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Davies, David

David Davies

David Ian Davies was born in England and moved to California in the 1960s+

Davies attended RADA where he studied Drama and British History graduating in 1958, and studied at Madame Oleska's Theatre of Arts in Hollywood.
He also was a pre-med student at USC 1985-1986

Patapouf~2009 (short) - Narrator (English version) in French Onion Soup

TV Commercials
Herringbone Sydney

Monique~1995 - (Actors Forum Theatre, North Hollywood, CA)
Dear Liar~ - (Los Angeles area tour)
A Christmas Carol~ - Marley (Glendale, CA)

Canon Bubble Jet Printer
Virgin Atlantic Airways
Select Edition Jaguar
Amtrak the Coast Starlight
American Ballet Theatre
Dansker Ice Cream

Thief of Hearts

Audio Books (Narrator)
Aunts Aren't Gentlemen~2016
Stiff Upper Lip~2015
The Fiddle~2015
A Yom Kippur Scandal~2015
Modern Children~2015
The Town of the Little People~2015
The First Mate's Jacket~2015
The Wigmore Venus~2015
The Adventure of the Patient Adversary~2015
The Cask of Amontillado~2014
Some Words with a Mummy~2014
Dr. Crippen~2014
Bontsha the Silent~2014
Jeeves and the Chump Cyril~2014
Noblesse Oblige~2014
The Metropolitan Touch~2014
Jeeves and the Impeding Doom~2014
Jeeves and the Song of Songs~2014
Death at the Excelsior~2014
The Purity of the Turf~2014
Indiscretions of Archie~2014
Jill the Reckless~2014
Right Ho, Jeeves~2014
A Damsel in Distress~2013
Rallying Round Old George~2013
Helping Freddie~2013
The Making of Mac's~2013
The Golden Bird~2013
The Horse of the Invisible: Carnacki the Ghost Finder~2013
The Haunted Jarvee~2013
The Thing Invisible~2013
The Poor Boy~2013
Extricating Young Gussie~2013
A Sea of Troubles~2013
The House Among the Laurels~2013
The Landlady's Daughter~2013
Rough-Hew them How We Will~2013
Liza of Lambeth~2013
The Adventure of the Sussex Scalping~2013
A Descent into the Maelstrom~2013
The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans~2013
The Missing Copper Top~2013
Charles Augustus Milverton~2013
The Adventure of the Red Circle~2013
The Adventure of the Three Garridebs~2013
The Murders in the Rue Morgue~2013
The Oblong Box~2013
Ahead of Schedule~2013
The Mixer~2013
The Beast in the Cave~2013
The Terrible Old Man~2013
The Blue Cross: A Father Brown Mystery~2012
The Beetle Hunter~2012
Beyond the Wall~2012
The New Catacomb~2012
The Brazilian Cat~2012
The Black Doctor~2012
An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge~2012
The Masque of the Red Death~2012
The Sign of the Four~2012
Sherlock Holmes: The Way of All Flesh~2012
The Adventure of the Second Stain~2012
The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge~2012
The Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez~2012
The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter~2012
The Adventure of the Three Students~2012
The Adventure of the Abbey Grange~2012
The Adventure of the Empty House~2012
The Adventure of the Final Problem~2012
The Adventure of the Speckled Band~2012
The Adventure of the Norwood Builder~2012
The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor~2012
The Adventure of the Copper Beeches~2012
The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter~2012
The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb~2012
The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual~2012
The Adventure of the Reigate Puzzle~2012
The Adventure of the Stockbroker's Clerk~2012
The Adventure of the Yellow Face~2012
The Adventure of the Gloria Scott~2012
The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet~2012
The Adventure of the Crooked Man~2012
The Adventure of the Naval Treaty~2012
The Adventure of the Cardboard Box~2012
The Adventure of the Dancing Men~2012
The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist~2012
The Adventure of the Black Peter~2012
The Adventure of the Priory School~2012
The Adventure of the Six Napoleons~2012
Boynsher the Silent~2011
The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle~2011
The Boscombe Valley Mystery~2011
The Five Orange Pips~2011
The Man with the Twisted Lip~2011
The Adventure of Silver Blaze~2011
The Adventure of the Illustrious Client~2011
A Scandal in Bohemia~2011
The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone~2011
The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier~2011
The Red-Headed League~2011
A Case of Identity~2011
The Problem of Thor Bridge~2011
The Adventure of the Creeping Man~2011
The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire~2011
The Retired Colourman~2011
The Adventure of the Lion's Mane~2011
The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place~2011
The Adventure of the Veiled Lodger~2011
In The Tube~2011
The Adventure of the Three Gables~2011
The Call of the Wild~2011
The Hop-Frog~2011
The Captain of the Pole-star~2011
The Hound~2011
Much Ado About Nothing: Lambs' Tales from Shakespeare~2010
A Winter's Tale: Lambs Tales from Shakespeare~2010
A Dog's Tale~2010
A Midsummer Night's Dream: Lambs' Tales from Shakespeare~2010
The Stolen Body~2010
Dear Liar~2010
The Adventure of the Crimson Lady~2010
The Wind in the Willows~2010
Patrick Henry: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!~2010
Sherlock Holmes and the Shakespeare Globe Murders~2010
Sherlock Holmes and the Dog in the Nighttime~2010
The Selfish Giant~2010
The Phantom Rickshaw~2010
My Own True Ghost Story~2010
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow~2010
The man Who Would Be King~2009
I.LL. Peretz - his Tales and Travels~2009
Carnacki the Ghost Finder: Gateway of the Monster~2009
Rip Van Winkle~2009
The Story oft he Late Mr. Elvesham~2009
Mr. Brisher's Treasure~2009
The Affair of the Christmas Jewel~2009
The Obliterated Man~2009
The Red Room~2009
The Tired Captain: A Dracula Encounter~2009
The Missing Coppertop~2009
The Man Who Could Work Miracles~2009
The Magic Shop~2009
The Six Swans~2009
The Golden Goose~2009
The Long Man: A Sherlock Holmes Encounter~2009
Donkey Cabbages~2009
Sherlock Holmes and the Seven Deadly Sins Murders~2009
Sherlock Holmes and the Copycat Murders~2009
The Black Cat~2009
The Tell-Tale Heart~2009
The Pit and the Pendulum~2009
The Honourable Cracksman~2009
Great Expectations~2008
Study in Scarlet, Part Two: Country of the Saints~2008
The Man Upstairs~2008 - Reader
The Great Detective: The private Life of Sherlock Holmes~2007
One Voice Chronological: The Consummate Holmes Canon, Collection 9~2007
One Voice Chronological: The Consummate Holmes Canon, Collection 8~2007
One Voice Chronological: The Consummate Holmes Canon, Collection 7~2007
One Voice Chronological: The Consummate Holmes Canon, Collection 6~2007
One Voice Chronological: The Consummate Holmes Canon, Collection 5~2007
One Voice Chronological: The Consummate Holmes Canon, Collection 4~2007
One Voice Chronological: The Consummate Holmes Canon, Collection 3~2007
One Voice Chronological: The Consummate Holmes Canon, Collection 2~2007
One Voice Chronological: The Consummate Holmes Canon, Collection 1~2007
Treasure Island~2007
The Edgar Allan Poe Collection II~2006
Sherlock Holmes and the Apocalypse Murders~2006
A Christmas Carol [One Voice Recordings Edition]~2005
The Edgar Allan Poe Collection I~2005
The Sherlock Holmes Collection VII~2005
The Sherlock Holmes Collection VI~2005
The Sherlock Holmes Collection V~2004
The Sherlock Holmes Collection IV~2004
The Sherlock Holmes Collection III~2004
The Tangled Skein~2003
The Sherlock Holmes Collection II~2003
The Sherlock Holmes Collection~2003
The Hound of the Baskervilles~2003
Tarzan of the Apes~2001
The Rubaiyat~2001
The Rape of Lucrece~2001
The Inexperienced Ghost~2000
The Diamond Maker~2000
The Truth About Pyecroft~2000
The Time Machine~2000
The Selfish Giant~2000
The Devoted Friend~2000
The Model Millionaire~2000
Hamlet: One Voice~2000
Taste~1986 - Performer

Video Games
Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds~2002 (voice) - voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi's knight
Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2~2001 - voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi
Ms. Metaverse~1995 - Announcer

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Moonbeam Awards:
Rec'd Moonbeam Silver Medal 2004 for Hound of the Baskervilles

Social Media
One Voice Recordings

Creator of One Voice Recordings

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