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Fawcett, Alan

Alan Fawcett

Alan Fawcett studied in Rennes, France, the Phillips Academy in Andover, MA, and McGill University, Quebec, where he earned a BA in Economics.

Fawcett lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Brick Mansions~2014 - Older Military
Upside Down~2012 - Marketing Executive #2
Omertà~2012 - Gene Smith
The Kate Logan Affair~2010 - Captain Simons
Les signes vitaux~2010 - McNeil
Le déserteur~2008 - Officier haut gradé
The Aviator~2004 - Chairman MPA
Day After Tomorrow~2004 - Commander Daniels - Hurricane Hunter
Deception~2003 (V) - Barnes
How My Mother Gave Birth to Me During Menopause (Comment ma Mère accoucha de moi durant sa Ménopause)~2003 - Pilote
Nearest to Heaven~2002 -
Swindle~2002 - Lieutenant Dan Archer
Aftermath~2002 - FBI Agent
Au plus près du paradis~2002 -
Rendering, The~2002 - Ted
$windle~2002 - Lieutenant Dan Archer
One Eyed King~2001 - Father Michael
Hidden Agenda~2001 - Sam Turgenson
Lost and Delirious~2001 - Bruce Moller
Tracker, The~2000 - Detective Walter Jensen
Heavy Metal 2000~2000 - voice of Jefferson/voice characterizations
Stardom~2000 -
Waking the Dead~2000 - Reporter at Restaurant
Ladies Room~1999 - Bill
Requiem for Murder~1999 - David Scott
Witness Files, The~1999 - Roldand Sanderson
Quand je serai parti... vous vivrez encore~1999 - Directeur de la prison
Going to Kansas City~1998 - Reverend Holden
Random Encounter~1998 - Jack Barton
When Justice Fails~1998 - Martin Singer
Barney's Great Adventure~1998 - David (Dad)
The Sleep Room~1998 - Joe Clark - CIA
Peacekeeper, The~1997 - Samuels
Afterglow~1997 - Count Falco/Jack Dana
Coyote Run~1996 - Jack Silver
Sci-fighters~1996 (V) - FBI Agent
Obstruction of Justice~1995
Wrong Woman, The~1995 - Melanie's Boyfriend
By Woman's Hand~1994 (doc) - Narrator
Miles Ahead~1990 - Guardian Angel
Clifford's Fun with Letters~1988 (V short) - voice characterizations
Too Outrageous!~1987 - Les
Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland, The~1987 - voice of Flamingo (see Actor Connections - Film)
Blindside~1986 - Gilchrist
Easy Prey~1986 - Store Manager
Morning Man~1986 - Roger
Spring Fever (Sneakers)~1982 - Roger

Blue Moon~2016 - Psychologue base militaire in 1.1
Blue Mountain State~2011 - High School Coach in Superstition
The Dead Zone~2007 - George Fitzsimmons in Exile
Le négotiateur~2005-2006 - Pete Moody (10 episodes)
Human Trafficking~2005 - DHS Agent Leary
The Perfect Neighbor~2005 - Thomas
Temps dur~2004 - Gérant de banque in 1.10
Deception~2004 - Barnes
Duce canadese, Il~2004 - Army Officer in 1.1 and 1.2
The Reagans~2003 - Larry Speakes
Going For Broke~2003 - Davenport
Student Seduction~2003
Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story~2003 - FDNY Chief Peter Ganci
Le dernier chapitre~2002 - Chester Graham
Wicked Minds~2002 - Gerald Sykes
Big Wolf on Campus~1999-2002 - Mayor Bob Dawkins (9 episodes)
The Rendering~2002 - Ted
The Tracker~2001 - Detective Walter Jensen
No Ordinary Baby (After Amy)~2001 - FBI Agent Olman
Stiletto Dance~2001 - Dewkins
Heart: The Marilyn Bell Story~2001 - Gordon Spears
Largo Winch: The Heir~2001 - Agent Berdych
La Vie, la vie~2001 - Hartwood in:
     La dernière tentation
     Anatomie d'une mauvaise journée
Canada: A People's History~2000 - Thomas Dongan in Claiming the Wilderness (#1.3)
Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis~2000 - Dave Powers
Someone Is Watching~2000 - Everett Lilly
Satan's School for Girls~2000 - Ruben
Mystery Files of Shelby Woo~1998 - Jeff Sheldon in The Racetrack Mystery (#4.15) 1998
Lobby~1997 - James Riley (7 episodes)
My Hometown~1996 - Mr. Thompson/Dad in:
     Simon's Lottery
     Grandma's Chair
     New Kid in Town
Windsor Protocol~1996 - Colonel Nettles
The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo~1996 - Jeff Sheldon in The racetrack Mystery
Alys Robi~1995 - Ralph Peers in 1.3
Alys Robi~1994 (TV doc) - Ralph Peers in Making of the TV Mini-series Alys Robi
Une petite fille particulière~1995 - Bernard
Sirens~1995 - in Missing (# 2.12)
Dangerous Women~1991 - Russ Trent
Babar~1989-1991 - voice characterizations (65 episodes)
E.N.G.~1990 -
     Mr. Bachman in Hero
     Official in The Dancer and the Dance
     Government Minister in Ripples i a Pond
     Bureaucrat in Otherwise Inflicted
     Cauldwell in E.N.G. Pilot: Parts 1 and 2
     Press Attache in Dirty Trick
War of the Worlds~1989 - Fireman #3 in Angel of Death
Street Legal~1989 - Trenton Bromley in Slipping Through the Cracks
T and T (T.N.T)~1988 - Colby in Conpiracy
Nightstick~1987 - Dr. Fred
Conspiracy of Love~1987 - Joe Woldarski Jr.
Easy Prey~1986 - Store Manager
Seeing Things~1985-1986 - Miles Milhouse in:
     Look at Me, Look at Me
     Eye in the Sky: Part 2
The Edison Twins~1985 - Harry in All That Glitters
Ewoks~1985 - Trebla
Secret Weapons~1985 - Lomax
The Littlest Hobo~1983-1984 - in:
     The Good Shepherd
     Scavenger Hunt: Part 1

TV Writing
My Hometown~1996 - (episode: How It's Made)

Radio Writing
Break Point~ - (CBC Radio)

Video Games (voice)
Far Gate~2001 - (English version)

2001+ - Wordswork - as freelance English copywriter

2005 - The Alan Fawcett and Friends Fundraiser at Hinton, AB, CAN

2003 - Gave a seminar for "The Industry List": The Actors Demo Reel, The Key to your career with Alan Fawcett

Taught classes on Cold Read/Commercials/Soap Tech.

Social Media
Official Website:

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