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Dennis, Charles

Charles Dennis

Charles Dennis was born on December 16, 1946 in Toronto, Canada, where he was also raised. Dennis started his journey into acting when he was only eight on Canadian radio and he made his professional stage debut at the age of sixteen (Red Barn Theatre).  A year later he had become The Toronto Telegram's youngest columnist in their history, he covered film and theatre.  Shortly after he attended the University of Toronto where he worked towards and accomplished a Bachelor's of Arts degree, graduating in 1968.

After college Dennis moved to England to further pursue acting and writing, where he lived until 1974 then returned to Canada and the US where he continued acting and writing.

He's married to Kim Eveleth (1999- present) and they have a daughter, Ethne Bliss.  He has another daughter named Miranda Claire.

The Donkey~2016 (short) - Jamison Haley
Raise the ToyGantic~2015 (short) - Marvin
Chicanery~2015 - Chaim Tammuz
Hail Hitler!~2010 (short) - Adolf 'Dolfy' Hitler
Getting There Is the Hard Part~2010 - Himself
Donna on Demand~2009 - Charlie
Hard Four~2005 - W. Pericles Kulakundis (see Actor Connections - Film)
Home on the Range~ 2004 - voice of Rico
Butterfield~2008 (short) - Steve Butterfield
Shrek~2001 - uncredited Villager
The Shrink Is In~ 2001 - Mr. Coleman (scenes deleted)
2001: A Space Travesty~ 2000 - Flashback Doctor (has a Star Wars reference)
Last Chance~1999 - uncredited voice of Sam's AA Sponsor
Relentless 3~1993 (V) - Detective Cirrillo
City Girl~1984 - Alan (Anne's Agent)
Covergirl~1984 - Blitzstein
Visiting Hours~1982 - uncredited Doctor
Double Negative~1980 - uncredited Reporter in Newspaper office
Patton~1970 - uncredited Soldier

Film Creative Consultant

Film Director
Atwill~2011 (short)
The Favour of Your Company~2010 (short)
Getting There Is the Hard Part~2010 (V short)
Hard Four~2007

Film Producer
The Donkey~2016 (short)
Atwill~2011 (short)
The Favour of Your Company~2010 (short)
Butterfield~2008 (short) (executive producer)
Hard Four~2007

Film Writer
Atwill~2011 (short)
The Favour of Your Company~2010 (short; written by)
Getting There Is the Hard Part~2010 (V short)
Hard Four~2007
Goose on the Loose~2006
Great Goose Caper, The~ 2003
Finders Keepers~1984 (based on his novel The Next-to-Last Train Ride)
Double Negative~1980 (The Three Roads)
The Thirsty Dead~1974

Katie Chats~2015 - Himself in SmitheeTV Katie Chats
American Dad!~2009-2014 -
     ? in Blone Ambition
     The Rabbi in The Wrestler
     Captain Lefebvre in Cops & Roger
     Carnival Barker in Every Which Way But Lose
     Michael in Jack's Back
Actors Entertainment~2013 - Himself in Actors Chat with Charles Dennis and Kim Delgado
Living With Ed~2009 - Himself in Ed's Big Birthday Bash
Guardians of Luna~2005 - Constantine Voira
Star Trek: Enterprise~2002 - Chancellor Trelit in Desert Crossing
Due South~1998 - Marcel in Good for the Soul
The National~1994 - Himself in 1 April 1994
Phantom 2040~1994 - voice of 23rd Phantom (13 episodes)
Majority Rule~1992 - Reporter
The Legend of Prince Valiant~1993 - The Baron in The Death of Arthur
Princesses~1991 - Hawkenberry in The Snob Who Came to Dinner
Jake and the Fatman~1991 - Guterman in You Don't Know Me
Star Trek: The Next Generation~1990 - Commander Sunad in Transfigurations
Grand Slam~1990 - Lt. Franco in Who's Crazy?
The Joe Franklin Show~1987 - Himself in 22 May 1987
Screwball Academy (Loose Ends)~1986 - Lodz Kukoff
Reno and the Doc~1984 - Delgado
The Bob McLean Show~1979 - Himself 6 April 1979
Canada After Dark~1979 - Himself:
     24 January 1979
     13 January 1979
     12 January 1979
Everyday~1978 - Himself in 1.11
City Lights~1977 - Himself in 10 November 1977
The Lynne Gordon Show~1977 - Himself
Fighting Words~1970 - Himself
Aztecs and Orange Juice~1969 - ?
Luncheon Date~1963 - Himself
Midnight Zone~1960 - Himself

TV Director
Adderly~1986 (episode: Capture the Flag)
Reno and the Doc~1984

TV Editor
Decoded~2011 (episode 2012)

TV Writer
Loose Ends~1986
Screwball Academy~1986
Finders Keepers~1984 (adapted from his novel The Next-to-Last Train Ride)
Reno and the Doc~1984  (lyricist)
Reno and the Doc~1984
Jayne Mansfield Story, The~1980
Mirror, Mirror~1979
Search and Rescue: The Alpha Team~1977
The Thirsty Dead~1974
Marked Personal~1973  (creator - Thames TV) (90 episodes)

TV Commercials (Actor)
AMC (American Movie Classics - TV)
Big Red Boat
Bollo Pinot Grigio
Great Houdini
Tylenol - Extra Strength

Atwill Web Series~2014 (based on the film)
Paid to Dream~2011

Online Producer
Atwill Web Series~2014 (based on the film)

Online Writer
Atwill Web Series~2014 (based on the film)

The Alchemist of Cecil Street~2009 -
High Class Heel~2005 - George Sanders (National Arts Club, New York, NY)
Caesar and Ruben~2003 - Fred Ross (El Portal Theatre, Los Angeles, CA) (SWAD alum Ed Begley, Jr.'s musical)
SoHo Duo: The China Coat and The IRS Audit~1997 - (West Bank Theater, New York, NY)
Going On~1989 - Alfred (London, Los Angeles, CA; Edinburgh, Scotland)
Altman's Last Stand~1982 - (National Arts Center, Toronto, Ontario, CAN)
Deathtrap~1980 - Sidney Bruhl (Grand Theatre, London, Ontario, CAN)
Everyone Except Mr. Fontana~1968 - (Colonnade Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, CAN))
Crazy Joan~1974 - (London, England, UK)
The Devils~1968 - (Hart House Theatre, University of Toronto, Ontario, CAN)
Ondine~1968 - (Hart House Theatre, University of Toronto, Ontario, CAN)
Heartbreak House~1968 - (Hart House Theatre, University of Toronto, Ontario, CAN)
Catcher In The Rye~1963 - Holden Caulfield (Coach House Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, CAN)
Hay Fever~1963 - Simon Bliss (Red Barn Theatre, Jacksons' Point, Ontario, CAN)
Arsenic and Old Lace~1963 - Dr. Einstein (Red Barn Theater, Jackson's Point, Ontario, CAN)
Catch 22~

Theatre Director
Significant Others~1985-988 - (Beverly Hills Playhouse, Beverly Hills, CA; Coventry/London, England, UK)
Maybe That's Your Problem~1971 (Roundhouse Theatre, London, England, UK)

Theatre Producer
Incident at Vichy~

Theatre Writer
Altman's Last Stand~2016 (revised) (Zephyr Theater, Los Angeles, CA)
Tolstoy Was Never there~2010 (starred SWAD alum Ed Begley, Jr.)
A High Class Heel~2005
SoHo Duo: The China Coat and The IRS Audit~1997 - (West Bank Theater, New York, NY)
Significant Others~1985
Altman's Last Stand~1982
The Alchemist of Cecil Street~1976 (re-produced in 2009)
Crazy Joan~1974 - (London, England, UK)
Going On~
Aztecs and Orange Juice~1969
Everyone Except Mr. Fontana~1968 - (Colonnade Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, CAN)
Catcher in the Rye~1963 (unauthorized adaptation)
After Goodnight~ (with actor Anthony Perkins)

The Magiker~2013
Given the Evidence~1998 (under pseudonym Margaret Barrett)
Given the Crime~1998 (under pseudonym Margaret Barrett)
The Dealmakers~1981
This War is Closed Until Spring~1983
Periwinkle Assault, The~1978
A Divine Case of Murder~1977
Somebody Just Grabbed Annie!~1975
The Next-to-Last Train Ride~1974 (adapted for film as Finders Keepers)
Stoned Cold Soldier~1973

Peter and the Dwarf~1954 - (Canadian Radio; he was 8 years old)

Video Games (voice)
Star Trek~2013 - Surok/other voice characterizations
Star Wars: The Old Republic~2011 - Huttsbane - Baratatta Spirit-Leader/Lew Brell/Urgrec

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim~2011 - Odahviing
Dead Island~2011 - voice characterizations
Call of Juarez: The Cartel~2011 - Baressi
Red Faction Guerrilla~2009 - Admiral Lucius Kobel
Mass Effect~2007 - Rear Admiral Mikhailovich/Turian Guard/ERCS Guard
Ninja Gaiden Sigma~2007 - Doku (English version)
Crash Tag Team Racing~2005 - Park Drones
Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction~2005 - Josef Yurinov
Law & Order: Criminal Intent~2005 - Travis Chase/Jerry Fulton/Samir Kumar/Ian Lancaster/Richard Maloney/Hal Rudolph/Howard Schaffer
Mercenaries~2005 - Josef Yurinov
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords~2004 - voice characterizations
EverQuest II~2004 - Narrator/Orc/Sage Xoort
Bard's Tale, The~2004 - Fionnaoch
Law & Order: Justice Is Served~2004 - Herschel Morton
Doom³~2004 - Swann
Ground Control II: Operation Exodus~2004 - Major Grant
Champions of Norrath: Realms of EverQuest~2004 - VonEssen
Law & Order II: Double or Nothing~2003 -  Al Bartowski
Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge~2003 - VonEssen
Gladius~2003 -  Male Narrator/other voice characterizations
Brute Force~2003 - Shadoon
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic~2003 - Davik Kang
Star Wars: The Clone Wars~2002 - Ulic Qel-Droma
Forgotten Realms: Icewind Dale II~2002 - Hedron

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Buffalo International Film Festival:
Rec'd 2011 Samuel Fuller Guerilla Filmmaker Award
Daily Express Award:
Nom 1998 for Going On
Durham Region Film Festival:
Rec'd 2015 Innovation Award (feature film) for Chicanery
Genie Awards:
Nom 1985 Best Original Song for Reno and the Doc (shared)
University of Toronto:
Rec'd 1968 McAndrew Award for Contributions to Campus Drama

In 1963 he became Canada's youngest theatre and film critic (Toronto Telegram)

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