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Everson, Roy

Roy Everson

Everson was married to actress Joyce Everson, they were in many films and TV together.

The Final Curtain~2002 (stand-in: Mr. O'Toole)
Finding Forrester~2000 (stand-in: Mr. Connery)
Wings of Fame~1990 (stand-in: Mr. O'Toole)
The Russia House~1990 (stand-in: Mr. Connery)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade~1989 (stand-in: Mr. Connery)
The Name of the Rose~1986 (stand-in: Mr. Connery)
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi~1983 - Lightman (pictured)
Star Wars~1977 - stand-in: Mr. Prowse
The Black Windmill~1974 - MI5 Man
Mackintosh Man~1973 - uncredited Court Policeman
Up From the Beach~1965 - uncredited (stand-in: Mr. Robertson)
Hard Day's Night~1964 - Reporter
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner~1962 - Tom Scott - Sports Master at Ranley
The Password is Courage~1962 - Prisoner of War
Crooks Anonymous~1962 - Shop Salesman
Very Important Person~1961 - Prisoner of War
Konga~1960 - Army Officer
Make Mine Mink~1960 - Casino Patron
Expresso Bongo~1959 - uncredited Miss Collins' Chauffeur
Carry On Teacher~1959 - uncredited Parent/Teacher
Touch of Larceny~1959 - uncredited Flag Secretary
Left, Right, and Centre~1959 - Man in Crowd
I Was Monty's Double~1958 - MP
The Vicious Circle~1957 -Man in Audience
Town on Trial~1956 - Man at Dance
The Battle of the River Plate~1956 - Man in News Office
The Colditz Story~1955 - German Guard

Film Production
Man Friday~1975 (production assistant/assistant to Mr. O'Toole)
The Ruling Class~1972 (production aide)

Film Stunts
Where Eagles Dare~1968 (uncredited)

Space: 1999~1975-1977
     Security Guard (uncredited) in The Bringers of Wonder: Part 2
     Les Johnston (uncredited) in The Beta Cloud
     Life Support Guard (uncredited) in The Exiles
     Main Mission Operative (uncredited) in Earthbound
     Partying Alphan (uncredited) in Guardian of Piri
Alien Attack~1976 - uncredited Security Guard
QB VII~1974 - Pub Patron/Junior Barrister
Gideon's Way~1965-1966 -
     Man on Street in Subway to Revenge
     Man on Street in Gang War
     Pub Patron in The Prowler
The Saint~1963-1964 -
     Airline Passenger (uncredited) in Luella
     Man in Crowd (uncredited) in The Saint Plays with Fire
The Edgar Wallace Mysteries~1960-1963 -
     Party Guest in:
          The Fourth Square
          The £20,000 Kiss
     Technician in Clue of the Twisted Candle
     Club Patron in Number Six
The Four Just Men~1960 - Club Guest in:
     The Rietti Group
     The Man in the Road
Interpol Calling~1959 - Interpol Officer in:
     The Long Weekend
     Last Man Lucky
     No Flowers for Onno

Was a stand-in for actor Peter O'Toole for years.

While filming Man Friday (in Mexico) there was an incident where Everson had gone to shower and found that he was ankle deep in black ants. They dug a ditch around the house, filled the ditch with gasoline, and lit it which cut off the flow of ants to the house.

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