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Diamond, Frazer

Frazer Diamond

Frazer Tin Diamond was born in June 1968 to SWAD alum actor/stuntman/director/producer Peter Diamond and actress Olga Diamond (née Olga H. Camilleri-Aguis) in Windsor, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, England, UK. He is one of six boys, one of which is SWAD alum Warwick Diamond.

Diamond attended Dr. Challoner's Grammar School in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England, UK, until 1986.

Diamond is an animation historian (UK focused) cartoonist, designer, illustrator, and writer.

Diamond lives in Moffat, Scotland.

Star Wars~1977 - uncredited Jawa (he was 7 years old!)

Film Puppeteer
Who Framed Roger Rabbit~1988 - dancing penguin (also: traffic - assists animators, crew, producers)

Film Thanks
Raiding the Lost Ark: A Filmumentary~2012 (doc) (many thanks)

Watership Down~2008 (notes)

The Storyteller: Greek Myths~1991 - Medusa Victim & Perseus (shadow) in Perseus & The Gorgon
Dick Turpin~1979 - Child in:
     The Imposter (last third of episode)
     The Turncoat

TV Animation/Cartoonist
You Bet!~199?
Schofield's Quest~1995

TV Production
The Storyteller: Greek Myths~1991 - (production staff/runner):
     Theseus & The Minotaur
     Daedalus & Icarus
     Perseus & The Gorgon
     Orpheus & Eurydice

When Films Collide~1998 by Frazer Diamond

Social Media
Official Sites:

1990-1991 - Worked at Elstree Stills, a division of Elstree Studios which handled the photography/still shots from movie productions. The company worked on many productions including:
     The Krays~1990
     Let Him Have It~1991
     Buddy's Song~1991
     A Rage in Harlem~1991
     Naked Lunch~1991
     Capital City~1990 (TV)
     Fifteen-to-One~1990 (TV)

1990 - Worked as an office assistant to Jim Henson

1989 - Responsible for the logo (fish/gun) for the A Fish Called Wanda poster.

Disney - Animation Traffic

The Splice Partnership 

Troma, Inc. (UK rep)

Animation Scripts - Hahnfilm (Germany)

Cartoonist for Moving Pictures International

Worked as an office manager for Prominent Productions (owned and run by 5 Monty Pythoners)

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