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DeAragon, Maria

Maria de Aragon
Special thanks to Derek Maki and for the photograph of Ms. Aragon.

Maria de Aragon was born on December 26, 1942 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  

De Aragon has been involved with stage productions and acting since 1964

Street Wars~1992 - French Proprietor
City on Fire~1979 - Head Nurse
Star Wars ~1977 - uncredited Greedo - Rodian in the Cantina (U.S. shoot)
Where the Wind Dies (Adónde; Muere el Viento)~1975 - Patty
1,000,000 A.D.~1973 - Elaine
Deadly and the Beautiful, The~1973
Wonder Women (Chinese Puzzle)~1973 - Linda
Cremators, The ~1972 - Jeanne
Blood Mania ~1970 - Victoria Waterman
Love Me Like I Do ~1970 - Marge/Nanette
Teddy Bear Killers~1969 - Mother
Come L'Amore~1968 - Model
Real Thing, The~1966 - Jennifer
Nightmare in the Sun~1964 - Courtesan
For Those Who Think Young~1964 - Dancer

From the Mouths of Babes~2012 (doc) - Herself
Mission Impossible~ -

Bernie's Troupe~1986 - (Canadian Theatre Tour) Featured Dancer
Claim It~1983 - Madame Bovier (Variety Arts Theater, Los Angeles, CA)
The Dancer~1981 - Lady Ashley (Long Beach Base Theatre, Long Beach, CA)

Originally chosen as a stand-in for C3P0, Lucas offered the part of Greedo (which was really a re-shooting of the Greedo that Paul Blake did)

In full length photographs of Greedo, you can see the high heels Maria wore

Special Thanks to Derek Maki and for the generous contributions they made to the SWAD!
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