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Dehn, Edmund

Edmund Dehn

Edmund M. Dehn was born in March of 1952 to Stanley G. Dehn and Avril Symes-Thompson in Marylebone, London, England, UK.

Dehn started acting in school plays by the age of 10 and continuing on through university. He attended Cambridge University where he earned a history degree. In 1974 he took a 3 year break and in 1977 returned to study drama (post graduate acting) at LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art).
Dehn has worked professionally in the UK, the US, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungaryd, Russia, and South Africa.

K Shop~2016 - Malcolm
Strontium Dog~2016 (fan film) - The Colonel
Oy Vey!~2016 (short) -
Bueno Key~2016 (short) - Jonas
Spider/Man~201? (short) - voice of The Spider
Bogo & Flit~201? - King Randolph
Heavener~201? - Dr. Wallace
K-Shop~2016 - Solicitor
With Love From ...Suffolk~2016 - Tom
Brothers of War~2015 - Harold Biermann
Newton's Cradle~2015 - Old Man
Across the Border (series of docs)~2014 - Various character voices
Anderson~2014 - DCS Ramsey
After Life~2014 (short) - Ryan as an Older Man
Olive Green~2014 - Martin's Uncle
Love Type D~2014 - Headmaster
Woodhouse~2013 - Narrator
Junta~2013 (short) - Pedro Carrera
Judge Minty~2013 (short) - Judge Minty
Kid Gloves~2013 - Gus
Girl in a Yellow Dress~2012 (short) - Graham
Seven Africans (7 Africans)~2012 - Anthony
Spoon~2011 - Detective Carter
Lovelorn~2010 - Charon (see Actor Connections - Film)
Shadows in the Wind~2009 (short) - Doctor
A New Dawn~2008 (V short) - Reverend Matherson
My Name Is Sarah Hayward~2008 (short) - Judge
Roaring Heaven~2008 (short) - Mr. Bright
Spoon~2007 - Detective  Carter
More Than a Job's Worth~2005 (short) - Sokol Baci
Cradle of Fear~2001 (V) - Detective Inspector Neilson
Appleseed Lake~2001 - Johnny Boothe
Doctor Druden~2000 (short) -
Only Darkness~1999 (V) -
White Light~1991 - Peter McMullen
Smoking Mirror~1989 - Cortes

3some~2013 - Giles in:
     The Big Mistake
     The End
A New Dawn~2006 - Reverend Matherson
Oil Storm~2005 - Sasha Stanimir
Speer and Hitler: The Devil's Architect (Speer un er)~2005 - Robert Jackson in:
     N├╝rnberg - Der Prozess
     Germania - Der Wahn
Light Fantastic~2004 - Priest/Old Isaac Newton
London: The Greatest City~2004 - Wenceslaus Hollar
Bramwell~1997 - Museum Curator in 3.1
Strange Landscape~1995 - Dante in The Circles of Light
The 10%ers~1993 - Carlo (Italian Waiter)
The Secret Agent~1992 - Bertrand in 1.1
Lovejoy~1991 - Pieter Maartens in Just Desserts
Capital City~1989 - Petrassi in Newspaper Story
The Play on One~1989 - Leader Writer in These Foolish Things
Knightmare~1987-1988 - Igneous/The Automatum/Gumboil/Knight/The Giant in (19 episodes)
World War II documentaries (History Channel)~ - various voices
     1941: The Fall of Penang

Coventry Building Society

Music Video
Loom 'Hate': Black Teeth~2015 - Gang Boss

Been on the Job Too Long~2016 - Starke (Middlesex University, )
Past Forward~2016 - Tom Fielding ()
Touch~2016 - Mark ()
The Kaiser's Children~2015 - von Ilsemann ()
Magna Carta~2015 - King John (Historia Theatre Company, )
Orbits~2015 - Charles Laughton (Entire Theatre Co/White Bear Theatre, Germany)
Mr. Mouse's Munificent Gifts~2015 - Mr. Whiting ()
Written in the Stars~2015 - Arthur ()
The Cottage~2015 - John ()
Saffron Hill~2015 - Guiseppe/PC Betts/Luigi (Tricolore Theatre Company/The Pleasance Theatre, )
Yesterday's Child~2014 - Barrister ()
Gerard~2014 - Otto ()
Mimi~2014 - Steve ()
Sommer 14 - A Dance of Death~2014 - Franz Joseph/Admiral Tirpitz (Finborough Theatre, )
The Mistress Bedroom~2014 - Edmund ()
When the Wall Came Down~2013 - Neighbour/Policeman ()
Prince of Hearts~2013 - Stephen ()
Tailors' Last Stand~2013 - Max (Baron's Court Theatre, )
Dionysus Wounded~2013 - Man ()
Poppy and the Clockwork Man~2013 - Peter ()
The Last Warrior~2013 - General ()
B Flat in Court C~2012 - Mr. Homer ()
Africa House~2012 - Beast ()
London's Sleeping Dogs~2012 - Leo (Baron's Court, )
Ruben Guthrie~2012 - Peter (Ironbark, Wimbledon Studio, )
Day for Atonement~2012 - Sam ()
Shorts: Unfamiliar - Four Plays and One Monologue~2011 - Various (Landor Theatre, London, England, UK)
Miracle~2011 - De Pre (Hen and Chickens Theatre, Islington, England, UK
Whodunnit~2011 - Builder ()
The Tailors' Last Stand~2011 - Max Avitas ()
Sisters~2011 - Nigel ()
Uprooted~2011 - Isaac Cantor ()
The Social Climber~2011 - Dorante, Count ()
Cosi~2011 - Roy (King's Head Theatre, )
Seven Lessons of George Howard~2011 - George Howard (Pleasance Theatre, London, England, UK)
If We Never Meet Again~2010 - (University College London, England, UK) (see Actor Connections - Theatre)
Strictly Fooling Around~2010 - Theatre Director
This Story Is Yours~2010 - Cartwright (Old Red Lion Theatre, London, England, UK)
Hotel Sorrento~2010 - Dick Bennett (Cock Tavern Theatre, )
Past Forward~2010 - Sam Rutland ()
Auxiliary Bishop~2010 - Auxiliary Bishop James McClusky ()
Put It All On My Account~2010 - Gaham Stone
Simulation Therapy~2010 - Consultant ()
The Silence of the Lamb~2010 - 1st Passerby ()
Mare Liberum~2009 - Hugo Robinson (Tusk Theatre and tour, Netherlands)
A Grand Complication~2009- Rick Hahn ()
The Prince of Bhawal~2009 - Darsandas ()
Art with a Capital F~2009 - Manet ()
Tea Time~2008 - Horatio Proudman ()
Between Friends~2008 - Paul ()
Boyshopping~2008 - Man ()
What's In A Name~2008 ()
A Clear Conscience~2007 - Sleeper ()
Bomber~2007 - Harris ()
A Pin Of Calva~2007 - Chicot ()
The Summons~2007 - Sanderson ()
Go with the Floe~2007 - Various (Open Ealing Theatre, West Ealing, London, England, UK)
On Thin Ice~2007 - Various (Open Ealing Theatre, West Ealing, London, England, UK)
Communication~2007 - Various (Open Ealing Theatre, West Ealing, London, England, UK)
The Silver Sixpence~2007 - Various (Open Ealing Theatre, West Ealing, London, England, UK)
Frozen~2007 - Various (Open Ealing Theatre, West Ealing, London, England, UK)
The Eckert IV Projection~2007 - Various (Open Ealing Theatre, West Ealing, London, England, UK)
Stormy Weather~2007 - Professor Henry Robinson ()
Powercut~2006 - Edward ()
Fat-Man and Foul~2006 - Simon ()
In Your Hands~2006 - Adam Lieberman (New End Theatre, Hampstead, London, England, UK)
Alice Through the Looking Glass~2006 - The White Knight (The British Library, London, England, UK)
The Representative~2006 - Fontana & Luccani (Finborough Theatre, London, England, UK)
Human Rites~2005 - The Professor (Southwark Playhouse, London, England, UK)
Coyote Ugly~2004  - Red Pewsey (Finborough Theatre, London, England, UK)
The Alchemist~2003/2004 - Subtle/Cariolanus (Courtyard Theatre, London, England, UK)
The Women's War - A Centenary Celebration~2003 - General Mitchener (Finborough Theatre, London, England, UK)
Alice Through the Looking Glass~2000 - White Knight (Conference Centre, British Library, London, England, UK)
On the Couch with Enoch~1998 - Enoch Powell (The Redroom, London, England, UK)
Double Effect~1997 - (Finborough Theatre, London, UK)
The Optimist's Daughters~1997 - (Finborough Theatre, London, England, UK)
Last of the Red Hot Lovers~1997 - Barney Cashman (Hamburg English Theatre, Hamburg, Germany)
The Tempest~1994 - Prospero (King's Head Theatre, London, UK)
As You Desire Me~1992 - Hall Porter ‘Silvio Maspieri’(New End Theatre, London, England, UK)
The Book of Job~1990 - Job (Norwich Theatre Royal, Norwich, UK)
Smoking Mirror~1989 - Cortes (This was a play which was filmed)
The Tempest~1986 - Prospero (Northumberland Theatre Company, UK)
King Lear~1986 - Burgundy/Gentleman/Ensemble (Compass Theatre No 1, tour, England, UK)
Sinbad~1985/1986 - Zarrabad (Kings Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK)
Murder in the Cathedral~1985 - Becket (Truro Catheral, Truro, UK)
Beggars Opera~1985 - MacHeath (Duchy Opera, Cornwall,South West England, England, UK)
Snow White~1982-1984 - Jason (Phoenix Theatre, Albemarle/West End, UK)
In the Unlikely Event of an Emergency~1979 - Captain Catastrophe (Weymouth and South Dorset Arts Centre, England, UK)

Coriolanus~ - Coriolanus (St. Georges, Tufnell Park, Islington, UK)
Candida~ - Reverend Morell (Hamburg English Theatre, Hamburg, Germany)
Powercut~ - Edward (AWL Actors Writers London, London, England, UK)
Two Gentlemen of Verona~???? - Panthinn ()
For Once I Was~ - ()
(9 months in repertory theatre at Byre Theatre, St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland, UK - characters/plays incl: Mr. Manningham in Gas Light; Banquo in Macbeth; Judge Brack in Hedda Gabbler)

Audio Books (Narrator/Reader)
Dawood and the Giant (read-a-long)~2015 - Reader
One More River~2014
The Song of Troy~2014
The Fall of the House of Usher~2013
The Three Hostages~2013
The Blue Flower~2013
The Ghosts of Sleath: David Ash Series, Book 2~2013
Islamic Children's Stories~2012
The Island of Sheep: Classic Adventure Story of Richard Hannay #5~2012
Titus Awakes~2011
My Lord John~2011
Gormenghast (Gormenghast Trilogy Book 2)~2011
Titus Alone: Gormenghast Trilogy , Book 3~2009
The Scorpio Illusion~2009
Titus Groan (Gormenghast Trilogy)~2008
Enemy of God: A Novel of Arthur (The Warlord Chronicles Book 3)~2007
Excalibur: A Novel of Arthur (The Warlord Chronicles Book 3)~2007
The Winter King: A Novel of Arthur (The Warlord Chronicles Book 3)~2007
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich: A Novel (FSG Classics)~2005
The Fall of the House of Usher~2005
Song of Troy~200?
Titus Alone~2004
Dangerous Games~2002
One More River~1998
The Ghosts of Sleath~1997
Oliver's Travels: Complete & Unabridged~1995
The Three Hostages~1994
The Island of Sheep~1994
Mr. Standfast~1994
Blue Flower~1980

Alice Through the Looking Glass~2015 - "The Jabberwock" - Reader

Urban Scrawl~2009 -
     Ray (Feb 20, 2009)
     Official (Apr 10, 2009

Tom's Music Videos of Doom~2014 - Dirk Van Gardner in Episode 5

Live Event
History of Cunard Audiotour~2003 - Captain

Video Games
Star Wars: Empire At War~2006 - voice of Commander Ackbar (Thanks to Chris Brown!)

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Action on Film International Film Festival:
Rec'd 2nd Place 2013 Outstanding Cast Performance for Kid Gloves (shared)
Nom 2013 Outstanding Cast Performance for Kid Gloves (shared)
IndieFest Film Awards:
Rec'd 2014 Award for Merit Feature Film for Kid Gloves (shared)
L.A. Reel Film Festival:
Rec'd 2009 Best Supporting Actor for Lovelorn (as Charon)

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