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Elliott, Stephen

Stephen Elliott

Stephen Elliott (né Elliott Pershing Stitzel) was born on November 27, 1918, to Louis Stitzel (in the textile business) and Gussie Stitzel (neé Braum) who died within the first year of Elliott's life to the flu epidemic, in New York City, New York, US.  
Elliott was raised by his father and step-mother, Lidonia Rosenberg Stitzel, in Manhattan, New York. He had an older sister, Janice, and an older step-brother, Paul.
Elliott studied with acting instructor Sanford Meisner from 1940-1942 at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City, he then served as a merchant marine during World War II.
After his service ended, Elliott came back to NYC.

Elliott died on May 21, 2005 of congestive heart failure.   He is survived by his second wife, Alice Hirson, two stepsons, David and Christopher, a son, Jon, a daughter, Jency, and several grandchildren.

Taking Care of Business~1990 -  Walter Bentley
Arthur 2: On the Rocks~1988 -  Burt Johnson
Walk Like a Man~1987 -  Walter Welmont
Assassination~1987 -  Fitzroy
Roadhouse 66~1984 -  Sam
Beverly Hills Cop~1984 -  Police Chief Hubbard
Kiss Me Goodbye~1982 -  Edgar
Cutter's Way~1981 -  J. J. Cord
Arthur~1981 -  Burt Johnson
Hindenburg, The~1975 -  Capt. Fellows
Report to the Commissioner~1975 -  Police Commissioner
Death Wish~1974 -  Police Commissioner
Hospital, The~1971 -  Dr. John Sundstrom
Street of Sinners~1957 -  Bit part
Canyon Crossroads~1955 -  Larson
Three Hours to Kill~1954 -  Ben East

Chicago Hope~1994-1999 -  Judge Harold Aldrich in:
    Curing Cancer
    Three Men and a Lady
    The Ethics of Hope
    Every Day a Little Death
    The Virus
    Cutting Edges
    Small Sacrifices
    Death Be Proud
    Shutt Down
Law & Order~1993 - Dr. Hogan in  Virus
Shaky Ground~1993 - Heywood in:
     Asbestos and Costello
     Pet Sematary
Pros and Cons~1991 - Gene Hastings in May the Best Man Win
Equal Justice~1991 - Dr. Strathmore in Do No Harm
Big One: The Great Los Angeles Earthquake, The~1990 - Owen
Law & Order~1991 - Judge Neil Markham in  The Secret Sharers
Dear John~1989 - Phil Lacey in Fathers Know Best
When He's Not a Stranger~1989 - Attorney Foster
Columbo: Grand Deceptions~1989 - General Jack Padget
Remo Williams: The Prophecy~1988 - Harold W. Smith
Trial and Error~1988 - Edmund Kittle (8 episodes)
Max Headroom~1987 - Clive Thatcher in Grossberg's Return
Midas Valley~1985 - Elias Markov
Perry Mason: The Case of the Lost Love~1987 - Elliot Moore
Hotel~1987 - George Stanton in Revelations
Dallas~1980-1987 - Scotty Demarest (14 episodes)
Perry Mason: The Case of the Lost Love~1987 - Elliot Moore
Sledge Hammer!~1987 - Gilmore Yates in The Old Man and the Sledge
Scarecrow and Mrs. King~1986 -  Karl Eagles in The Triumvirate
Hotel~1986 - George Sandler in Shadows of Doubt: Parts 1 and 2
Sledge Hammer!~1986 -  Yates in  The Old Man and the Sledge
Blacke's Magic~1986 - in:
     Last Flight from Moscow
     Address Unknown
Scarecrow and Mrs. King~1984-1986 -
     Karl Eagles in The Triumvirate
     Jay Armin in Weekend
Midas Valley~1985 - Elias Markov
Highway to Heaven~1985 -  Mr. Armstrong in Thoroughbreds: Parts 1 and 2
Murder, She Wrote~1985 -  Dr. Samuel Garver in Armed Response
St. Elsewhere~1984 -  Manny Schecter in:
    Up on the Roof
    Fade to White
    My Aim Is True
    Two Balls and a Strike
    God: Parts 1 and 2
Faerie Tale Theatre~1984 - The Father in Beauty and the Beast
Maximum Security~1984 - Warden in Pilot
Hardcastle and McCormick~1984 - in The Homecoming: Parts 1 and 2
New Mike Hammer~1984 - Kohlmyer in Dead on a Dime
Benson~1984 -  Clayton Endicott, Jr. in  The Endicott Dynasty
Prototype~1983  -  Dr. Arthur Jarrett
Remington Steele~1983 -  'Uncle' Norman Baines in My Fair Steele
Magnum, P.I.~1982 - Vic Stout in Almost Home
The Mississippi~1983 - Henry Asher in Crisis of Identity
Little House on the Prairie~1982 - Hollingsworth in The Empire Builders
Not in Front of the Children~1982 - Reverend John Carruthers
My Body, My Child~1982 - Dr. Gallagher
Falcon Crest~1981-1982 - Douglas Channing (9 episodes)
Quincy, M.E.~1979-1982 - Dr. Paul Chase in Mode of Death
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy~1981 - Joseph P. Kennedy
Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years~1981 (mini) - William Randolph Hearst
Nero Wolfe~1981 - Mr. Herold in Might As Well Be Dead
Hardcase~1981 - Cliff Mulburgher
Taxi~1981 -  Ed McKenzie in Thy Boss's Wife
Hagen~1980 - Lundeen in Hagen (pilot)
Hart to Hart~1980 - Steven Baldwin in Which Way, Freeway?
Golden Honeymoon, The~1980 - Frank Hartsell
Mrs. R's Daughter~1979 - James Karp
Can You Hear the Laughter? The Story of Freddie Prinze~1979 - Jonas
Son-Rise: A Miracle of Love~1979 - Abe Kaufman
Ordeal of Patty Hearst, The~1979 - Randolph Hearst
Greatest Heroes of the Bible~1979 - Isaac in Jacob's Challenge
Some Kind of Miracle~1979 - Arthur Nicoff
Bender~1979 - in Bender
Vega$~1979 - Colonel Mitchell in Touch of Death
Lou Grant~1978 - Chip Murphy in Slaughter
Betrayal~1978 - Judge Allan Myers
Overboard~1978 - Shawn
Sergeant Matlovich Vs. the U.S. Air Force~1978 - Mat's father
Mom and Dad Can't Hear Me~1978 - Dan Meredith
How the West Was Won~1978 (mini) - Zachary Knight (episodes 7-10)
Lou Grant~1978 -  Chip Murphy in Slaughter
Hawaii Five-O~1978 -  John Enslow in Deadly Courier
Rockford Files, The~1978 -  Dr. Herbert Brinkman in The Competitive Edge
ABC Afterschool Specials~1978 - Danmeredith in Mom and Dad Can't Hear Me
Six Million Dollar Man, The~1977 - Morgan Grayland in Sharks: Parts 1 and 2
Bionic Woman, The~1977 - Duke in Iron Ships and Dead Men
Court-Martial of George Armstrong Custer, The~1977 -
Young Joe, the Forgotten Kennedy~1977 - Joseph Kennedy Sr.
Executive Suite~1976 - Howell Rutledge (18 episodes)
Tony Randall Show~1976 - DeNecki in Case: The DeNecki Debacle
Visions~1976 -  Dr. Markle in Two Brothers
The Invasion of Johnson County~1976 - Colonel Van Horn
City of Angels~1975 - Delaney in The November Plan: Part 1
Columbo: A Deadly State of Mind~1975 - Carl Donner
Beacon Hill~1975 -  Benjamin Lassiter
Bronk~1975 - in There's Gonna Be a War
Petrocelli~1975 -  Martin Granger in Death in Small Doses
Kojak~1975 -  Tyler Meadows in Elegy in an Asphalt Graveyard
Manhunter~1974 - Van Phillips in A.W.O.L. to Kill
Gun, The~1974  -  Art Hilliard
Chinese Prime Minister, The~1974 - Sir Gregory
Barnaby Jones~1974 - James Everett Brock in Web of Deceit
Steambath~1973 - Oldtimer  (filmed on Broadway)
Pueblo~1973 - RAdm. F.L. Johnson
World Apart, A~1970-1971 - Jack Condon
The Doctors and the Nurses~1963 - James Breden in Night Sounds
ARmstrong Circle Theatre~1960 - Joe Romero in Raid in Beatnik Village
As the World Turns~1960-1962 - Dr. Jerry Stephens
Young Dr. Malone~1958 -
Studio One~1956 - Dundee in The Drop of a Hat
I Spy~1955 - in Treason by Proxy
Captain Video and His Video Rangers~1954-1955 - Dr. Pauli
Inner Sanctum~1954
Secret Storm, The~1954
Martin Kane~1953 - Mickey Seller in Trip to Bermuda
Tales of Tomorrow~1953 - Lippitt in:
     The Lonesome Village
     The Horn
Danger~1951 - in The Fourth Confession
Philco Television Playhouse, The~1948 - in:
     Routine Assignment
     Night at the Vulcan
Hands of Murder~1949
Actor's Studio~1949 - in The Midway
Hands of Mystery~1949 -
     Stranger with a Knife
     The Richest Man in the Cemetery

Seagull, The~1994 - (Matrix Theatre, Los Angeles, CA)
Steambath~1973 - (NY)
Creation of the World and Other Business~1972 - God (Shubert Theatre, NY)
Crucible~1972 - Deputy-Governor Danforth  (Lincoln Center Repertory, Vivian Beaumont Theatre, NY)
Enemy of the People, An~1971 Dr. Thomas Stockmann (Lincoln Center Repertory, Vivian Beaumont Theatre, NY)
Mary Stuart~1971 - Lord Burleigh (Lincoln Center Repertory, Vivian Beaumont Theatre, NY)
Good Women of Szetwan~1970 - Mr. Shu Fu (Lincoln Center Repertory, Vivian Beaumont Theatre, NY)
Georgy~1970 - James Leamington (Winter Garden Theatre, NY)
Playboy of the Western World~1970 - Old Mahon (Lincoln Center Repertory, Vivian Beaumont Theatre, NY) (With David Birney)
In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer~1969 - John Lansdale Witness (Lincoln Center Repertory, Vivian Beaumont Theatre, NY)
In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer~1969 - John Lansdale Witness (earlier production) (Lincoln Center Repertory, Vivian Beaumont Theatre, NY)
The Miser~1969- Magistrate (Lincoln Center Repertory, Vivian Beaumont Theatre, NY)
Whistle in the Dark~1969 -
Cry of the Players~1968 - Sir Thomas (Lincoln Center Repertory, Vivian Beaumont Theatre, NY)
King Lear~1968 - Earl of Gloucester (Lincoln Center Repertory, Vivian Beaumont Theatre, NY)
Henry IV: Parts I and II~196? -
Twelfth Night~196? - Sir Toby Belch (Delacorte Theater, Central Park, NY)
The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade~1967 - Mr. Coulmier
Pictures in the Hallway~1964 - kind minister (Theater de Lys, New York, NY)
Traveler Without Luggage~1964 - Georges Renaud (ANTA Playhouse, NY)
Photo Finish~1963 - (Brooks Atkinson Theatre, NY)
Gypsy~1961 -
The Gay Life~1961 - (Shubert Theatre, NY)
Roman Candle~1960 - Admiral Trenton (Cort Theatre, NY)
Shrike, The~1952 - Dr. Kramer (Cort Theatre, NY)
Command Decision~1947/8 - Colonel Edward Martin (Fulton Theatre, NY)
The Tempest~1945 - Boatswain, Mariners, Shapes and Spirits (Alvin and Broadway Theatres, NY)
Spring Again~19?? - Grace George (NY)
The Petrified Forest~1939-1940 - Duke Manten (National Company, )
Ride Across Lake Constance~ (Lincoln Center Repertory, NY)
In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer~ (Lincoln Center Repertory, NY)
Petrified Forest, The~ - Duke Manten (National Company, )
Spring Again~ - (NY)
Paths of Glory~ - (Equity Library)
Prodigal Daughter~ -
The Wonderful Journey~ -
The Shrike~ -
The Irregular Verb to Love~ -
Living the Life~ -
Disenchanted, The~ -
Purple Dust, The~ -
Drums Under the Window~ -
Knock on the Door~ -

Star Wars: A New Hope Radio Drama~1981 - voice of Prestor (Bail Organa)

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Drama Desk Award:
Rec'd 1969 for Whistle in the Dark
Tony Awards:
Nom 1967  Best Featured Actor in a Play for  Marat-Sade (The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade)

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