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Fantini, Michael

Michael Fantini

Michael Fantini was born in Canada. Fantini attended Weist-Barron School of Television, Canada (NYC company), Laurentian University (Master of Arts - History) in Sudbury, ON, Canada.
He currently works in insurance and lives in Toronto, ON, Canada.

Long Road Home, The~1989 - Laure
My Pet Monster~1986 (V) - Doug
Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation~1986 - voice of John Bixby (see Actor Connections - Film)
Umpire, The~1985 (short) - Ronnie Dempskey
Crime Killer~1985 - Chauffer

Babar~1989 - voice characterizations (26 episodes)
Seeing Things~1987 - Rick Ball in episode: Gifted Pupils (# 6.7)
C.O.P.S.~1988 - voice characterizations (66 episodes)
Garbage Pail Kids~1987 - voices of Clint Hardwood, Colonel Corn, Elliott Mess (13 episodes)
AlfTales~1987-1989 - voice of Curtis (see Actor Connections - Film)
A.L.F.~1987-1988 - Curtis Shumway (13 episodes)
My Pet Monster~1987 - voice characterizations
New Archies, The~1987 - voice of Jughead Jones in:
     The Awful Truth/Jughead Predicts
     The Last Laugh/Thief! (Of Hearts)
     The Visitor/Ballot Box Blues
Sylvanian Families~1987 - voice of Preston Evergreen (13 episodes)
Night Heat~1986-1987- voice characterizations in:
     And Baby Makes Grief
The Care Bears Family~1986 - voice characterizations (13 episodes)
Judge, The~1986 - voice characterizations
The Edison Twins~1984-1985 - Joey (37 episodes)
True Confessions~1985 - voice characterizations
Lost!~1985 - voice characterizations
Seeing Things~1987 - Rick Ball in Gifted Pupils
Letting Go~1985 - Max
Ewoks~1985 - voice of Baby Wiley and Aunt Bozzie
Danger Bay~1984 - voice characterizations
Edison Twins, The~1982 - Joey
T and T (T.N.T.)~1988 - voice of Paul in Conspiracy

Has played tournament poker

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