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Denker, Oliver

Oliver Denker

Oliver Denker was born in 1965 in West Berlin.

Denker studied Art History, Political Science & History at the University of Munich from 1986-9 and from 1989-91 he attended Columbia College in Hollywood and UCLA where he studied Film & TV Directing and Screenwriting earning a BA in film in 1991.

In 1991 he was a storyboard artist with Storyboards Inc., in Santa Monica, California and after 1994 he became a freelance artist.  He currently is based out of Vogt, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace~1999 - Naboo Senator

Film Storyboard Artist
Borrowed Time~ (shooting board)
Power of Jesus, The~ (shooting board)
Lost Scenes of Star Wars~ (B & W boards)
Universal Solder~1992 (shooting boards)
Viva: Election (B & W boards)
Mass of the Dead~ (productions paintings; production boards)

TV Writer
Gaping Abyss~2008 (story treatment)

Commercials Storyboard Artist
Lexus: Driving Home (color thumbnails)
Mastercard (color thumbnails)
Bank Austria Card (color character studies)
Nutella: Snowboard (B & W boards)
Foot Locker: Reebok (B & W boards)
Kellogg's Pop Tarts (B & W boards)
Lexus: Gold (B & W/Color studies)
Keystone Beer: Fantasy Island (B & W boards)
Keystone Beer: Rachel's Patio (B & W boards)
Vita Cola (Animatic Artwork)
Health Net: Cathy Lee (B & W boards)
Siemens Computer (shooting boards)
Kaufhof Galeria: Lego (B & W boards)
BankCard (shooting boards)
Tott's Champagne (color study)
Kodak Gold (B & W boards)
Fanta/Disney: Claudia Schiffer (B & W boards)
Daimler Chrysler (color shooting boards)
Fanta/Disney: Aladdin Movie Tie-In (presentation board)

Universal Studios Theme Park: Backdraft (presentation boards)

George Lucas Interview - The Story Comes First (contributor)

Books (German)
Star Wars. Das Imperium~1998
Star Wars. Die Jedi - Ritter~1998
Star Wars: Die Filme~1996

Star Trek #14-#18, #21-#22~2001-2002, 2003 (German editor)
Star Trek Special #1-#8~2000-2001 (German editor)
Star Trek #1-#13~1998-2000 (German editor)
Poltergeist: Die Abrechnung, Volume 6~1997

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German Star Wars Fan Club President

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