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Dicks, John

 John Dicks

John Dicks was born on July 23, 1947 in London, England, UK.

Dicks moved to Haifa, Israel in 2004, since then he has continued acting and directing as well as teaching English.

Queen of the Damned~2002 - Talamascan
Return to the Blue Lagoon~1991 - Penfield
Flirting~1991 - Rev. Consti Nicholson
The First Kangaroos~1988 - Reverend Green
Henry VIII~1984 (V - RSC educational recording) - Duke of Suffolk
The Comedy of Errors~1983/4 (V - RSC educational recording) - Dr. Pinch/Solinus - Duke of Ephesus
Julius Caesar~1984 (V - RSC educational recording) - Casca/Soldier Poet
Give Us This Day~1982 - Mr. Sykes
Theatre Workshop: On Shakespeare’s Stage: Cymbeline~1980 (V RSC educational recording) - Cymbeline/Lachimo/Jailer
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back~1980 - Captain Lennox - Imperial Officer
Flame~1975 - Lenny

SeaChange~2000 - Reverend Neil Shark in Love in the time of Coleridge
Mercury~1996  - Speaker
A Country Practice~1994 - Gideon Fraser in Love Me Do
Law of the Land~1994 - Dr. Watkins in 2.1, 2.2, 2.4, 2.13
Snowy River: The McGregor Saga~1995 - Sir John Holloway in The Railroad
Time Trax~1993 - Dr.Roland in Night of the Savage
The Camomile Lawn~1992 - Recor in 1.1
The Gravy Train Goes East~1991 (mini) - Larson Parson in 1.1-1.4
Hitler's S.S.: Portrait in Evil~1985 - Lutze
Marco Polo~1982 (mini) - Brother Philip in 1.1, 1.5, 1.8
BBC2 Playhouse~1982 - Aubrey Beardsley in Aubrey
Tiny Revolutions~1981 - Lt. Blaha
Turtle's Progress~1979 - Jake in 1.6
My Son, My Son~1979 - Reverend Pascoe in 1.1
Plays for Britain~1976 - Party Guest in The Paradise Run
Softly Softly: Task Force~1975 - Waiter in Protection
Three Men in a Boat~1975 - Launch Owner

The Cemetery Club~2004 - Sam (Haifa English Theatre, Haifa, Israel)
A Party to Murder~2004 - Charles Prince (Haifa English Theatre, Haifa, Israel)
The Belle Vue~1996 -  (Lyric Studio, Hammersmith, London, England, UK)
Henry VIII~1984 - Duke of Suffolk (Royal Shakespeare Theatre, London, England, UK) (Video recorded)
Julius Caesar~1984 - Casca/Soldier Poet (Royal Shakespeare Theatre, London, England, UK) (Video recorded)
The Comedy of Errors~1983/4 - Dr. Pinch/Solinus - Duke of Ephesus (Royal Shakespeare Theatre; The Barbican Theatre, London, UK) (Video recorded)
Amusing Spectacle of Cinderella and Her Naughty-Naughty Sisters: A Family Pantomime~1980 - Pearl (one of the Naughty-Naughty sisters) (Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, UK)
Cymbeline~1979 - Cymbeline/Lachimo/Jailer (Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, UK)
?~1976 - Waiter/Porter
Jeeves~1975 - ( , London, England, UK)
Measure for Measure~1972 - (Northcott Theatre, Exeter, UK)

Theatre Director
Summer End~2008 (Haifa English Theatre, Haifa, Israel)
Jake's Women~2006 (Haifa English Theatre, Haifa, Israel)
Farndale Townwomen's Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery~2004 (Haifa English Theatre, Haifa, Israel)
Do Not Go Gentle~2004 (Haifa English Theatre, Haifa, Israel)
Shakespearepieces~2001 (Haifa English Theatre, Haifa, Israel)
Sons of Cain~1989 (Griffin Theatre Company, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)

Theatre Producer
Year for Tomatoes~2007 (Haifa English theatre, Haifa, Israel)

Patriots Three~1980 (6 part series)

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