~1998 - Angus Dagnabbit (Scotland's version of Yosemite Sam) (13 episodes)
Spy Game~1997 - Mark St. John in Nobody Ever Said Growing Up Was Easy
Skeletons~1997 - Bagpipe Player
Weekly World News~1996 - Cat Fisherman in April Fool's Day
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The~1995 - Skippy in There's the Rub: Part 2

TV Music Department
Kelly Kelly~1998 - bagpipe musician in The Kilt Show
Mad Jack the Pirate~1998 - bagpipe player

TV Commercials
Golf Now TV - Old Tom Morris

Brigadoon~2004 - MacLaren (Freud Playhouse, UCLA, Westwood, CA)
1776~2001 - Colonel Thomas McKean (Freud Playhouse, UCLA, Westwood, CA)
Foreigner, The~2000 - S/Sgt. "Froggy" LeSueur (Crossley Terrace Theatre, Hollywood, CA)
Enchanted Cottage, The~1998 - Major Hillgrove (Actors Co-op, Los Angeles, CA)
Hoboken Chicken Emergency, The~ - Papa/Mr. Beener (South Coast Repertory Theatre, CA)
Secret Garden, The~ - Ben Weatherstaff (CLO, South Bay Cities, California)
In the Suicide Mountains~ - Father (Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, CA)
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?~ - George (ACT I, Nashville, TN)
Cave Dweller's, The~ - The King (Nashville Public Theatre, Nashville, TN)
Lion in Winter, The~ - King Henry (ACT I, Nashville, TN)

Video Games (voice)
World of Warcraft: Cataclysm~2010 - Archbishop Benedictus
BioShock 2~2010 - Prentice Mill/rock Flanagan
Penumbra: Black Plague~2008 - Clarence
Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds~2002 -  OOM-14 - Command B1 Battle Droid/Royal Knight/Tie Fighter pilot
Star Wars: Force Commander~2000 -  ATC-Landing Platform
Outlaws~1997 - 'Dynamite' Dick Clifton (see Actor Connections - Video Games)

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
LA Weekly Theatre Awards:
Nom 1999 Supporting Male Performance for The Enchanted Cottage

Social Media
Official Site: (actually, goes to his Video Gallery page on IMDB)

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