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Delancy, Phil

Phil Delancy

 Photo by Katie Vandyck
Phil Delancy (AKA Phil Appleton) was born in the UK.

Delancy started his education at Haberdasher's Aske's School for Boys in Elstree where he was House Captain (like Head Boy). Delancy eventually went on to train at Cabair College of Air Training which led to commercial air piloting (for Airde in Ireland and British Airways transporting VIP's/Royalty) and speaks French fluently, he was a police and courts interpreter and for HM customs. Delancy also studied management at Thames Valley University, took a course in presentation then studied at the RADA (Advanced Drama in TV) going on to act/learn stage combat at the Actors Centre in London.

Delancy lives in England and has two grown daughters.

Infirmus~2016 - Lucien
Gangster Kittens~201? - Undercover Detective
The Offering~2016 - Edmund Winchester - UK Prime Minister
London Has Fallen~2016 - Jacques Mainard
Grace of Monaco~2014 - Robert McNamara
Rapid Response Corps 2: Nuclear Threat~2014 - John Carradine
Never Gladly Beyond~2014 (short) - Agent Voight
Monomania~2014 (short) - Antoine Lavoisier
Avenue to Nowhere~2014 (short) - Lefevre
The Chess Game~2012 (short) - Philip Matthews
Money for Old Rope~2012 (short) - Detective Ramsay
Just in Time~2011 (short) - Dr. John
The Last Duel~2010 (short) - Barronet
If We Never Meet Again~2010 (short) - Crying Man
The Secret Philosophy~2010 - Daniel Telaut
Credo~2008 - Alice's Father
The Run~2008 - Kell - Chief Customs Officer
Monsters of the Id~2007 (Indie CG film) - Tornado/Kade Lovell (see Actor Connections - Film)
A Far Cry~2006 (short) - Miles
Photo from the World War II Experience
The War of the Starfighters~2003 -
Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace~1999 - Naboo Bravo Pilot
Bedrooms and Hallways~1998 - Cafe Customer

Father Brown~2014 - Henri Chapel in The Prize of Colonel Gerard
747: The Jumbo Revolution~2014 (doc) - Captain David Cronin
Nazi Mega Weapons~2013 - Fritz Sauckel in:
     Hitler's Jet Caves
     Atlantic Wall
Aircrash Confidential~2011-2012 -
     Captain Peter Germano in 737 Tailfin Mystery
     Captain Peter Germano in USAir 427
     Captain Donald Cameron in Fire on Board
Routes~2008-2009 - Duncan Woodburn
Mid Air Collision Over Britain~2006 - Captain Appleton
Goal~2005 - Xavier Soyeux in 1.8, 1.9
Battlefield Britain~2004 - Hugues de Ponthieu (French dialogue)
Rosamunde Pilcher (Certainty of the Heart)~2003 - Polizist 2 in Gewissheit des Herzens
Only Fools or Horses~2001 - Maître d' in If They Could See Us Now...!
Sweet Revenge~2001 - Alex Carver - Peter's Boss
Sooty Heights~2000 - Rolf Johnson/Nasty Dog Warden in The Hounds of Music
The Knock~1999 - Customs Officer in 4.2
Dangerfield~1995 - Ben Stratton in Guilty
999: In Extreme Danger~1990 - Wing Commander Appleton in A Whirlwind Affair
Disaster - Fire~ - Fire Commander
Spying Game, The~ - 'James Bond'
Crackerjack~ - Player/Winner

The Tudors
Deacon Brodie

Commercials/Voice Over
Rolls Royce Phantom VI campaign
Therma-Tru product video
IFPI Anti-Piracey video
Berlin Motor Show
Starcom Canada
BBC Sync or Swim
Lexus Cars
Box Media
Corporate Gold, Ltd.
Stella Artois (Pageantry) - The Golfer
Harsco Metals - Steelworker (French)
Ross Noble Mindmender Video - Theatre Code Man
Shire FBPV - Physician
Ke$ha Interrogation - The Detective
Injury Lawyers 4 U - Lawyer
Banca Mediolanum Italy - Counsellor
Britannic Assurance - Bill Townsend
Callaway - The Golfer
Foster's Lager - The Frenchman
Lakson Tobacco - Rescue Team Leader
Lloyds TSB
Norwich Union
Planet Internet - Presenter
The Scope Charity
Virgin Records

Consultant - Film (Aviation)
Hard News, Soft Money~

Other Media
IMPEX Training Video~ - Mr. Hookie
NEC~1999 - Presenter (Main Stand Telecom '99, Geneva)

Not Quite Ready~2009 - Adrian (Lost Theatre Company, )
Russian Maps Event~2007 - James, MI6 Agent (Landmark Info Group, )
Murder My Lord~ - Rico Francini III Jr. (traveling murder mystery)
Reduced Panto~ - various roles
Unhappily Ever After~ - Prince not-so-charming
Comedy Theatre~ - Ménage à Trois (French)
Goldman Sachs~ - One Man Show
Last Journey, The~ - Prince Valenz
Watson Wyatt~ - Ra, Egyptian Engineer
Quest for the Purple Cockatoo~ - Watt Bloodyman, Whotto Moriarty (Murder Mystery scenario on train from London to Brighton, UK)

Social Media
Philip Delancy

Was a flight instructor; an interpreter

1981 - Airline Pilot

Learned to fly at 17 through an RAF Flying Scholarship

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