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Egeland, Tom

Tom Egeland

Tom Egeland was born on July 8, 1959, in Kabakken, Oslo, Norway.

Egeland studied journalism in the US in the latter 70's and then returned to Oslo to continue his education in 1979.

After his role in The Empire Strikes back Egeland was a journalist for Vi Menn and Aftenposten (1983)m became the Chief News Editor for TV2 in Oslo, Norway (1992), and has since written many well-received novels.

Egeland is married to Åse and they have three children: Jorunn, Vegard, and Astrid.

Film Actor
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back~1980 - Hoth Rebel Commander

Film Writer
The Gospel of Lucifer~2014
Night of the Wolf~2008

Showman~2010 - Himself in 2.15
Dekkariaika~2006 - Himself in Da Vincin vaikutus

TV Editor
TV2 (1992 - 2000?)

Vi Menn (We Men)
Aftenposten (Evening Post)

Djevelmasken (The Devil's Mask)~2016
Mumiens mysterium (The Mystery of the Mummy)~2015
Den store spøkelsesboka (The Great Book About Ghosts)~2015
Skatten fra Miklagard (The Treasure from Miklagard)~2014
Den 13 disippel (The 13th Disciple) (Bjørn Beltø 5)~2014
Katakombens hemmelighet (The Secret of the Catacomb)~2013
Nostradamus Testamente (The Testament of Nostradamus) (Bjørn Beltø 4)~2012
Fedrenes løgner (The Lies of the Fathers)~2010
Lucifers evangelium (The Gospel of Lucifer) (Bjørn Beltø 3)~2009
Piken i speilet (The Girl in the Mirror)~2007
Paktens voketere (Bjørn Beltø 2)~2007
Ulvenatten (Night of the Wolf)~2005
Åndebrettet (The Ouija Board)~2004
Sirkelens ende (Circle's End) (Bjørn Beltø 1)~2001
Trollspeilet (Troll Mirror)~1998
Skyggelandet (Shadowland)~1993
Stien mot fortiden (Ragnorok in 2006)~1988

Radio Writer
Trollspeilet for Radioteatret (adaptation of his own book)~2009

Social Media
Tom Egeland

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