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Falkinburg, Kim

Kim Falkinburg (Kimberly Ybiernas)

Kim Falkinburg (Kimberly Ybiernas) was born on September 24, 1956 in California. She attended FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) in Los Angeles, CA.

Falkinburg is the daughter of Jim Nelson (Star Wars - 1977) who was in charge of the ILM budget...and was unofficially a person who kept the younger crew in line when things got a little out of hand. ;)
Falkinburg didn't continue in the film industry as it held no compelling sway. She held an administrative position with Kaiser Permanente for 25 years then retired in 2013.

5757~2001 - Herself
Star Wars~1977  - Djas Puhr (Bounty Hunter) - Sakiyan/Trinto Duaba (Terminal Man) - Stennes Shifter/Figrin D'an (Modal Nodes) - Bith in Cantina (U.S. re-shoots)

Film Other
Ghostbusters~1982 - (assistant auditor - to Jim Nelson)
Star Wars~1977 - (assistant auditor - to Jim Nelson) (in blue shirt, Jim in red check shirt)

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