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Dodson, Mark

Mark Dodson
Photo of Mr. Dodson generously donated by Mr. Dodson.
Mark A. "Smoky" Dodson was born on February 1, 1960 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Dodson had a knack and love for character voices and was quite a ham as a child so he was a natural for voice and character work.

Read my world premiere unveiling interview with Mark (recorded on May 3, 2005)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens~2015 - voice of Prashee - Ubdurian (actor behind the mask is Dee Tails)
Kaptara~2013 - voice of Aegeus - King of the City State, Athens (left)
Mister...Salacious Crumb?~2014 (short) - voice of Salacious Crumb
Deadwood Park~2006 - voice of Harold Evrett (curse alert for the trailer below)
Inbred Redneck Alien Abduction~2004 (V) - voices of Aliens
Wishman~1991 - Wishman
Gremlins 2: The New Batch~1990 - voices of Gremlins: Bad Mogwai - Daffy Gremlin/Lenny/George/Clamp TV Announcer in 'Splice o' Life' lab.
Day of the Dead~1985 - uncredited voices of Zombies
Gremlins~1984- voices of Mogwai and Gremlins/also sang with the 7 Dwarfs (see Actor Connections - Film)
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi~1983 - voices of Salacious B. Crumb/various Ewoks 
Fitness & Me (Disney)~1984 - Sir Sloth (voice) in:
    How to Exercise
    What is Fitness Exercise?
    Why Exercise?
Dawn of the Dead~1979 - voices of the Zombies

Legend of the Superstition Mountains~2015 - Narrator (6 episodes)
Bow Madness~2009-2014 - Narrator/Announcer (45 episodes)
Eddie Salter Turkey Man~2013 - Narrator
From the Mouths of Babes~2012 (short doc) - Himself
Natural Born Killers (Pursuit Channel)~2009-2012 - Narrator (45 episodes)
Bow Madness (Outdoor Channel)~2009 - Narrator (Season 2 & 3; 26 episodes)
Bonkers~1993 - voice characterizations in Trains, Toons, and Toon Trains
Darkwing Duck~1991 - voices of Professor Molearty's Henchmoles/Guard Dog in Aduckyphobia
Ewoks: The Battle for Endor~1985 - voices of Ewoks/Marauders
Ewoks~1985 - voices of various Ewoks
Wishman~1983 - voice of Wishman in Pilot
Charter Cable of Saukville - voices of "Sockville" Announcer/Cave Man/Sock Characters

Crackle (TV)~2014 - Announcer for Kill Count (Halloween Horror - 30 films)
Panasonic~2013 - Announcer for Tough Pad "Fearless"
Carl's, Jr.~ - Announcer for We're On Fire
Scarywood (Silverwood Theme Parks, Athol, ID) - Announcer
Hardee's~2013 - Announcer for Steven Jackson
NBC Universal Sports - Announcer:
     Ironman World Championship
     Rugby World Cup
     Santa Clara Grand Prix (Swimming)
     Diamond League New York
     Diamond League Italy (Track and Field)
     Churchill Cup
     Visions of Vancouver Alpine
     Visions of Vancouver Figure Skating
     Visions of Vancouver Gold Medal
PSE Archery - Announcer "I Shot It With My PSE" (13 promos)
Outdoor Channel - Announcer "Bow Madness Texting Campaign"
Leading Edges -
     Announcer for Marty Stuart & Merle Haggard
     Dennis Leary for Rick Justice Honda
Fat Chimp Studios - Announcer for Jefferson Regional Medical Center
Wild Turkey~2011 - Announcer for Give 'Em The Bird
Ryno Cable Time Warner~2010 - Country Beagle in Man's Best Friend
Drury Outdoors~2010 - Announcer for Are You An NBK
Nikon Cameras~2010 - Announcer for Nikon Drury
Vogel Heating and Cooling~2010 - voices of Mr. Roarke/Tattoo in A Fantasy
Classical Mystery Tour~2010 - Announcer for Classical Mystery Tour
Mike's Hard Lemonade~2009 - Announcer for Any Place
Rick Justice Honda~2009 - voice of Dennis Leary in Kinetic
Random House Books~2009 - Announcer in Powerless by Matthew Cody
Pixie Stuff Productions~2009 - Announcer/Thumbs Up Johnnie in Thumbs Up Johnnie
The Singing Butts~2009 - Announcer in Unplugged
VFX Secrets~2009 - Announcer in Stone Cold Secrets
Outdoor Channel~2009 Announcer "PSE's Bow Madness (4 promos)
Flambeau~2009 - Announcer:
     All the Right Things
      M.A.D. Buck Call
Drury Outdoors~2009 - Announcer for Platinum Edition White Tail Series
Shaman's Harvest~2009 - Announcer in Shine and Dragonfly
Trucks and Money~2009 - Announcer in Trucks and Money Volume 2
Trucks and Money~2009 - Announcer in Trucks and Money
Charter Communications~2009- voice of Ed Wynn in Sockville
Nashville Wrestling Association~2009 - Announcer for NWA Steve Richards Bridge Back Home
Shaman's Harvest~2006 - Announcer for March of the Bastards
Hardees~2005 - Announcer in Mail Guy
Suburban Journal~1990 - Self in Want Adds
Harley Davidson~1990 - Announcer for Family Tradition
Honey Graham Chex~1990 - Announcer for What d'ya Say
Zam's Party Stores~1990 - Harry in Zippin' to Zam's
Bi-State Busses~1989 - The mellow Man in Relax
H.O.W. Homes~1989 - voice of Walter Cronkite/Dr. Walter Geist in Scary Stuff
Cookie Crisp~1989 - Announcer/Cookie Crook/Cookie Cop in Hologram Chase
Blockbuster Video~1988 - voice of Clark Gable in Gone With The Wind
Taylor Morley Simon Homes~1988 - Announcer for Great St. Louis Homes
Monsanto~1988 - Announcer for Green Sweep
McDonald's~1987 - voices of:
     Dracula in Friends of the Night
     Monopoly Man in Win Big
Sears~1987 - Announcer for Sears Portrait Studios
Jiffy Lube~1987 - Stand Up Comic in Comedy Club Oil Change
Safeway Supermarkets~1986 - Self in Arugula

KQQZ AM Classic Country~2009-Present - Image Voice (online streaming)
XM Radio~2009 - Image Voice for Truck and Money
All Star Radio Comedy Service~2008-Present - Various voice characterizations
KZQZ (St. Louis, MO)~2008-Present - "Oldies"
KLOU Clear Channel (St. Louis, MO)~2008-Present - Announcer/Droopy/Wizard of Oz/Good For Your Head Guy/Leprechauns
WXOZ (St. Louis, MO)~2008-2009 - Image Voice Country Oldies
Heartland Radio Network~1994-2000 - Interviewer "Country Spotlight" (1800 episodes)
Heartland Radio Network~1994-2008 - Many Voice Characterizations "Bunkhouse Gang"
WIL FM (St. Louis, MO)~1993-1994 - On-Air Personality "Country"
Universal Studios Hollywood (Los Angeles, CA)~1991 - Announcer for Comedy Line (13 episodes)
Format 41 (Unistar Radio Networks)~1990-1993 - On-Air Personality (200+ stations)
KIK FM (Orange County, CA)~1990-1991
KHAY (Los Angeles, Ca)~1990-1992 - On-Air Personality
Olympia Networks (St. Louis, MO)~1989-1993 - voices/Announcers/Sound Alikes for 65 Commercial Parodies
KUSA (St. Louis, MO)~1989-1990 - On-Air Personality ("Real Country Oldies")

Heartland Radio Network~1994-2000 - Host "Country Spotlight" (146 CDs)
Heartland Radio Network~1994-2008 - many voice characterizations "Bunkhouse Gang" (364 CDs)
Cinderella~1984 - voice of Gus - Mouse Coachman

Video Games (voice)
Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device~2012 - Gray Cortright
Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes~2011 - Chief McGinnis
Awesomenauts~2011 - Ghosthouse Announcer
Heroes of Newerth~2010 - Draconis
Star Trek Online~2010 - various voice characterizations

Trendmasters~1997-2000 - voices of:
     Bela Lugosi - Talking Candle
     Boris Karloff - Talking Pumpkin
     Wolverine - X-Men Talking Watch
     Santa Claus - Twas The Night Before Christmas - Talking Book
     Martian Ambassador/Martian Leader - Mars Attacks
     Stretch/Stinky/Fatso - Casper

Amusement/Theme Parks
Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Time Theatres~1985 - 3 Elves, Stormy the Cloud in The Christmas That Almost Wasn't

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